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– Hi, I’m Parris and I
have a backyard garden that I think I keep more to
feed the neighborhood squirrels than to actually produce
vegetables for my family. But each year I try again. So this March I went out
dutifully to Home Depot, Lowes, see what seeds they had to plant. And I found some beans, peas, carrots, cauliflower, a couple of other things. Bought the packs of seeds, was gonna plant them today, but I happened to be at the dollar store and saw they have a
seed rack up right now. Their seeds are four packs for a dollar. I paid between a $1.49
and $2.49 for my seeds over at the home improvement store. And I thought what’s the actual difference between 25 cents a pack seeds and $2.49 a pack seeds. ♫ Epic Review Guys – There doesn’t seem to
be a definitive answer that I could find as to why these cost 10 times as much as these. In fact, there are even more
seeds in the cheaper pack. So I’ll tell you what I’ve been able to
find out on the matter and I’m going to conduct my own experiment into is there really any
difference between these seeds by planting both of them in these large garden
planters that I have. One seed on one side, expensive
seed on the other side. Treat them exactly the
same with the watering and the thinning, the whole nine yards. And see in a couple months is there any reason to
spend more money on seeds. In this comparison I’m
comparing Burpee brand seeds to American Seed Company brand seeds. They’re both fairly well known and apparently been around
a long time and so forth. The only real difference I
can see in some of the packs is the more expensive pack
does have more seed in it. Not the case with the cantaloupe, however. And the Burpee seeds
come in a plastic pack, rather than the paper
pack of the American Seed. The plastic packs are supposed to keep the moisture in the seeds
longer so they don’t dry out. You have a better chance
of them germinating. In the paper packs if they’re
in a very dry environment, the seeds inside can dry out. I did check all the packs. And they are all packed for 2017 and they expire the end of this year. So it’s not like I’m
getting knowingly old seeds from either company. It’s also possible there might
be more expensive varieties of the same plant and so maybe
that’s the cost of the seed. The Burpee, I’m gonna use the
cantaloupe as the example, is a summer snack hybrid cantaloupe. Sounds good. And the American Seed Company is Hale’s Best Jumbo cantaloupe. Doesn’t sound quite as appetizing. But when I read the description
I’m supposed to get here round, three to four pound fruits with salmon colored flesh, super sweet. Over here, nearly round,
nearly round (laughs). You pay for the being off shape a little. Five to six inches in diameter, weighing three to four pounds each with thick, salmon colored sweet flesh. Other differences you could
be paying for in seeds is heartiness. They do both say I can plant
them at the same time of year, so that doesn’t seem to be an issue. Another difference you might pay for is how quick they are to harvest. You’d like to have your produce in sooner, this harvests in 77 days
and the less expensive seeds do take 90 to 102 days. So that might be a little of the cost. ‘Cause these are faster growing seeds, you get your cantaloupe sooner. Other factors that are important and could relate to the cost, but I can’t tell you about
until I’ve planted these and seen how they grow, is
the percent that germinate. Will a lot of these come up as
plants, not so many of these? I’ll see. Also how healthy are the plants? Do you get more sickly
plants with cheaper seeds or does that not make a difference? And once the plant has grown,
how much fruit do you get from each plant? Lets head out back now and I’ll show you how I have things set
up to test these seeds, comparing them to one another. And if you’d like to find
out about either brand, I’ll have links to both
down below this video. Here are my raised bed planters. These came as a set actually, that would stack on top of each other. So you could water just
the top and they would all, the water would flow down. It was a good idea, but
it didn’t work too well because leaves tended to plug it up. So I had to separate them
like this to use it anyhow. There’s the potting soil. Now I have soil that was
in here the last two years down at the bottom and I’ve added more of this Nature’s Care Organic
Raised Bed soil by Miracle Grow. And on each of the planters
I have with a Sharpie, marked the dollar sign on
the side that’s going to have the expensive seeds. So I basically have three
lobes that will have the expensive seeds and then over here the
25 cent a pack seeds. I think I’m gonna plant
three seeds in each lobe, each corner and here. So I’ll have nine plants growing for each type of seed in each planter. And just a brief word about squirrels, who will probably eat most of the seeds or what grows from the seeds. When Pierre can keep the under control and out of trouble on the ground, they go up onto the sides
of the house and the roof and try to dig through to inside. And the solar panels,
they nested under there, piled up leaves and twigs
so that the water pooled up when it rained and it leaked into the ceiling of the living room. Squirrels. In the course of planting these seeds into the raised planters
out in the backyard, I did notice a couple times
with the less expensive seeds, I found sort of a dried out, broken seed that I was about to put in and decided to throw it away instead. I did not find any bad
seeds with the Burpee. Here you can see what the
seeds actually look like and the quantity that was left over after I did my equal planting out there in the raised planter. The more expensive Burpee seeds
over here, as you can see, surprisingly you actually get fewer seeds in the case of the cantaloupe. But, here in the American Seed cantaloupe, I can see a couple more that look like they may be cracked open or dehydrated. And here, the peas,
that’s quite a difference in the number of peas that you get. And I would say these
are a little bit larger. Hard to tell if maybe these
are a little more dried up. All of the remaining seeds and a couple other varieties I got, I will plant in rows right out there next to those raised garden containers. Now to see what happens,
you will have to check back. If I’m seeing good results, in about a month I’ll
do an update video then. Otherwise I’ll wait ’til about two months. And go back and show you
it’s all side by side, every condition should be equal for them. And then check and see
whether the 25 cent seeds can keep up with the two
and a half dollar seeds. You can keep checking back for that video or you can click that
subscribe button down below. You’ll get notified when our videos go up. See you on the next review. ♫ Epic Review Guys ♫ Wanna watch it all night long

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  • Burpee has poor seed germination in my experience and their customer service ignored me once when a BRAND NEW seed packet had nearly zero germination. I'll never buy another seed packet from them.

  • "Miracle grow" organic planting mix!!! Ya right!!!

  • Aloha from Targeted Individual Hawaii! 💕

  • I just spent $4 and got like 20packs from the dollar store, same exact brand as what you got. I know they're small but for $0.25 I'd be happy to get one watermelon that I've grown myself

  • Did they grow the same?

  • Please link to the sequel video…can't find it in your collection. Thanks.

  • the cheaper are most likely gmo poison. i had great results with dollar store beans and cucumbers tho.🍻

  • Cheap seeds are generally ok unless… You want a special type of plant(hybrids, heirlooms, etc), you need more seeds since the cheap ones usually have less but for most people that doesn't mean anything, hard to grow seeds like anything that requires stratification, scaring, soaking, and some kind of religious ritual to have decent germination rates I would stick with a brand you know is going to work.

    The last one being seeds that take forever to germinate. Waiting a month to find out a seed sucks isn't fun.

  • No reason I've been using American seed co. For yrs. Witb great results….Burpee is Monsanto seeds. Boycott them.

  • Comparing different varieties of the same species already makes the findings pretty questionable.
    But the difference between cheap vs expensive(if you aren't getting ripped off) seeds is gentics, gmo vs non-gmo, organic vs non-organic, quality of the parent plant the seeds came from(when comparing the same variety), resistance to drought, fungi, disease, & pests, aswell as tolerance of cold/hot weather, & too much sun/shade. Plus some other things.

    The best places to buy seeds is from a catalog/online store like Bakers Creek, some other seed company I can't remember the name of because it's 3:18am, or even gardening YouTubers who have their own stores.

  • Is this guy a flamer?

  • Time to buy fewer seeds, and invest in squirrel traps! They are cute, and I feed them in winter. When they damage my house, they are my enemy!

  • Trying to buy organic way to much cancer

  • Sometimes intensive planting, as in Square Foot Gardening, and companion planting can limit destruction from bugs and maybe even squirrels, not sure. But planting way too much allows for squirrels, bugs and rabbits to get theirs and for us to get what we need. I think potential gardeners get discouraged fighting nature, and figure it's all too much work. But heavy mulching reduces or eliminates watering and weeding, bird netting can keep the birds and squirrels from being too destructive, and if your soil is good, you don't have to till, just plant. Lay down mulch on each side of the seed rows to keep weeds down, and if they come up, pull and use as mulch. If your soil is really bad, just plant fruit trees. Much easier to tend and they take up no real space on the ground. I just put in four fig trees from Lowes at $10 each. They grow 20-30 feet sometimes. Gardening doesn't get much easier than that.

  • I save all the seeds from vegetables that I buy, peppers, tomatoes etc, they all do very well.

  • Oh the fond memories. Back when I was 10 years old in 1968, I answered an ad in the back of a comic book to sell seeds for the American Seed Company (I also sold greetings cards). I lived in rural Richland County Ohio, and rode my bike many miles taking orders for seeds, sending in the money and delivering the seeds when I got them. I had many repeat customers and no complaints about the seeds I sold. I made enough money to buy my own school clothes and a new bicycle.
    I'm looking forward to watching the progress of your experiment.

  • I put a squirrel trap under my birdfeeder, and when I catch a squirrel and let them go swimming in a large Rubbermaid tub. I do let chipmunks and the need of ground squirrels go… We have had a lot of success with this and don’t need to actually use bait as the birdseed is sufficient.

  • I love squirrel. I prefer them stewed with garlic and onions. I grow a garden and eat my veggies and rabbit and venison from my garden. They all come from the garden but harvesting is different.

  • I also take seeds from store bought fruit and veggies but I am old school and bank seeds annually.

  • Our dollar tree sells them for .20 a pack.

  • I use only heirloom seeds. They were more costly(2.50/pack) but I havent had to buy seeds for quite a few seasons. I usually save a couple of the fruits or veggies of each species to dry out and then use the seeds to replant the following season.

  • You need an owl house in your yard. They will settle the squirrel problems.

  • Hales are the best cantaloupe

  • I have planted the Dollar tree seeds year after year. Most of the time they don’t come up. I have used many different methods. You get what you pay for.

  • I often get asked how I keep the wildlife out of my garden. Deer, squirrel, rabbits…
    I plant some of everything over on the edge of my property, just for the wildlife, and they usually stay over there. Works great.

  • burpee sells gmo seed..

  • Buy a rock melon eat it and get your seeds for free

  • Dg stores here in ky don't have any seed this year.😂😂

  • The dollar tree is just trying to double their money. If they buy bulk old seeds repackaged they price it to double what they spent. The home store is selling suggested retail even f they bought for 10 cents a pack.

  • I've always had great luck with Dollar store seeds.

  • I love the dollar store brands for seeds! Treat them the same and they usually come out the same as the same from the other brand (blue lake bush beans for example). And most gardeners don’t need the larger quantity of seeds. So it is often a better decision to purchase the dollar store brand. Also. To deter the squirrels from the garden, build frames from 2x4x10s and cover them in chicken wire. Make yourself a door so you can get in. Not the cheapest of projects for tall or wide plants, but you can use 2x1x8s for lettuces.

  • Walmart does sell some for 20 cents a pack

  • The American Seeds almost always fail here in Alabama 😔

  • Bro, you’re wasting your time with the miracle gro nonsense and the gmo seeds. You need to stick with heirloom and use organic gardening methods. Plus, nine cantaloupes in one container is crazy. I can tell you how it’s gonna go. They will sprout and grow a little then struggle for nutrients. All will be failure. Less is more

  • I was just buying the dollar store seeds lol

  • Mite want to do a little more research. Hybrid needs poroduce more crop n yeild and cost more. You didnt plant them they way they need to grow to get a proper yeild n i find this to be a poor assumption. Plants n seeds need to be spaced properly n require full sun n nutrients

  • I buy DT seeds and have HUGE gardens with loads more than I need. Special seeds I buy from heirloom companies the save seeds for next year.

  • i wish u my dad

  • Too much talk. First 4 minutes were wasted with babble. Redo video keep under 3 minutes.

  • Buy the name brand trust me

  • Do seed companies have to label for GMO?

  • You you think these seeds are speedy, you're in for a surprise about the price of cannabis seeds. I bought 3 packs of 12 seeds each for a total of $900. From my experience these are top of the line genetics though.

  • Use bloom booster and make sure you fertilize with it ever week for one month then every two weeks and then enjoy your harvest.

  • I purchased seeds from dollar general at close of season and planted them the following year with no issues

  • Where did you get those planters?

  • Seriously gonna compare 2.50 c3ent seeds to .25 cent seeds? YOU are cheap!

  • Is this man OK in the head? He is comparing 2 totally different varieties of melon seeds……the cheap company seeds ALWAYS will pack the most very common kind of vegetable seeds…..while better companies will offer about 1,000 more varieties….so moral of the story is, if you want to plant the very basic vegetable seeds, use the cheap company, if you want variety, use your head!….

  • My son makes blow guns and darts. Highly effective and silent and the accuracy is great.

  • So this guy doesn’t show what worked better , he just talks & talks👎

  • A better test would be to plant all the seeds from the two packs as seedlings and find out what percent germinate I suspect the cheaper seeds are much older left over.

  • Watch Shawn Woods… his channel can help get rid of your tree rats aka squirrels.

  • where is 2nd video?

  • I am a first time fruit/veggie gardener🍉🍎🍋🥕🥒 so I used the.25 packets of seeds. I am happy with my purchase thus far😊

  • Burpee is a Hybrid and Hales Best is a old Garden variety Big difference i taste

  • Haha! I can relate to feeding the squirrels! Animals steal most of my crop. Dollar store seeds produced the best tomatoes I've ever had!

  • 10 * .99 is 9.90, not 2.99. Check your math before you get clever

  • Your melons are different one is a hybrid- hybrid is more expensive

  • Do you mean the DOLLAR TREE??? I got them for 25 cents a pack at the DOLLAR TREE.

  • Is either 1 owned by Monsanto? If its owned get the other.

  • Buy the fruits eat the fruits plant the seeds cheap

  • Your experiment is invalidated because you used different varieties. Different varieties of the same plant have different characteristics such as germination time, size, flavor profiles, and proliferation. Any variance you observe can be attributed to varietal difference and not seed quality.

  • Dude likes to hear himself talk.way too long!

  • Squirrels… They are not even human.
    Must be eradicated.

  • Ever try pan fried garden eaters. Can skin em and make hats. Or the tails make good banners.

  • You can't compare two different types of cantaloupe. Of course you will get different results.

  • Yum squirrel stew

  • You really need to have a roofer come in and take care of that bad Flashing around your Chimney before you get water penetration into your attic

  • Just FYI: We're not told the results in this video.

  • I had several packs of seeds handed down to me. Less than half germinated. I bought a new pack, and almost all of them germinated.

  • Sooooo….what state are you in?!??!

  • Didn’t really say if they were different or not

  • I've been wondering the same on this. Thank you for this video!


  • what's the difference between burp-o seeds and dollar store seeds? about a year, LoL

  • Great video! I don't want gmo or Monsanto, I want as natural as possible.


  • About the Monsanto owning Burpee rumors. I found this article on their website. I'm not defending any company only linking an article.

  • you get what you pay for

  • Don’t keep Monsanto seeds they will sue you

  • Seeds are supposed to be stored dried! What are you talking about?

  • He never made a new video on the seeds

  • Reviewing seeds against the perimeters of whether they grow alone is like buying a car based only on whether it runs….but hey, who cares if the brakes are gone, the tranny is going out and it has no tires. What else is there to consider? Well, if you give two shi*s about moral seed growing practices and not supporting a corporation that is singlehandedly producing and distributing massive amounts of poison/pollution into our environment for profit alone…then don't buy cheap seeds from a company that is owned by Monsanto. Do a tiiiiny bit of research and vote with your cash for local businesses that work for our future by growing healthy plants in healthy soil thus producing healthy seed on many different fronts. Short sighted purchases based on being cheap and convenient is the definition of traveling the road to hell with the best of intentions.

  • these are two different kinds of cantaloupe seeds. not an even comparison. you would need to compair the same kind of seeds from two different company.

  • Check out this product to save your solar panels: I think they only sell through distributors so I don't know how you can purchase it but it might be worth contacting them. Good luck and thanks for your video.

  • I don't have to wait 77 days
    i can get it the same day at the store

  • What brand of soil should I use for strawberry seeds

    Google said lomis soil but I can’t seem to find a brand that has that type of soil and there’s no way I’d be able to make the mixture on my own

  • If you sprinkle ground cayenne papper around the perimeter of your garden or wherever you don't want squirrels (or any other animal) to gather, they will avoid the area. Sprinkle again after it rains. Does not bother birds, so you can sprinkle it into the bird seeds to keep away the squirrels.

  • Are they genetically modified seeds or native seeds?.

  • I just had an advertisement for seeds for growing grass before the video loaded.

  • It's to keep moisture out, not in.

  • I use American Seeds all the time. Great prices and great results. Compare Hales Best to Hales Best. Same with each comparison. Comparing two different types is silly. As for the Monsanto comments in here, folks should actually check the facts.

  • Don't know if it's been pointed out here yet, but in the video he used Burpee (hybrid) seed, and American (dollar store) was Hale's best, which is not a hybrid. There is often a big difference between yield, taste, foliage, ect. between cultivars. If one is making a comparison, the cultivars need to be the same, otherwise you're comparing apples to oranges. One other thing: Hales best is an heirloom variety, and all heirloom varieties will grow true to original. Hybrid seeds are a cross, and will revert to one parent or the other. Heirloom seeds can be saved and used over year after year, and you don't even have to pay Dollar Store price!

  • Can’t get a fair comparison if you plant different varieties (btw Walmart has that Hale’s best cantaloupe too in a different brand) oh and those $0.25 seed packs Walmart carries them for $0.20 (some are $0.50 at Walmart though so look and compare) it’s not a good deal

  • hale best is a very good.grow for generations in our family.they can get very large depending on soil.

  • I like how you use toblerones to prop them up

  • Do you eat the squirrels

  • I got a ton of seeds from both Home Depot and the Dollar Tree this year..(as well as many online including Baker Creek, and Amazon, plus I have saved seeds from organic produce as well).. Anyway, my most prolific cucumber this year comes from $0.25 Dollar Tree Seeds- Pickling cucumbers! I made a round "cage" or circle out of chicken wire (3ft wide, 4ft tall
    cage), planted only a few seeds in it and they have given us Tons of cucumbers! I will be careful not to buy expensive seed packets if I can get the same at the Dollar Tree from now on 🙂

  • A heirloom seed is a heirloom seed regardless where you buy them from. The company name and cost is usually the only thing different. Just like a can of coke is can of coke regardless what store you buy it from.

  • Burpee is a NAME BRAND.
    that is marketing cost for Lowes and Homedepot to sell them. Seeds are not Brand conscious People are brain washed. But there are very good seed companies that develop bacteria, virus resistance seeds that are much better than those that are not. I know from over 50 years of gardening.

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