DEL-MEM Students Learn from Environmental Leaders on D.C. Trip

(gentle music) – The D.C. Leadership Module is a hallmark of the Duke Environmental
Leadership Program. We schedule meetings with 10
to 12 environmental leaders from different sectors,
from the government, from non-profits, from the private sector. And, the idea is to expose our students to a range of leadership philosophies and leadership journeys. – We’re hearing from some
of the preeminent leaders in the field of the environment. We’re seeing the folks who
are really being impactful in moving forward towards
greater sustainability and towards solving environmental
problems and challenges. – They’re really inspirational. I mean, it’s not everyday
that you get to sit down with CEOs and pretty impressive leaders of these massive
organizations, public entities, government, non-governmental
and really just get into, kind of, what they’re doing
in their organization, but what their personal
journey was to get there. As well as what they see as
the most important tools, and tricks, and tips that
they can provide for us as we break in our leadership journey. – The module in D.C. has been amazing. I think the opportunity to spend time with people who are
leaders in their field, hearing, not only how
they approach leadership, but the challenges that they faced, how they’ve developed over their career, that has been truly amazing for me and, I think, for the cohort as well. – The D.C. leadership
experience is like nothing else that I can imagine students
would have access to. Having the opportunity to meet with a wide variety of leaders and in a wide variety of fields. And, one of the things that
I think is so interesting is the commonalities that
we see with the leaders and how there really are
certain characteristics and certain habits that can be learned in order to enhance
one’s leadership skills. So, they’re getting a
valuable experience there. – There’s no one path to leadership. I think the different leaders have also taken different
journeys to get where they are. I think they all have different styles and I think it’s allowing
us to, sort of, understand what it is the we,
ourselves, can bring out that is gonna allow us to make the most difference in the future. – The reason that the
D.C. leadership session is so important to our
students is they’re really able to see a different leadership journey than maybe what they would’ve
expected for themselves enrolling in the program. So, they can see that these very important and influential people, maybe, didn’t have a smooth rise to the top. – It’s good to know that there’s
no one model for leadership and it’s quite reassuring to understand that each of us has something within us that will allow us to be effective. – Some people will feel
like they’re born leaders, I, personally, feel like it’s
something I work at everyday. And, the D.C. Module has
given me the opportunity to not only meet with
leaders and learn from them, but just being able to carve out time to work on my own leadership skills. – Some of what I’ve
learned has been around how you bring people together
around a common vision, how you move forward, how you address, even when you may have
some obstacles in the way. Even how you recover from setbacks. So, I think all of that has been useful and things that I, certainly,
plan to use in my own career.

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