Dr Catherine Ball – Environmental Scientist & Entrepreneur

(inspirational music) – [Catherine] A lot of
people will see STEM careers as this thing where you’re in a lab coat, and you’re in a lab, whereas for me, now, looking at modern scientists,
they look like me, they look like you, right? We talk and we work with people across business and industry and academia, and we bridge those misunderstandings. We bridge those gaps to make sure that we can actually apply new things. (inspirational music) My name’s Dr. Catherine Ball,
I’m a scientist with a PhD. I’m now an entrepreneur
and a businesswoman, and I have five of my own
start-ups currently operating. (inspirational music) I have a book that I curated at the end of last year
called Gumption Trigger, which is 14 stories of
Australian businesswomen and how they’ve picked themselves up and found their grit and resilience after things have gone
wrong in their life. I’ve also got remote research rangers, where I’ve been working
with various groups across Australia and internationally, providing consultancy about
how to integrate drones into how people work. Then I’ve also got the
World of Drones Congress, which we had our inaugural
here in Brisbane, which is now the largest drone congress across the Asia-Pacific. We had over 600 delegates attend from over something like 20 countries. One Planet Woman is a
business that I started to provide mentoring and sustainability, kind of guidance as
well as start-up advice. The latest and greatest one is She Flies. And so She Flies has been
running now for about six months, and we’ve already reached over
2,000 girls across Australia. We have instructors across the country, and we are now expanding internationally. I just wake up every morning really happy, knowing that I am self-determined
in my career path, and that I have choices that I can make. And there’s many reasons
as to why I have that, and how I’ve got here, and I think that part of it comes
down to tenacity and grit, and resilience, and not being
afraid to try new things. But part of it comes down to actually how you get educated and
how you train yourself for these situations. My advice to everybody is to
find a niche that they love, and find a way in which there’s a pathway that they can actually
see that becoming a skill or job that they want to do in the future, and apply themselves to that. So, you’ve got to love what you do, even though you’re challenged by it. And you’ve gotta be
challenged by what you love, otherwise your life is very very boring. And that’s why I’ve got
five business of my own now. (upbeat music)

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