Danger Close: The Battle of Long Tan – Official Teaser Trailer

So what do you reckon’s going on back home? Mum and dad would be just having a smoke and
a beer. I just want to get out of here and forget
all this. It appears the enemy knows exactly what he’s
doing. One company will move out beyond the wire
and patrol east, where the enemy mortars came from. Delta is the best company in the battalion. There is something out there. We will find it. [Gunfire] We are being flanked on all sides. They’re up against an entire battalion out
there. That’s seven or eight hundred men! We’re not going to make it are we?

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  • sàm lồn chiến đấu cấp trung đoàn tụi mày ko có máy bay yểm trợ thử xem thằng nào ngon hơn tụi tây lông chúng mày chỉ giỏi đóng phim thôi.

  • Ragnar

  • Hẳn là thả bom và giết những người lính nước tôi đáng tự hào với các bạn nhỉ ?

  • i am happy that west recognize their soldier valor and highly appreciate it by hollywood similar battle was fought in 1962 120 indian army troop faced 3000 chinese troops and killed 1300 of them and out of 120 only 5 of them survive and that battle is also known as battle of rezang la this is tale of 13 KUMAON AHIR COMPANY INDIAN ARMY but our bollywood dont make moves on these real valor stories what they have to make only love stores bollywood is shit

  • This isn't what I saw in RS2 Vietnam

  • Damn, I was told vietnamese people are very welcoming, kind, compassionate individuals who would take a complete stranger into their home and feed them. These comments out here throwing shade and laughing at the loss of life is pathetic and makes some of you no better than the "Racist Americans" you despise so much, even some of your grandfathers who fought with the VC would give their fucking head a shake. You fucking kids romanticize war way to much…

    Stoked for this film, gritty, depressing and showcases the horrors of war. Nothing to be romanticized here.. Made me tear up when he asks if they'll make it out, they aren't confident gun slinging maniacs, they're young lads with their whole lives in front of them and some of which weren't so lucky, and they're scared in the face of death.

    Inb4 "Fuck you gi/american!"
    ~Canadian here. Unbiased opinion.

  • Is this Vietnam war?

  • Phim có những cảnh quay hoành tráng đấy.
    Mà khi làm phim thì các anh có ghi note rằng Cuộc chiến của các anh là vô nghĩa không. những người lính đánh thuê Các anh đã tham gia cuộc chiến vì điều gì không. Rồi khi thua cuộc chế độ cộng sản có hủy hoại thế giới không. Hay chính các nước phương tây ngày đêm chia rẻ khiến cho các quốc gia khác nội chiến để trục lợi.
    200 vs 2000 Một người bên quân các anh nằm xuống thì các anh khóc lóc vậy theo tỉ lệ 10 người bên VC nằm xuống họ không đau xót ư. Các anh kêu nhân quyền nhưng các anh chỉ xem các anh là công người. còn những người khác màu da kia là gì. Máu các anh có màu đỏ vậy máu họ có màu đỏ không. Thử nghỉ anh lấy máu của mình truyền cho con chó nó có sống nổi không. Nhưng các anh thiếu máu Vc có thể truyền máu cứu các anh sống.
    Thân ái chào đạo diễn củ cải. Làm phim tài liệu cho nó chân thực chứ phim này làm cho gia đình ông xem thôi nhé !

  • This movie looks outfucking standing!

  • Can’t wait to see this looks great!

  • Im kiwis not aussies

  • I am, you are, we are Australian.

  • I can't wait to go see this, gave me shivers just watching the trailer….. heroes

  • Do not look like vietnam

  • If Travis doesn’t say “WHO WANTS TO BE CAPTAIN” then I ain’t gonna watch it

  • Quân xâm lược

  • VC are nightmares for American soldiers

  • RAGNAR !!!!!

  • Really hope this is getting released in North America as well looks outstanding

  • Anzac less we forget

  • Terrain is not even close to vietnam.. where are the banana trees?

  • If Mel Gibson did it so can they

  • Never knew this existed ! I hope its in the cinimas

  • In case somebody wants to know the music used, it’s called Deep in the Stillness by Ruth Barrett

  • shame about some of that CGI looking like CGI instead of truly believable realistic effects

  • Gulf of Tonkin false flag

  • I WAS ONLY 19

  • That New Zealand artillery is the shit boy.

  • ไม่พลาด!

  • first there was Jadotville now its Long Tan, some really good movies coming out.

  • When angry young men refuse to die ! never underestimate the ANZACS.

  • I attended the Sydney Film Festival Showing of this film with a combat vet friend of mine. After the showing, the lights went on and the CEO of the Film Festival addressed the audience to introduce the film's director & other executives. When the CEO asked the audience for questions, some clown got up and made a speech stating that the film glorified war and that the 'real' heroes were the protesters of Balmain. and other protest marches against the Vietnam War. I thought this person's commentary was selfish, one-eyed and completely disrespectful for past and present service personnel. Those who fought at Long Tan were conscripts and were doing what they had to do. People like this turkey with their toxic attacking of service personnel rather than the Government's policy, are the primary cause of the mental breakdowns that so many of our vets have had to face after their return home. If this person is reading this, I just want to say that you did nothing whatsoever to better your cause by your grandstanding at the festival. You should be ashamed of yourself!!

  • You know us Rs2 boys gonna love this.

  • Please be historically accurate. Please, By the grace of god, Be historically accurate.

  • Stay strong.Protect your mate –

  • I hope this comes to the USA.

  • The true hero actually fights and dies when they defend their country from the invaders.
    Thank you for mentioning our 2500 heroes.
    From Vietnamese with love <3

  • Bout time they told this story.

  • PAVN troops at this time didn't wear pith helmet, or any type of uniform for that matter. They can't risk the world knowing that it was them, so they disguised in civilian clothing instead.

  • I’d say lest we forget but too many people of today take what anzacs Americans Germans Vietnamese or any soldier doesn’t matter what side of the story there from sacrificed for there country or belief… we live in the world today on the back of sweat and blood.

    This movie Is a blessing as was Kokoda and Gallipoli

  • This made me cry you did Australia proud to the 108 soilders who fought this war

  • Thank God for the Kiwi guns! Always our bro's… What an amazing story! And the Vietnamese… what unadulterated courage! These guys were TRUE heroes!

  • Never forget what our forefathers gave for us
    RIP brave anzacs
    Thank you god rest your souls

  • I will see this definitely, one of the first history lessons I got taught once hitting high school

  • Id love to watch this mostly because my poppy would love it aswell. I'll watch it for him

  • What is the music ?

  • Probably won’t watch it. Not enough fortunate son

  • Trailer looks cliche, pay to watch this, none of this streaming crap, show those Rotten tomato commies we don't give a stuff 'bout their ratings, movie was absolutely chilling and immersive, this trailer can't do it justice.

  • Kangaroos and Kiwis forever

  • looks awesome!!

  • War movies are so sad

  • Nicholas Hamilton

  • They were only nineteen……

  • something about this movie just looks wrong, it just looks plastic, and generic

  • I saw this today and it was fantastic. The theatre was nearly full and you could tell every one there was right on the edge of their seats. We were all waiting for that moment when the first major engagement happened, and we sort of knew when to expect it, but I think every single person in the audience jumped in their seats! You felt like the bullets were headed right at you. Everyone involved in this should get awards, including all the leads. Fimmel in particular was terrific – intense and heartfelt in his performance. The photography was amazing and the music was moving. I'll remember this for a long time. Go and see it!

  • Any chance this will have a UK release?
    Cant find anywhere that states it will and I'd really like to see it.

  • 100% going to see this movie.
    After being a prior member of Long Tan Platoon in the Australian Army Cadets, I’d feel absolute pride to watch this.

  • Both the Anzacs and Vietnamese are admirable soldiers fighting for their country. But still a Big Respect to the Vietnamese for having Steel Balls to attack the Anzacs and Gain Independence From America in the end. May they prosper forever and may peace be upon Vietnam, America and Australia

  • I think this already came out. But how to watch in US?

  • Terrifying

  • Saw it today, it was fantastic.
    Please go and support this film.

  • Thumb like Who is here for Ragnar

  • I'm cheering for the Vietnamese. They fought valiantly and heroically to take their country back from the invading forces. Today, they're thriving. I feel bad for the young American and Australian men too, but they shouldn't have been there — they could have chosen not to be there. Well done, Vietnam.

  • What's this, no flak jackets or helmets

  • When we go to movies and pay to see this film , even if the war is brutal , we will remember this forever in Vietnam war
    It is a pure that Australian made movie with a limited budget

  • However good this is, it won't be better than this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8gUSq7pxux4&t=5045s

  • Saw this yesterday. Freaking great movie!!! Go see it people

  • Love Vietnam movies. As an American I’m glad they are showing our allies. You’d think America was the only one there

  • Ragnar lobtrok

  • My favourite thing about this war movie was that it was a 'proper war movie' – no Hollywood sentimentality like getting to know the characters and their girlfriends in Australia before the war etc. Straight into the action literally from the opening scene.

  • These guys are true heroes and I saw this movie today, absolutely brilliant! Proves you can stick to the facts, leave the Hollywood gloryboy bullshit out of it and still make a gripping edge of your seat movie about war. Do yourselves a favour and go see it, you'll be reminded of what true heroics is, in today's world of vanity, egos and self promotion. These boys have deserved a place in the history books. Bravo.

  • 108 men vs a platoon.

  • When will this movie come out in the US?

  • R.I.P. Private Paul Large of Coolah NSW

  • I watched documentaries of both countries. It's so controversial and we can't know what is the truth. Aussies should pay homage to their people, Calm down Vietnamese!
    BUT, making wars is never be okay (I know American did, not Au). Paying homage is different from being proud that your people killed my people in my Country.


  • 1.4k communists gave this the thumbs down

  • is this movie available in the U.S.

  • Saw it last night. Great movie.

  • Proud too be Australian ✊🏽✊🏽


  • Im only here for rangar

  • Any further news regarding this film? Available here in North America?

  • I hope this is in American theaters!

  • True blue🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺.

  • dam we finally made a movie that looks good

  • Có phim hay xem rồi .. chắc lại bị kiểm duyệt cho mà coi

    war is meaningless and it only brings pain and loss to both sides 🇺🇸~🇻🇳

  • Best Australian Wars movie ever made.. True story and 108 braves soldiers against 2000 North Vietnamese soldiers. Guess who won?

  • Its a damn shame i cant see this. I live in America and i wanted to see this badly. It looks like a really good movie and the story behind it is insane.

  • Welcome to the ricefield motherfucker ( I love peach)

  • Australia deserves recognition for what they did in Vietnam

  • A very moving picture brave young ANZACS fighting in one of the bloodiest battles of the Vietnam war this is their story a must to see….

  • I really want to see Travis in a villain role

  • Could you do another movie about The battle of Kapyong in Korea.

  • The trees speak vietnamese!

  • Despite all high tech weapon the Us loose against the mans army. Respect NV.

  • An underrated movie and its quite new to the people about other armies in other nations who got involved in Vietnam War.. Quite change for usually cliche protagonist American GIs…. Our very own "We were soldiers" moment….

  • Where can I watch this movie?

  • The ANZAC soldiers were few in Vietnam but they were the bravest and most efficient fighters on the battle fields .

  • Looks better than 1917

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