Easy Crepe Recipes : How to Prepare the Grill for Crepes

Hi! I’m here on behalf of Expert Village.
My name is Johnny and I work here at Greenhouse Effect. Here I’ll show you how to make a sweet
crepe. First, I’ll have to talk about how to oil up the grill. Make sure the crepe comes
out nice and smooth. This right here is an oiling towel. What we’ve done is taken a couple
pieces of wood, drilled a few holes, cut them to size, put these screws here to make sure
we can hold that towel in. Then we use vegetable oil instead of any other oil. Put oil down
the grill because that works best. It keeps the crepe not from sticking. When you’re putting
oil on the grill, you have to make sure you’re not putting too thick or else it will get
oily. If you put too little, then the crepe will just stick. You just have to put enough.
You have to make sure your temperature is always constant at 350. Then for the next
step, I’ll show you how to make and pour the batter onto the grill.

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