Elon Musk’s Unbelievably Simple 12-minute Killer Break Down on Climate Change

What I’m going to talk about today is just in general terms. What is needed to address the climate crisis, this is the thing that if we do, what actions can we take that will accelerate the transition out of the Fossil fuel era there’s a certain amount of carbon that is circulating through the environment So it’s going into the air being absorbed by plants and animals And then getting back into the air, and this this carbon is just circulating on the surface And this is fine, and it’s been doing that for hundreds of millions of years The thing that’s changed is that we’ve added something to the mix So this is what I would call the turd in the punchbowl so we added all this extra carbon to the carbon cycle and the net result is that The carbon in the oceans and atmosphere is growing over time. It’s much more than can be absorbed by the ecosystem It’s really quite simple. We’re taking billions of tons of carbon that’s been buried for hundreds of millions of years and is not part of the carbon cycle, taking it from deep underground and adding it to the carbon cycle The result is a steady increase in the carbon in the atmosphere and in the oceans which doesn’t look like much if you look at it on this chart But when looked at in the context of history it actually looks like this The carbon parts per million has really been bouncing around the 300 level for around 10 million years And in the last few hundred years it went into a vertical climb This is the the essence of the problem. This is very unusual and a very extreme threat as you can see from from this rate of growth. Then this is accompanied by a temperature increase as one would expect This temperature increase… people talk about two degrees or three degrees It’s important to appreciate just how sensitive the climate actually is to temperature And it’s important to look at it in terms of absolute temperature, not in degrees Celsius relative to zero. We need to say what is the temperature change relative to absolute zero, that’s how the universe thinks about temperature, it’s how physics thinks about temperature, it’s relative to absolute zero. Small changes result in huge effects So New York City under ice would be minus 5 degrees, New York City under water would be plus 5 degrees But looked at as a percentage relative to absolute zero, it’s only a plus minus 2 percent change so the sensitivity of the climate is extremely, extremely high We’ve amplified this sensitivity by building our cities right on the coastline. And most people live very close to the ocean in some countries that are their very low-lying and would be completely under water in a climate crisis. We’ve essentially designed civilization to be super sensitive to climate change. The important thing to appreciate is that we are going to exit the fossil fuels era. It is inevitable that we will exit the fossil fuels era because at a certain point we will simply run out of carbon to mine and burn. So the question is really “when” do we exit the era not not “if”. The goal is to exit the era as quickly as possible. That means we need to move from the old goal with a pre-industrial goal, which was to move from chopping down forests and killing lots of whales… The old goal was to move from chopping wood and killing whales to fossil fuels. Which actually in that context was a good thing. But the new goal is to move to sustainable energy future. We want to use things like Hydro, Solar, Wind, Geothermal. Nuclear is also a good option in places like France which aren’t subject to natural disasters. And we want to use energy sources that will be good for a billion years. So how do we accelerate this transition away from fossil fuels to a sustainable, era? And what happens if we don’t? So if we wait, and if we delay the change, The best case is simply delaying that inevitable transition to sustainable energy. So this is the best case if we don’t take action now. At the risk of being repetitive, There’s going to be no choice in the long term to move to sustainable energy. It’s tautological. We have to have sustainable energy or we’ll simply run out of the other one. So the only thing we gain by slowing down the transition is… It is just slowing it down. It doesn’t make it not occur. Just slows it down. The worst case however, is more displacement and destruction than all the wars in history combined These are the best/worst-case scenarios. We have about 3% of scientists that believe in the best case. And about 97% that believe in the worst case. This is why I call it the dumbest experiment in history – ever. Why would you do this? So the reason that the transition is delayed, or is happening slowly, is because there is a hidden subsidy on all carbon producing activity. In a healthy market, if you have 10€ benefit and 4€ of harm to society, the profit would be 6€. It makes obvious sense. This is where the incentives are aligned with a good future. This is not this is not the case today. but if you have the incentives aligned, then the forcing function towards a good future, a sustainable energy future, will be powerful. In an unhealthy market you have 10€ of benefit, but the 4€ of harm isn’t taxed so you have an untaxed negative externality. This is basic economics 101. So you have unreasonable profit and a forcing function to do carbon-emitting activity because this cost to society is not being paid. The net result is 35 gigatons of carbon per year into the atmosphere. This is analogous to not paying for garbage collection. It’s not as though we should say, in the case of garbage, Have a garbage-free society. It’s very difficult to have a garbage-free society, but it’s just important that people pay for the garbage collection. so we need to… Go from having untaxed negative externality, which is effectively a hidden carbon subsidy of enormous size, 5.3 Trillion dollars a year according to the IMF every year. We need to move away from this, and have a carbon tax. This is being this is being fought quite hard by The carbon producers, and they’re using tactics that are very similar to what the the Tobacco industry used for many years. They would take the approach of… even though the overwhelming scientific consensus was that smoking cigarettes was bad for you, they would find a few scientists that would disagree and then they would say “look, scientists disagree.” So that’s essentially how they would try to trick the public into thinking that smoking is not that bad. The solution obviously is to remove the subsidy. That means we need to have a carbon tax. And to make it something which is neither a left nor right issue. We should make it probably a revenue-neutral carbon tax So this would be a case of increasing taxes on carbon, but then reducing taxes in other places. So maybe there would be a reduction in sales tax or VAT and an increase in carbon tax. Only those using high levels of carbon would pay an increased tax. Moreover, in order to give the industry time to react, this could be a phased-in approach. So that maybe it takes 5 years before the carbon taxes are very high, so that only companies that don’t take action today will suffer in five years. But there needs to be a clear message from government in this regard. because the fundamental problem is the rules today incent people to create carbon, and this is madness! Whatever you incent will happen. That’s why we’re seeing very little effect thus far. And depending upon what action we take will drive the the carbon number to either extreme or moderate levels. I think it’s pretty much a given that that the two-degree increase will occur… the question is whether it’s going to be much more than that… not if there will be a 2 degree increase. So then the question is what can you do? I would say whenever you have the opportunity talk to your politicians, ask them to enact a carbon tax. We have to fix the unpriced externality. Talk to your friends about it and fight the propaganda from the carbon industry. So that’s the basic message I have and I’m happy to take questions.

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  • 9:00 in and I just wish he would stop and take a drink of water ffs

    The carbon tax is horse shit too because businesses on that side have, and will continue to put the cost on the people while corporations manage to swindle a cut on said carbon tax even though they are the ones producing the problem on a multinational level.

  • Modern humanity is the turd in the punch bowl.

  • Much better than Bill Gate's population & resource control, so called 'Zero Innovation'. It should also address the pollutions and enormous removal of natural forests around the world. CO2 is such an issue, when there are not enough trees to exchange it into Oxygen at current dwindling natural environment. It is like smoking into your unhealthy lungs. And replacing healthy natural environment to artificial machines, will cost a lot of energy and bestow the control over food & population.

    Going to Mars and other planets with rich resources, would be better solution than artificial clouds and machines for growing populations. More people should mean more workforce and creative minds for space exploration.

  • Ugh. The man is a spiv.

  • This is bullshit, proof:
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RZlICdawHRA – A funny thing happened on the way to global warming Steven F. Hayward
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5nSGJ7EMMiI – How to Win Climate Change Debate Every Time (Global Warming Explained)
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4LkMweOVOOI – Dr Don Easterbrook Exposes Climate Change Hoax

  • Do they mean climate control?? The government is doing it? Well chemtrails are proven now, what is the massive amount of electromagnetic radiation doing to the world?? The world is a science experiment to these scientists is what the actual problem is. Not buying the load of bs Elon thanks for becoming the liars spokesman!!!!!

  • What he is trying to say is this. On a sealed room of 2,000 cubic feet you cannot add 3,000 cubic feet of Farts…

  • The scientist say the earth is going through an extraordinary climb in global warming. However the PHD mind does not recognize that the Earth is alive and a breathing self-healing organism. Why is this? Well because the devil is the prince of the power of the air however he is not the prince of the power of the Earth. God holds the Scheels to the Earth in other words no matter what man does he cannot kill the Earth I'll destroy it as phd's are claiming global warming will create or I should correctly say invent violent storms why are there violent storms? To cleanse the Earth's atmosphere from added carbin when added carbon is introduced into the atmosphere of the Earth the F being a living organism will respond and cleanse itself however the smart thing would be to construct meaningful Ways to Live in the environment instead of trying to stop what man is doing. But for a well-educated world educated five senses natural man this is an illogical thing. Psalm 47:9." The princes of the people are gathered together, even the people of the God of Abraham: for the shields of the earth belong unto God: he is greatly exalted." We not anyone can ever destroy the earth and it's environment.

  • 1.2 million views on this video and yet I can only find one petition with 662 signatures. If we really care about the environment, let's put the pressure on the people making the laws. https://petitions.moveon.org/sign/tax-carbon-now

  • Agreed. The only question is, why are we not reviving the Thorium Liquid Fueled Nuclear Reactor (LFTR)?! This US invention of 40 years ago is completely safe, carbon Free, cheaper than coal, and cannot be used for Bombs. In cases of accident, sabotage, etc. the reactor salt FREEZES solid at room temperature, with NO radiation releases, explosions, etc. No human inputs required. NO "Fuel Rods", No meltdowns, etc.

  • Mama gaia is strong but will love the help greatly!

  • Climate change creationists taking your money from a natural warming cycle…nice business.

  • Elons voice calms me

  • Carbon tax n electrification of cars.boy ur on ur way to making allot of enemies my love.ur right ur saving d world.but ur pissing people whos gaining from harming people such as dt.n they donot like it.so be careful baby.watch ur back.

  • Love everything ur doing.just be safe.

  • His stuttering is because he knows man-made global warming is bullshit, but he also knows he may be able to make a shit ton of money.

  • The money being used to fund anti-climate change scientists is pissing into a hurricane. It is outscaled by the climate change camp by a factor of maybe 1,000 or 10,000 to 1. Not allowing this counter research amounts to censorship, shutting down the debate before it has been satisfactorily concluded. In other words it is anti-scientific. The most important thing to understand about the science behind climate change is that it is not yet settled. (Oh, full disclosure, I am a scientist.)

  • Seriously this could be solved so easely just let the oil companies pay for the damage they are doing to the environment and use that money to come up with a sustainable energy solution. They make more then enough money its not like they cant miss it.

  • Thank you Elon Musk!

  • Our emissions are not the only source of excess greenhouse gases.
    It did actually begin other source to start emitting greenhouse gases.
    The thawing permafrost, destabilizing underwater methane hydrates and ever growing number of forest fires are all sources of greenhouse gases. Stopping our emissions will not stop those sources.
    Not only that but our emissions isn't the only thing we are pumping into the atmosphere. We are also pumping a lot of pollution. That pollution which is choking people is also dimming the amount of sunlight that reaches the Earth. Cut that pollution out and temperatures will rise a couple of degrees within a week. It's called Global Dimming.

    Mind you, his stance has change in the last 2 years.
    He no longer thinks the Earth can be saved.
    Hence his one way trip to Mars mission.
    The reason it is one way is because by the time you get there, there will be nothing left on Earth to come back to.

  • Just because he is a genius in many peoples eyes, that doesn't automatically make him a good speaker. Many Genius's have or had a difficult time speaking in front of an audience. Still love to hear him speak on a variety of subjects. I'm glad this video was subtitled though, it made it A LOT easier to follow what Elon was saying and I want to understand everything he's saying.. Thanks.. 🙂

  • ….. And making lithium batteries in China because it's so god damn polluting they won't allow manufactering in the States is obviously a step in the right direction.

  • U Have no Clue !!!!!

  • Want to make your analogy a little better, it’s like adding alcohol to a punch bowl because carbon was already there, just as alcohol is already in a punch bowl, so if u add a little more alcohol it is ok, probably won’t notice the difference, however if u continue to add alcohol, it will be noticed, and if u add too much, the punch bowl will overflow and cause a huge party foul no one wants!

  • That's funny not to mention the easiest and one of the biggest ways each and everyone can reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Animal agriculture is responsible for 51 % of greenhouse gas emissions (on top of that is the #1 reason of Amazon rainforest destruction, the #1 reason of ocean deadzones, the list is endless) according to WorldWatch Institute. Also it would be impossible for humans to develop diseases like heart disease, diabetes etc. if everyone ate only fruits and vegetables.

  • Corbett Report: The Global Warming Pause Explained

  • Elon Musk is an ass. He didn't invent anything, he's just a good manager and promoter. He's about as real as climate change! Giving Elon Musk credit for Tesla and SpaceX it's like giving Barnum & Bailey credit for the talent of the high-wire act.

  • THe oil companies have, already, admitted that the burning of fossil fuels into the atmosphere causes climate change. Google: Our position on climate change, ExxonMobil Their website states: The risk of climate change is real and warrents taking action…ExxonMobil is taking action by reducing greenhouse gas emissions in its operations…helping consumers reduce their emissions…etc. Google: Shell Oil's stark warning on climate change from 1991 – YouTube. If you can''t trust an oil company, what can you trust? old geologist

  • hmmm, Revenue Neutral and Government would be every dollar raised by the Liberal government will be returned to taxpayers. 'Huffington post'. This was two yrs ago and sounds great but just like Cannabis, when the Government gets involved. It's gonna Cost us way More taxes and fines in Canada

  • It’s amazing to watch someone, who is obviously NOT a gifted speaker, be a great communicator! Go, Elon!

  • I’d rather here him slightly stutter then say “like” after every word… he’s so smart that it’s hard for him to speak as fast as his mind goes

  • Elon Musk for President!!

  • We don't add it, we pump it back. The carbon had been in the atmosphere for millions of years: The Jurassic Age. Mankind brings it back to the atmosphere. The fact that we started it, maybe can be forgiven. They didn't know what they were doing. The fact that we continue to do it, although we know about the fatal consequences, is just dumb. Coming generations will call us as dumb as we do for the doctors in the middle age that applied lead (Pb) to their patients.

  • love elon musk but for such an apparent genius its near impossible to listen to his stammering and stuttering. hes like ozzie osborne. cant even speak but like one of the greatest singers

  • Stick to cars Elon…this is off.

  • 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

  • Lol he is stupid..

  • How much carbon do your rockets make? Let's not forget the production cost in carbon that it takes to make the fuel! Here's a link, this might shed some light on the whole thing.

  • Bullshit Propaganda to create a carbon tax!!! From a Solar power manufacturer of course! To subsidize his business. Climate change predictions were wrong: more polar bears now than ever! Forest are growing faster, because more carbon in the air! Not any increase in hurricanes, but increase (!) in ice in the South pole! Etc. etc.

  • 06:25 awkward

  • What carbon data did we have pre fossil fuel era?

  • Complete fucking nonsense. He is a bad public speaker with very little knowlage on biodiversity and climate. He should stick to engineering and design. This is bs propaganda bs. And I feel sorry if you think for a second any kind of tax against you is a good way to combat climate change. Innovation in energy is the only way. I say this as an electrician who specializes in retrofitting and installation new high efficiency LED lighting and electrical moters. In the past decade we cut down our electricity usage by 50% to 75%… So plz. Just switch to high efficiency lighting. And don't listen to this high functioning moron.

  • Man… I really hope we make Hydro, solor and MEGA SOLORHYDRO energy mainstream by 2030. Itill be abundent by then

  • https://youtu.be/QbuGoLKbi1A


  • It's not that I dont agree with you, but maybe you should step into Canadian politics and have a look. The federal government wanted to impose a cap and trade, but we know how easily that could be abused. So they institute a carbon tax. The problem is you want to sucker punch the oil industry and end up punching your buddies as well. I'm from the prairies, you hardly see an oil rig around here. However, we have oodles of flat land and lots of less then wealthy farmers. So how can they thrive if you look to impose tough penalties because money talks?

  • Fake news!

  • Elon spent too much time on wikipedia again.

  • Man I wish he talked about animal agriculture. It's a literal cancerous nasty industry that should not be allowed to exist, and it's right on par with the environmental damage it causes just as all our transport added up together.

    Look up "ocean deadzones", "animal agriculture polluting water", "hog farms spraying shit on neighboring communities", "rainforest deforestation", just to name a few… NASTY industry, not to mention the way they treat those animals is fucking barbaric and should be downright illegal, I mean if anyone kicks a dog to death they go to prison, these freaks who run those industries and the people who slaughter animals for a living are actual freaks, if anyone would look into how these animals were treated you'd be disgusted AF. We literally treat pedophiles, murderers and rapists better, pedophiles who run pedo rape rings get better treatment.

    Check the documentary called "earthlings", or if you're up for a very short video, here you go: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UcN7SGGoCNI – it's only 5 minutes and it's a girl talking very quickly, watch it!

    This one is another very short great one: https://www.kinderworld.org/videos/meat-industry/lamb-slaughter-australia/

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BrlBSuuy50Y – Earthlings if anyone is interested.

  • I love how people just gloss over the fact that he sells electric cars.

  • 1:50 “the last few hundred years” CO2 rose?? There weren’t highways and cars for a few hundred years.

  • 3:28 “most people are by the waterside and we’ve designed civilization to be super sensitive to climate change” exactly right. Since the little ice age ended 15,000yrs ago the sea has risen 300 feet. Sea level rise is inevitable and was happening regardless. Stopping all carbon industry – including Elon flying his gulfstream to his brother’s wedding for the day and back, and Oprah,bill gates, zuckerberg, google guys, Clintons, Obama, DiCaprio, Richard Branson are all using a million times more carbon in their jets than the average person does in a lifetime.

    While you watch this presentation here’s Elon musk’s giant jet.


  • Don’t get me wrong, I own 2 Teslas and two solar systems but Paris accord etc isn’t going to do a thing. Still need diesel construction equipment. Still have wildfires that dump 1000x more carbon than we do.

  • Elon’s huge jet.

  • It is easier to remove actual subsidy than abstract one. In real subsidies you can reduce them to zero. In abstract one you can be reactionary to the result and just do whatever you want.

  • The Sun is moving into a long term reduction of Energy Outputs known as a Grand Solar Minimum. A normal Cycle. We should be paying People to generate Carbon! Carbon will save us from freezing!

  • 10 years ago this was blatantly rejected by EVERYBODY!

  • https://youtu.be/W7egri8t-iE

    use giant air pumps and dissolve high carbon atmosphere into ocean(or body of water). ensure cyanobacteria availability as it uses dissolved co2…this will make even more o2. use tesla coils to reduce o2 into ozone (o3) if needed. filtration/biosphere restoration system. look at the Earth's abiotic/biotic systems as a doctor would a body. mimic what nature has already accomplished. also forget solar. nuclear is vital. investing in solar is to assume the future doesn't have variables that affect planetary surface light exposure. also live underground, geothermal and nuclear energy + vertical farms. this also solves population growth issues, squared space versus cubic space. fund energy switch through carbon tax.

    cavemen left the cave. humans explored. neo human went back in.

    also living underground would shield our modern electronics and electrical infrastructure from a sun fart.

  • FACT : In Japan you don't pay Directly for Trash collection, for Approved landfill items you buy Recycleable bags that are Pre Paid , everything that CAN be recycled IS recycled at Neighborhood recycling centers. they include sorting of Different Plastics, different colors of glass, and Different metals.
    there is even a collection area for household goods and they are collected, judged and either repaired or scrapped. the Repair items are sold for cost of materiels. Japan has become a Recycling leader.

  • the man will save our planet and take us on a tour to other planets. in Elon we trust. God does exist after all, to send the angel to save earth

  • Showing a graph (1:45) that "claims" that as of 2015 CO2 concentration is 475ppm is a blatant LIE. As of 2018 it is stated to be 410ppm… did it DROP??? No. BTW, ppm is Parts Per Million. C02 currently makes up 0.04% of the atmosphere. That is not 4 percent. Not 4 tenths of a percent. It is less than one half of 1 tenth of 1 percent of the atmosphere. Fun fact, plants do not grow with a CO2 concentration of less than 150ppm and greenhouse businesses inject CO2 to a concentration of between 1200ppm and 1700ppm to dramatically increase crop yield.

  • 1.3k morons disliked this video

  • When one of the world's richest men who builds rockets that burn 250+kg of kerosene a second tells someone like me who travels by public transport that I should be paying carbon tax I'm kinda like, "you go ahead pay carbon tax, knock yourself out, have a ball".

  • Also known as Elon Musk's unbelievably complicated 12 min. breakdown on…. I lost track. It was too complicated.

  • Great speech. However, the most morons who don't want to change know the truth but they don't care about the future because of their personal profit.
    Elon is our hope.

  • He is correct!

  • Value PB 🙂 

    Hoorah for a biological economy.

    EarthRestoration Solutions.

  • lets fallow this guy, thank god for Elon Musk

  • When I read the comments I feel a bit of comfort. There is a lot of ppl that can help making the future be a better place by just talking about science, co2, energyproduction and consumtion. Sorry for my ENG writing 😎

  • How about the methane gas graphs?

  • Climate change is very real, but taxes wont help anything. Never have and never will. That aspect is a flat out scam.

  • Earth is only around 6,000 years old . It’s not millions of years old .

  • Love u elon

  • He isn't saying anything, that plenty of actual scientists haven't been saying for decades already. It's sad that it needs to be a popular famous person who says it, for people to find it valuable.

  • It’s too bad the “Smartest man” uses unproven and tampered numbers to come to his conclusion. 97%? Really? The carbon tax is a joke and will only hurt us. Funny but the American government was 100% on board with the tobacco companies, just like the extremists are now. Just stupid. How can governments mandate taxes when the numbers used by these people aren’t proven and are known to be inaccurate.

  • How much is the difference between the atmospheric carbon produced by human activity and the atmospheric carbon prevented by human activity, such as putting out forest and wild fires, that would have burned unfettered without intervention?

  • What about the methane gases that are produced by animals ? I'm mostly speaking on cows, isn't this issue more important than Carbon in our atmosphere? I'm all for decreasing the carbon emissions; ABSOLUTELY! but I believe we need to address how much cows we allow on our planet. What do you think?

  • It sells solar panels and electric cars and nuclear power plants.

  • The carbon cycle is not static. More carbon dioxide means more plants – to feed hungry people. The Earth is greening. That's the morality.

  • It has not been "bouncing around the 300 level for around 10 million years"! What is that guy talking about?? It's been up to at least 7000 ppm 2-3 times in half a million years. He must have been reading too many IPCC reports… Go build some cars instead..

  • But the fact of the matter is this, Nikola Tesla did give us 'free energy' ….but the project was terminated by the illuminati powers that be. Also, people who come up with free energy or alternative energy sources like Stan Meier end up dead. I wonder if Elon knows about this fact. This problem must be addressed, maybe not by Elon because we don't want him to end up dead as well. Elon favors Edison above Nikola Tesla that shows me there is something fundamentally flawed in his reasoning. But from a money perspective and from a being politically correct perspective, Elon is right.Tax them more , but forget about the Illuminati Industrial military satanic complex spraying billions of liters of toxins on its own citizens. [my, don't you think that could possible affect climate change] Ever heard of Chemtrails and HAARP, mr Musk. You are not dealing with the elephant in the room. Who made billions from the industrial revolution, from making gasoline cars, from oil, etc? From child slave labor? The Illuminati industrial complex! But they want to tax YOU to death…..for messing up the planet.
    Before you try to put a man on Mars, first try to put a man on the moon.

  • Do Not trust anybody!!! He is transporting some very bad shit up to Trumptoads Space Wall!!! Do some very simple research Please!!!

  • A …ah …..ahhh ……oil …ahhhh
    Bro u a billionaire why just take a small speaking class.💁

  • Please everyone remember the stakes he has in convincing us all that climate change is real …. He owns tesla ffs obviously this is his main selling point

  • Can anyone explain or post a link explaining a tad more the idea he states about physics thinking of temperature relative to 0, I didn’t quite get the +/- 5 degrees to +/- 2 degrees part

  • "Whatever you incent will happen." – Elon Musk

  • The white walkers are at our walls and people still don’t believe in them. Elon made the most convincing argument here for change. It doesn’t matter whether you think climate change is man made or not. And 97% of experts do. The question is do you want to take that risk?

  • More people need to see this

  • Carbon tax? Apffff.. apffffffff!!

  • mr musk you really are a fearmonger. i get furious when people talk about 2 degrees temp rise or rising sea levels. do you even apply your standards to yourself? you need to be realistic. jobs and economies are at stake.

  • Anyone know who I could talk to for permission to use this presentation as a basis for a presentation of mine?

  • So hyped…

  • I don't know which type of people they are who disliked this video😏

  • I wouldn’t mind paying a High Carbon tax & making the USA’s Sales tax decrease just to balance the taxes. BUT! This means I would want the government to ACTUALLY WORK in shutting down carbon plantations & replacing them with sustainable energy plantations so those who were working for those carbon companies don’t necessarily Lose Their Jobs.

  • Very nice. For more science on climate change, check out Sebastian & Sierp: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EchWYfKqfdc&feature=youtu.be

  • science ghost recon

  • I love how people suck elon but gretta gets attacked. The goals to change now. Stop eating meat, stop empowering corrupt companies. Change or you will be changed

  • If Elon Musk believes in Climate Change, I wonder how many millions of trees he’ll need to plant to offset the carbon emissions of his space rocket.

  • This is a load of rubbish…

  • I can’t believe only 1.3mil views we need to share this!

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