Cochineal Bugs Create Red Dye: A Moment in Science

bugs in your food well i think most of us
have heard that there’s a certain percentage of bugs that find their way and our food supply
but we don’t see them they’re they’re accidentally and it doesn’t really bother us but what about
the bugs that are in your food on purpose if you purchase a food item like this yogurt
if it’s red stop and take a look at these readings list to see what dot is making it
read now it could be synthetic di made from something like a cold far sludge or petroleum
distillate or it could be made from coach annual bugs the coach neil bugs like i have
here in front of me this is a very common food i as well now living or dead coach your buns don’t really
look like anything but look what happens when you take some of these bonds and we grind them up into a powder will put some on this live here now watch this we’re gonna add a few drops
of water and watch what happens ingest seconds it turns
into a brilliant scarlet red dot now we have that early indians of mexico to
think for this discovery but it was the spanish that brought it to the rest of the world now
how do you determine if coach he’ll die is being used in your food just look at that time careers list and search for these keywords comunica acid orkut se carmine or like in the case of this
jello they just went right out ahead instead coach neil extract or punches now before you run to the bathroom to rinse
your mouth out stop and take a look at the ingredients list you may be rinsing it out with even more bugs now as distasteful as this may seem just remember
this coach he’ll die has been around for centuries is a natural renewable resource and in my
opinion it’s just plain cool so from the north carolina museum of natural
sciences thank you for the serving a moment’s time

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