DePaul: Our Environment – Urban Educated. World Ready.

I think you can’t take Chicago out of DePaul, nor can you take DePaul out of Chicago. Going to DePaul gives you, like, a little
bit of fearlessness. There’s just so much that you intuitively begin to learn
just by being in this place. The thing that Chicago offers is the world in
the city. You know there’s hundreds of languages spoken city, however many
hundreds of different ethnic groups here. The students are able to experience that – it’s almost unique in the world, to sort of have that global diversity in such a small space. You would misunderstand DePaul if you only looked at its buildings and on State Street or Jackson or up in Lincoln Park. Our students are out working in the great film lots on the west side, our students around the stages of
Chicago, they’re musicians throughout Chicago. You can study theoretical
economics here, but you’re gonna study but people who worked at the Fed and
use economics everyday at banks. I interned at Clear Channel, the Shedd, White Sox, I did one with Nike and I would have never had that opportunity
outside of the city. Our students aren’t overwhelmed easily, I hear that from employers. They’re not intimidated I think because they live in this environment where they’re exposed
to all different types of people, organizations while they’re at DePaul. Being a University in one of the most vibrant cities in America shapes the opportunities our students have to learn and shapes the University.

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