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Thank you so much for watching this
video on creative magic with Cosmic Spider. I know that spiders can be a
scary subject for many people. I do hope though that by the end of this
video you will feel more curiosity and wonder than fear. So who is Cosmic Spider? When I’m talking
about Cosmic Spider I’m referring to a really beautiful galactic being of light,
and this being is not to be confused with cosmic spider-man from the comics.
So Cosmic Spider is a really beautiful luminescent being of light who among
many other things assists and supports planetary beings with creating webs of
light all around them. So if you’ve ever heard of Gaia’s grid of light, Cosmic
Spider actually helped to create that. Cosmic Spider also assists and supports
human beings in creative endeavors and creative magic. I have a really beautiful message to
share from Cosmic Spider and then we’re going to share an easy magical practice
for working with Cosmic Spider. Cosmic Spider helps us create from a
place of fulfillment and joy rather than lack. So a really easy magical practice
for working with Cosmic Spider would be to call on Cosmic Spider to assist and
support with any creative endeavors and it can be anything from baking a cake to
creating a presentation for work. Cosmic Spider as they shared in their message
helps us remember divine order and so as we cast our own webs of creation, Cosmic
Spider helps us know that which we desire will arise in perfect timing.

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  • Is there an upcoming creative project that you will be working with Cosmic Spider on? I’d love to hear it in the comments!

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  • The message that Cosmic Spider shared for this video is so inspiring and it just feels so sparkly light and wonderfully good! There is such a fantastic variety of magic available to us—even magical spiders. Love.

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