Danhui Zhang ’18 on Her Environmental Interest and the Residential Experience

I’m really passionate about environmental issues, traveling, and working with people. I have been on the board of Lafayette Environmental Awareness and Protection Club, for the past two years, and I’ve attended regional green allies conferences and met like-minded people from all the colleges in the region. I have organized monthly brown bag activities to raise awareness of environmental issues on campus. One other thing that really attracted me before I apply to Lafayette is the residential experience. You got to meet so many people from diverse backgrounds and being a RA really helped me to meet these people. Sharing the same community, organizing events for them, provided me with so many opportunities to talk to them, to get to know them better, and I know these common memories will serve as a great asset in the future. After I became a resident advisor, I realized that as long as I’m genuine to people they always providing you with valuable feedback. I actually read some comments given by my head resident advisor, where some of my residents said that they knew they can always come to me and talk to me and they knew I would always be there for them. I have clearly seen myself grow over the past few years and look forward to the rest of my exciting journey here. I have to say that I don’t know yet where I will be in five years. But, there are so many amazing people in Lafayette that I can just call up to have a dinner with and have a wonderful conversation about their dreams and their path to achieve this success for the past few years, and that helps me to clear my vision on my future a lot better. I wouldn’t be able to attend Lafayette without financial aid and I’m so grateful for this.

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