Earth’s mass extinctions | Peter Ward

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  • His right eyebrow goes all the way around his eye socket

  • This all make perfect sense to me, nice lecture , thank you

  • We may "have to beat this", but we have created our own demise. Nothing is going to chang ethe trajectory we have set the earth upon, which will see the return of the planet to the microbes and reptiles (and hopefully the birds).

  • Sete is a joke!
    If they haven't found Aliens yet,
    then they're being paid,
    to look the other way!
    Just like you!

  • This knowledge is too old man get over

  • Forest fires in Greenland, Siberia, Canada, The Artic and Greece. California may dodge the bullet this summer.
    Magical thinking does not apply to global warming.

  • 2:41 in, and he hasn't said a single valid thing. Bye.

  • you lost me at "rising sea levels".

  • Changing Things
    I live on an island in the Southern USA. The county put up an electric sign telling drivers how much their commute will be interrupted by tide water flooding the causeway.
    In 2015 the causeway was underwater 37 days or about 10% of the time. By 2030 it is expected to be underwater one out of three days or 30% of the time. Don’t even think of telling me this isn’t happening.

  • Speaker thinks he knows more than he does.

  • I suspect a lot of people believe in aliens for the same reason they believe in God – because they want to.

  • Where do I order my "I'll die now, TY" button? For those of you who'd rather have a "Yes, give me the H2S, please!" button, remember that it is quite painful to be cold, so you need to start encouraging them now to add some opiates or anesthesia into that hydrogen-sulfate solution.

    Meanwhile, much as we all tend to enjoy traveling to meet and interface with like-minded people, wouldn't it be prudent to just send video content to project ourselves and our talk onto a large screen to educate and entertain audiences such as these at conferences? I hate that it has come to this, but I am afraid it has. This talk should have been two to three times as long to more clearly explain the earth science and science behind this fascinating subject and work.

  • The dinos knew more about catastrophism than this guy who's been brainwashed into thinking it was down to climate change, laughable.

  • Its not the extinctions that are amazingvits the fact life new life exploded afterwards and it defies evolutions deep time it needs to work out in the theory.

  • seti is the most outspoken against aliens of any group. they are positive about aliens when humting funding but seth runs with these athiest that absolutly preach against them .lol

  • if the oceans was full of amino acids abd gove it 4.6 billion years to mix the odds against just 1 line uo in the correct order is 10 to 104 th power.
    same odds against all amino acids randomly aliging to make 1 protien .
    this is like this from the creation of the universe up threw the billions of steps to get just right .its so high odds against it they should forget there theorys like anyone else would

  • Everything our ancestors passed down has slowly but surley been checked off the list and proven .

  • Another Mentalist, of course we will leave some day soon… I am human, not a reptile. We're just a bunch of fucked up dumbasses haha. as if we do have a meaning to stay and live on…..survive. The dewd finding a dinosaur, really? You had me listening quiet a few minutes and then your story turned into a no brainer. I feel like George Carlin. Amused by human species.

  • Great speech! Not mammals but hybrid creatures…..and hopefully the icecaps melt sooner than 100 years….

  • Our bodies are ready for this planned extinction…that is when we will evolve into a higher being…the missing chromosomes

  • So David Icke is correct about Reptilians.

  • What a heap of garbage,, thought it would be an ok video until he started blabbing on about 0.04% co2,, what an agenda BS video,,,

    Were all fine good people,, the extinction events in the past were not man made and 100% certain the only way man can kill itself is from the nuclear arsnal and mad people who might use them, but co2 hahahhahaha, falling of my chair laughing at this guy trying to be serious, sorry thats just me , get a life and syop smooching of the agenda politics and grant money,

  • We are in the middle of an extinction now!

  • Love these people that ignore the evidence. Ancient Sumerian Text and others talk of generic manipulation to create humans to be used for slave labor then we have the Aliens again, let's ignore this evidence to. This is more of more of academia with their head in the sand it just amazes me. Here are the aliens: and here's where you go to lean about the Government cover-up:

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