Endicott College Environmental Science Program

I choose Environmental Science personally because I had a knack for Science and Mathematics back in high school, so I always wanted to do something in the future where I would be associated with that, associated with alternative energy, renewable energy. Environmental Science leads to big things. It’s a major field, it’s a growing field, and the job market is only getting bigger nowadays. A lot of the classes are laboratories, so you get actual hands on experience, you get to actually put your hands in and not just read out in a book. Even in a lot of classes, are actually outdoor classes, where you get to go around and actually apply the knowledge you get from a book and put it into your field work. I’m very close with a lot of faculty members. Since the classrooms are so small, you get one-on-one, heart-to-heart experiences with some of these people. By the time I graduate next year, I would have at least three internships done and a lot of other students can’t say that. No matter what you do in the classroom, if you can actually go out in the real world and experience it, that’s head-and-shoulders above reading a book in a classroom. By taking all of the necessary classes and combining it with the internships that you do, you get to build up a resume, that shows that you have experience and companies want to know what you do with your education, not that you just have it. What you can do with it. If you have this on your resume, and you have good recommendations, it helps you find a job.

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