Colorado Man, Travis Kauffman, Survives Mountain Lion Attack

My name is Travis Kaufman I am
originally from Mountain Home Arkansas and I’ve been in Fort Collins for about
five years now a little bit over five years. I came out west for an active
outdoor lifestyle the good weather pretty much the recreation in general so
getting into different new sports so last year I really got into mountain
biking also kind of around that time trail running but also a big downhill
skier some cross-country skiing so the activities this is a great state for for
just building up more and more hobbies. So I got into trail running really about
a year ago I would go out and usually do about five miles or so at the end of
workdays and I’d run in the trails, foothills trail like around town the
trails up at Lory and then also into Horsetooth mountain space. So I was
running on Monday February 4th, I was going out starting in in Lory State
Park and I was gonna do between a 12 and 15 mile run so starting from the
Arthur’s Rock parking lot I ran along the south valley trails through Lory
park and then ended up linking up with a Horsetooth mountain park and from there
did my first Towers run of the year. It’s actually the first time i’ve ran Towers
i’ve only mountain biked it before but I just know it’s an intense hill, it’s
really good for for getting some hill training in so I was a little bit
nervous and jazzed up about actually just running the hill and getting that
complete. So I was running up the hill finally made it up to the top of towers
and up there I went down on a trail through the south I think it’s called
pirate Trail but others just call it West Ridge Trail and so running along
West Ridge Trail I was planning on just going to Horsetooth Rock but along the
trail there’s some pretty icy conditions and I
was slipping a little bit more than I wanted to so I turned back and then I
remember seeing a spur for West Ridge they went to the east of towers and so I
took that spur and then about a quarter mile into that run I heard some pine
needles rustle behind me and luckily I was able to actually turn my head. I’d
say more often than not I would turn my head but, sometimes I wouldn’t,
thinking it’s just a deer or a rabbit or any sort of small woodland creature but
and the back of my mind there’s always that thought that it could be something
else and that’s something else this time happened to be a mountain lion so one of
my worst fears is confirmed and just kind of had like my heart sink into my
stomach a little bit and threw my hands up and started yelling and when I first
turned around the cat was probably 10 feet away from me and it just kept
approaching and as it got close it just kind of lunged at me so I threw my arms
up and it latched onto my wrist so I was just kind of protecting my face so yeah
lash on my wrist and then it just started clawing along my like face and
then my legs and I was just kind of screaming the whole time doing my
barbarian yell as best I could and I tried to throw it off of me and as I
tried to throw it off me like we both left the trail because it just regripped
onto my wrist and kind of tumbled off the slope to the south side of the trail
and from there is like just a wrestling match it was thrashing and then still
had my wrist locked in its jaws and I was able to kinda get my left knee to
pin down its back legs because as a pretty new cat owner I realized that
once you get a cat on it’s back legs go crazy and that little
rabbit thrash and so it’s pretty weary the the back claw is actually hitting my
my guts or my groin or anything like that so I was able to pin down its back
legs with my left knee and then the front paws I… I don’t actually remember
what what happened with those I mean I was kind of deflecting them with my left
hand but then I was grabbing at some sticks that were close by and I was
trying to stab it in the throat with some sticks.
Unfortunately the sticks were kind of rotten so they kept on breaking and then
I was able to pick up a big rock with my left hand and I was trying to hit it on
the head with the big rock but it was kind of a tough angle because my wrist
is still in its mouth and I’m not really getting a full swing but I was able to
kind of hit it in the back of the head a few times and I just knew that it was
gonna be super effective so then I used just a little body weight transition and
got my right leg close to my wrist and was able to finally get it on to the
cat’s neck and then I stepped on its neck and then eventually was able to
suffocate it and then it finally released from my wrist. And then after
the incident after I was able to finally get it to release by unfortunately
killing it I was able to run back to the Towers trail but that whole run back I I
was on a crazy high fear I don’t fear high I don’t know what you call it but I
was I was bookin’ and I was just realizing that all of these little rock
overhangs are just like perfect lion territory and like everything I was
seeing and I was looking down and I was seeing some tracks in the snow because I
was on the the north facing side of the mountain and I was like well these are
probably lion tracks now that I look closely enough and so the the fear was
definitely tangible then. I ended up having to run another three miles down, luckily along the way I… I came across a trail runner
probably around mile two who was running up, so he saw my situation, accompanied me
down so we jogged down the remaining of remaining miles of towers and then ran
into another couple pretty close to the Soderberg parking lot area of Horsetooth
and they had a cell phone and I don’t know if they actually contacted any
Rangers directly but they followed us down to the parking lot and then of that
couple this really nice woman Rachel she gave me a ride to the hospital while the
first runner I encountered, Spencer, he took her husband Noah to go get my
truck out Lory so I was parked at Lory which is probably six and a half
miles from where the attack occurred and then ended up on the south side so we
were at Soderberg parking lot and that’s where I got a ride to the hospital. So
after I got to the hospital they got me cleaned up and then were able to kind of
see the extent of the wounds. Everything my face was just kind of a bloody mess
when I first got there. So once everything got washed out they they knew
they’re gonna have to give me some stitches along my cheek so I ended up
getting 17 stitches along my cheek here and then another six along the bridge of
my nose and then two over here on this side of the cheek and then I got another
three stitches in my wrist where the the lion had latched on for the majority of
the fight. Other than that it was just a bunch of I have several puncture wounds
that were just from teeth or claws so nothing no long gashes, just a lot of
small little circle sized things and at the hospital luckily they pumped me full
a bunch of antibiotics so hopefully all those puncture wounds don’t amount to an
infected wound so so far I’m about a week out and I feel great. Things are
healing up really nicely. I think it’s just one of those really
weird sensational stories, it’s super rare, I feel like I should go buy a bunch
of lottery tickets but it’s it’s one of those things where it captures the
imagination just because it’s a modern-day man versus nature scenario
potentially. I know there’s not that much of it we get a little bit more
disconnected as as we’ve I come through the 21st century so I know there’s still
I think a degree of aura and mystique around that that there is certain
scenarios we can still kind of have a really dangerous and potentially deadly
experience in nature. Yeah my advice for people who would be a little bit more
reluctant to go into the backcountry or open spaces is to again just be aware
that you are sharing that space with wildlife and one of the things that I’m
really glad that I did was turn my head and I couldn’t have done that if I had
earbuds in so I think just to kind of fully appreciate the sights and sounds
of nature go without earbuds and if you can go with the buddy that’s something
that I will be doing going forward going and doing some of my more long remote
runs with a friend and also whenever mountain biking season comes around
doing the same. you

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  • This mountain lion can tell stories to his grandchildren that " I fought a man and made him ran like a bitch".

  • Baby mountain lion!!!!!

  • I was attacked by mountain lion when I was 10 and I killed it but got no news coverage.

  • This guy is a B** A**. He even spars with his house cat to prepare for his battles with lions. I might need those skills too so im getting a kitten. Im going to tickle fight that guy so hard.

  • Modern day bad ass dude…

  • I wonder if it was a full grown mountain lion? Probably not. Either way… insane to beat this thing in a fight!!!! Hopefully PETTA doesnt try and sue this guy.

  • Surprisingly few wounds. When I fight my cat in play, I find myself in worse shape than this man, keeping things in proportion, of course. I guess he was lucky that the lion was probably young and unexperienced as it went for his wrist. A more experienced animal would have gone for the head/throat.

    Also, to choke a beast like that with your knee… I imagine I would be shredded to pieces by lion's back claws before even attempting something like that. A plausible explanation would be that he simply had more stamina than the lion and once the animal was exhausted, it was pretty straightforward to choke it. Another explanation would be that the animal was very hungry and in really bad shape to make this bad decision and attack a man.

    I know from another account that these beasts are relentless when they attack. You can hit them with rocks, sticks and they won't give up. However, they don't like being poked at with a stick or a spear.

  • And where is the carcase?

  • When o first saw this news i got like no fkn way…. And yeah turna out it was a cub. And a fkn cub did that too him imagine and adult one jeez fk we are weak creatures….
    My wonder now is why was that cub so agressive sound very unlikely from a feline predator.

  • Holy s*** I just thought he looks like Jim Carrey that's what made me laugh so much too, glad he got out a winner!

  • Consequences of invading nature, sad the cat died

  • I’ve hiked this trail many times and it feels ominous sometimes like eyes are watching you..

  • Unfortunately kill it? No no my friend, it was you or the lion.

  • This why we need more guns to shoot the basters that attacks us in the wilderness.

    And god bless this man for surviving the attack.

  • TRAVIS = 1
    LION = 0

  • what a fking savage

  • After reading story, you are a lucky man. I feel bad for the young lion who was probably just hungry. I'm glad you survived but we must remember were in their house. We are the intruders in their territory. If you plan to continue to run in that territory I encourage you to carry repellant and a cell phone. I kind of chuckled at beginning when you said you moved there for the outdoor experience. You got it al right.

  • FAKE NEWS!!! Next he's gonna say the mountain lions put a noose around his neck, sprayed him with bleach and ran away shouting "This is MAGA country, BITCH!" 😾🖕🏾


  • That poor cat was attacked on his way to gramma’s house

  • I remember taking an early morning shit in bushland near a park and looking around like a highly alert bear for joggers and women with beefy rumps walking their overfed dogs and hearing car horns on a nearby road and then sitens and thinking mmm….if I WAS a bear I would want to kill a human….mountain lion same principle….humans are cunts…lol

  • Not an expert here but if a lion latched onto me like that. The first thing I'd do is gouge it's eyes. Then get behind it into a sort of rear naked choke, wrap my legs behind it's waist then try to choke it or use my free hand to crush it's trachea. Sounds super sadistic but this how this man survived. Very well done sir.

  • A wild mountain lion appeared! Man uses rock: it isnt very effective. Cat uses slash: it isnt very effective. Man uses strangulate: its very effective. Man has defeated mountain lion!

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  • Murderd a baby mountain lion haha

  • Joe Rogan wants to know your location

  • Wrap the back strap of the mountian lion with bacon and smoke it. It will be really good

  • No Jussie Smollett here!

  • This man just leveled up

  • That's what Glen Maxwell is upto these days!!

  • I bet every single person that dislike this to this point and from here after does liked it because of him killing for having the kill the mountain lion. I guarantee if they're in that same situation they would have done the same thing if they could but since it wasn't I'm sure that they're thinking he should have just laid his life down and giving it to Mother Nature or just not have been there at all. Guaranteed are the same people that get triggered by every single thing that goes on in the world dog attacks animal attacks anything political just anything at all

  • Human 1, Mountain Cat 0

  • is there any picture of the dead lion? I wanna see how big this thing was 😮 I cant find any on google

  • I was attacked in Chicago by two men wearing MAGA hats lol

  • He came to Colorado for the weed lol

  • Chuck Norris would be proud

  • Travis go back and get ur trophy, we want to see that mountain lion stuff and you telling your story. $$ That is your lottery ticket go get it. $$$

  • This guy should have no problem fighting a bear in the future. lol

  • can we set up an mma fight between this guy and that other dude who got attacked by a bear twice then drove himself to the hospital?

  • Fair play to him he done a good job but by the sounds of this story and the injuries he has I’m almost sure the lion was very young and inexperienced holding his wrist ?

  • I would think he'd mention that the cat was an underweight juvenile, about 50 pounds, still a formidable foe. Good to use his experience for the park service to give important advice.

  • I came encounter with one it ran across me and my friends and we ran as fast as we can to our vehicle becuz it was night time but we we're all football players so we wasn't to worried but hearing hes story it's like men…… It could of been one of us. Thats crazy. man versus nature. 💯💯💯💯

  • He was thinking too much about danger and it happened. If u can see it in ur mind u can hold it in ur hand

  • I highly doubt he did that lmao

  • He should have handled this interview like a wrestling promo.

  • Mountain lion was 30 pounds…..This guy straight up murdered this poor cat

  • Yeah right gtfoh… was the lion wearing a maga hat too!

  • He forgot to say take a good knife with u that's the most important tool

  • Arthur Morgan is making an interview of a jaguar attack

  • If your in the mountains by yourself always carry a weapon with you, common sense.

  • Title should say survived a suck cub attack

  • wow what a story he killed mountain lion bare handed! he man

  • I just saw the title. This “Colorado Man” guy seems pretty tough. I wonder how well he’d compare against the “Florida Man.”

  • sticks? throat? What happened to always go for the eyes 😀 … poke him in the eyes!!

  • Wow! That dude is a stud.

  • Awesome interview of a modern day Jubal Sacket. Great advice too… do not wear earbuds – be aware of the sights and sounds around you. Situational awareness saved his life. If the mountain lion was able to attack from behind and by surprise, he wouldn't have been here to share his story.

  • This was no full grown mountain lion. Most likely somewhere between a cub and juvenile and was just pushed away from mom. Go watch vids of grown lions attacking prey. As a human with no weapon, you will get eaten 100 out of 100 times. This man is very lucky to be alive.

  • Survives is an understatement. It should of been Titled "Colorado Man Kills Mountain Lion with Bare Hands."

  • the mountain lion was a juvenile weighing in at 35lbs….. it would be similar to being attacked by a really large house cat

  • Where's the body? Pics?

  • My story is way better. A mosquito landed on me once. I slapped it. Killed it instantly.

  • Yes I'm amazed how some people just don't see what's around then that could become bad . Most people attacked by cats or bears are runners it's the movement they can't help themselves there a predator that is programmed to hunt kill breed . We are the Apex predator do to are brains not strength. So your one blessed person and when it comes to life or death never feel bad for the win but only sad it didn't need to end that way but you have no choice you would do again and again . Thank God even if you don't have faith some power that day had your back it's ok to say thank you . Just remember people wolf bear coyote raccoon bobcat bigger cats Buffalo wild animals are wild for s reason not pets.

  • Glad your okay. I never go into the mountains without having my survival knife strapped to my forearm I haven't needed to use it, but its there if I need it. I still need to watch out for rattlesnakes. Another good reason not to use earbuds.

  • Just get a freaking pepper spray my dude. And an EDC knife as last resort. It'll help way more than any other "buddy". It actually applies for any situation of your life.

  • Autopsy showed the mountain lion CUB he fought was around 25-30 pounds. Mature mountain lions weigh over 150 pounds.

    Kinda changes the story if you ask me, considering he pretty much fought a "large cat" instead of a "small lion".

  • How about strapping a buck knife to your thigh while you jog while you jog in the woods

  • I need a man that can kill a mountain lion like him…

  • Hugh Glass liked this video.

  • Just elevated his status to Legendary. Along with Samson & Hercules.

  • Everytime me in my wife jog we take are mixed shepherd dog hopefully he backs up of some like this ever happens

  • And that was a 50 pounder. Imagine what it would be like against a 100-130lbs cat.

  • the lion got what it deserved

  • Wait a second. The guy admits a mountain lion has been the worse of his fears when trail running! Yet he does it anyway without a firearm nor even bear pepper spray! There is a word for that but I will be polite and remain silent. The prey of an apex predator all do the same thing: RUNS! So, of course the predator at the top of the food chain is going to give chase to a trail runner! This guy was both fortunate and lucky it was not a mature cat … was smart in staying calm, not panicing nor just lying there hoping/ trusting all would be well. At least a 357 magnum holstered to the chest would be my advice for next time he runs. Better, don't even run in nature. That's why they make treadmills. Join a gym. I use to run trails here (Alaska) but bears kill a lot of people, runners especially. Last summer it was a 16 year old boy running in a race who got killed by a bear. Year before that, several people were chased down and killed by a bear. Yet people still take the risk and run among the predators. It's foolish and ___.

  • The real Overly Manly Man

  • "Flawless victory" would be going through my head if I went ultra instinct like that to save my life lol awesome

  • id be running with a pistol or some bear spray at least

  • I got swarmed by africanized bees and out ran them, last time I went trail running, never again I had like 200 stingers taken out of me

  • Oh wow. I didn't realize this happened in my town. That's a very popular trail. On account of my laziness I have never exposed myself to such an encounter.

  • I was attacked by a huge swarm of ladybugs in Sweden around 10 years ago, luckily it was during summertime, so me and my friends where out to play with our waterguns.
    It became a fight against the ladybugs instead, that where swarming and biting us. It was wicked, like in Starship Troopers but in a smaller scale.

  • This is the exact reason every nature hiker should carry a survival knife

  • Didn’t even mention carrying a knife or even bear spray from now on, he just like “don’t wear earbuds”

  • BS, you came out west for the weed. No one leaves Arkansas for its lack of natural amenities.

  • i doubt he killed the cougar

  • Lejondräparen! Well done!

  • why am i getting this recommended yo me so hard?

  • I want to know how big this mountain lion was…..was it 30lbs. 70lbs, 100lbs???? anything less than 75lbs, and im not impressed.

  • The rest of the mountain lions probably ate there own dead friend 😂😂 Circle of life

  • I’m going to Colorado this wknd, “Hiking!”

  • How about carry a knife if running in the woods.. Rogan wants him on pod cast and offered to pay for all medical bills. That's cool

  • It was a baby mountain lion he killed.

  • Are the results from the necropsy back yet?

  • ibet he was trying to feed that stray cat and got attacked.

  • No good Cat killer.

  • This guy is up there with the guy who cut off his arm to escape being trapped in that canyon.

  • Dude is Hugh Glass… hope he had that sucker stuffed & above the fire place

  • damn Ball Z cats take on a human. I would definitely at least be packing a blade with me son.

  • BREAKING NEWS: The Grey 2 is in production and this guy will be in it along with drum roll Liam Neeson! I knew he survived the wolf attack!!

  • This guy is so articulate. If it was me, I'd be like "shit happened, leave me alone."

  • imagine if you would have had a knife you could have got that cat off you a lot quicker but you didn't need any weapon I honestly would have tried to shove my wrist down it's f**** throat

  • That's interesting his "new" cat taught him to control the back legs before they ripped open his stomach. …He's fortunate, I think he knows it too.

  • what a badass

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