DCTV Crisis on Infinite Earths Crossover Final Trailer (HD)

– [The Monitor] The Multiverse. Every existence multiplied by possibility
and spread out in infinite measure. Now, there is a malevolent force at work. One driven by a singular goal:
the destruction of all there is. – [Harbinger] There’s a wave of antimatter
sweeping across this universe, destroying everything in its path. I brought you all to Earth-38 because this is
where The Monitor wants you to make your stand. – [Green Arrow] Right.
So we are going to need a bigger team. – [The Flash] You want some help? – [Green Arrow] The entire universe needs you. – [The Monitor] Across space and time exists
seven heroes who can save the multiverse. – [Superman] I’ll find them. You are Clark Kent, right? – [Kate Kane] Bruce? – [Bruce Wayne] Kate? – [The Flash] We need your help
to stop this antimatter wave. – [Black Lightning] Alright then, Flash. – [The Monitor] Oliver! It is time! – [Green Arrow] Has the planet
been evacuated yet? – [The Monitor] Not entirely. – [Green Arrow] Then it is not time! – [Pariah] One thing is certain. Everything we know… Everything there is… And everything there ever was… Is doomed.

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