Ecological Restoration Part 1: Greenhouse

[music] My name is Will Arnesen and I supervise the ecological restoration crew. A significant aspect of the program is that we don’t do any type of restoration to natural caused impacts only human caused impacts. In any of those situations that need our attention it’s usually resulted in lack of vegetation and we end up with usually an environment that’s eroding. The mountain is either uphill or downhill in most situations and once you remove the vegetation, now you’ve exposed the soil and things start moving. So at that point it is really hard for vegetation to get established. If you’re a seed getting established on that it doesn’t usually stick. It ends up somewhere at the bottom. Well right now we’re in middle of May and basically the restoration program won’t be getting to actually using this structure the facility nor the plants it’s producing until end of August going into September. That’s when the restoration program will kind of come down and become a part of this environment down here. But at the moment right now, all of the production that’s happening in the greenhouse is internal. Seeds are being brought out, being sown on seed flats and then staged inside the greenhouse, being kept moist. Course now they’re receiving the light and it’s in a temperature controlled environment. You’re going to get those seedlings to pop up on a seed tray. Then the transplant is going to happen, and they’re going to tease all those plants out and get them put into pots. In essence, always trying to get one plant per pot. You’re going to have those pots, then, once they’ve been established they’re going to start growing and be brought outside. And they’ll be stored outside and continue growing out here. They will be underneath the shade structure here as well as in the back depending on kind of what they’re exposure is. And that’s it. You know, they’re going to probably come out in late June you’ll start seeing flats on the ground out here with seedlings in it growing. Then the restoration program will come down and collect them, like I said, early September. [music]

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