Counterintuitive Climate Change Solution

People are tired of
bad news about climate. Disasters are up, temperatures are up. The reason is
greenhouse gas pollution. Despite all of our efforts to slow those releases we’re
not doing it quickly enough. The public I think needs some hope. Top priority
first of all is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We need to keep pollution from
going to the air. But once pollution is there it stays there for a long time. Can
we reset the clock if you wil? We think we found one potential way to do that. So
as a molecule methane has a lot of energy pent up in it. It’s a fuel. We burn
it to heat our homes and such and in small concentrations in the atmosphere
we can’t burn it it’s not abundant enough but potentially we could still
use that energy by using catalysts to grab that methane molecule and then
convert it counter-intuitively to another greenhouse: gas carbon dioxide
That’s what we propose to do using a family of chemicals called zeolites. Zeolites are minerals with large surface area. They can hold molecules like copper
and iron that allow us to convert that methane using catalysis. Why would you
want to convert one greenhouse gas to another? The reason for doing it in this
case is because methane is so strong it causes so much warming molecule for
molecule that even though we’re turning it into another greenhouse gas it’s
still really helpful. About a sixth of all the warming we’ve seen so
far on Earth comes from methane. In principle we could do this for other
gases too. There will have to be a price on greenhouse gas emissions for this to
work but those prices are already in place some places around the world and
they’re likely to grow a lot in coming decades. So the market for this
technology will come from we think people or companies or countries who are
willing to pay to remove greenhouse gasses from air. I don’t want to
pretend that this idea is easy and we’re not positive it’s going to work but it
could work. I’m excited about this project because we have a chance
to restore the atmosphere to the way it used to be and give people a reason to
hope for the future.

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  • This isn't even remotely counterintuitive. This is exactly what fuel cell electric vehicles do. The hydrogen is methane from animal waste that would otherwise be emitted that is fed to a molten carbonate fuel cell that converts the methane into heat + electricity + hydrogen and emits CO2.

    Moronic Teslarati believe this means that fuel cells are dirty when it is the opposite. The fuel cells are reducing greenhouse effect because they make an otherwise waste product valuable enough to remove it from the atmosphere. The emitted carbon is atmospheric carbon in any case (originates from the plant sequestered carbon that the animals consumed).

  • Good solution but this should be regulated, otherwise it will become like the Cobra effect in Delhi (people will release deliberately methan for bigger profits…)

  • climate activism is a virtue signalling hobby for comfortable urban elitists

  • I find this funny considering just this week I was reading a NASA report on a study thy did showing that the Arctic is expanding it's ice and snow mas and it's not shrinking at all so who's lying.

  • Plus by increasing atmospheric CO2, the climate alarmists can claim we need more laws to control the climate and reduce liberty.

  • We need more ideas like this. Good work, guys

  • Why is it we think we can engineer carbon capture – but not reliable scaled batteries or green energy grid?

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