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Translator: Thomas Prigent
Reviewer: Denise RQ Hey, my name is Christian,
some buds call me Big C, and I’m here to discuss
my topic about veganism. Vegan – when a person hears this word, they tend to think of this guy,
a stereotypical hippie, the “Save the animals, man!”, or these girls, those dumb, air-headed
valley girls, on a strict diet, and can only have water
if it is zero calories. Actually, vegans are just like you and me, the only difference
is their eating habits. But yet, some people think they are stupid
for choosing upon themselves to not eat bacon and eggs,
In-N-Out burger, or ice-cream. Like who chooses to not eat ice cream? Actually, these vegan diets are brilliant in the way they benefit the environment. I wanted to know how can a vegan diet
benefit the environment, and by environment, I mean the climate, the water use,
the land use, and the community. So first, let’s go with the climate. Quote by Kirk R. Smith, an environmental professor
from California Berkeley, who is interviewed
in a documentary called Cowspiracy, that if everybody were to stop
using oil and gas entirely, we would see these effects
in 100 years or so. But if everybody on Earth were go vegan, we would see these effects within decades. He’s right when he says this because animal agriculture
is completely screwing over our world, and nobody is aware. When I first looked up
greenhouse gas emissions, this picture, along with
several other similar to this one were the first things that came up. But it is not the leading cause; as a matter of fact,
the leading cause is animal agriculture. Right now, animal agriculture
is responsible for 51% of all greenhouse gas emissions. The reason behind this is because the billions of animals
in the industries today are pooping. As a matter of fact, in the United States, 7 million pounds of excrement produced by animals in the industry are produced every minute. I personally find that disgusting, but not only is it super gross
it’s also terrible on how it affects the environment because this poop contains nitrous oxide. Although nitrous oxide is only 5%
of all greenhouse gas emissions, it’s 296 times more destructive
than carbon dioxide. Next is water; in a book I read,
“The diet for a new America,” the author John Robbins stated 5% of all water use in the US is domestic – meaning showers,
laundering machines, dish washers, etc. – while 55% of the United States water use
goes to animal agriculture. He’s right when he says this, because not only are
these animals drinking water but they are eating plants
that are given water, as well. This explains also why 1/3 of Earth’s entire fresh water
is going to animal agriculture. Our global rainforests are
basically our Earth’s lungs taking in carbon dioxide
and releasing oxygen. It’s a shame that an acre a second
is being destroyed, and the leading cause is
– You guessed it – animal agriculture. Animal agriculture is also responsible
for 91% of Amazon’s destruction because of the amount of land
they all need to survive. Let’s take one and a half acres: that’s enough for 37,000 pounds
of plant-based food, or just 375 pounds of meat. Let’s also have a situation in which a vegan were to only have
a certain amount of land to live off of for an entire year. They would only need
one sixth of an acre to use food. Give the same situation for a meat-eater, and they would need 18 times
more acres than a vegan would. So my friend did a project
on world hunger, and she didn’t really find
any ties with animal agriculture, but I personally find it important, because right now, we have enough food
to feed 10 billion people. Why are we not able to feed
this amount of people? First of all, because there is
only 7 billions, obviously, but also because 50% of grains worldwide are being eaten by the animals
in the industries. Also, 82% of children living right next to these animals, – who are starving – these 82% of children starving
are living right next to these animals that are being shipped off
to more well-off places like the United States,
the UK, and Europe. Every year, the human population
eats 21 billion pounds of food, while the world’s 1.5 billion cows alone are eating 135 billion pounds of food. After hearing all these statistics, I challenge you to not go vegan
– if you can, that’s the best – but rather be like me and eat less meat
and animal products less often, and go for something that will help
our world and help it change; by eating plants – or as an article
in The Guardian says – – meat alternatives. So don’t be some disgusting pig
or some lazy, fat cow, because you are what you eat. Thank you. (Applause)

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  • Very smart work Christian. You are a trailblazer here; our planet will require a food revolution soon.

  • Great talk!

  • did not like how he ended it

  • What is the point of this if u r not even vegan? And why are you insulting beautiful animals at the end?!?

  • I have a question. Don't animals eat human's food's leftovers?

  • go vegan people.

  • Nice analogy about the lungs

  • This is great info, and if the facts are true then in theory the planet would benefit from veganism.

    But what are we supposed to do with the billions of animals alive? Dispose of them all so we don't have to worry about them shitting anymore? Not trolling, I just don't get how veganism is feasible for everyone without disrupting the planet in a bad way.

  • Go vegan people! We need to in order to save the planet.

  • On cowspiracy website it says that animal agriculture causes greenhouse gases by 18% not 51%.

  • it was good until u ruined it at the end.

  • this was a very narrow and one-sided talk. not impressed

  • Like ur coolness, and thanks!

  • The pervasive use of chemical pesticides in industrial agriculture is poisoning our food and the planet. Most are neurotoxins and endocrine disruptors that destroy the nervous systems of insects or cause them to be unable to reproduce. All the same effects are passed on to humans when we eat these plants, and this is reason enough to be wary of a “plants only” diet.
    Vegan proponents point to grain production for cattle feed as the cause of deforestation, habitat loss and species extinction, but industrial agriculture involves huge mono-cultures like wheat, corn and soy. Virtually all their agricultural systems depend on crude oil, including planting, harvesting, processing, packaging, and transportation. The importance of eating locally produced meat and locally grown vegetables and fruits, when available, is huge.
    Growing crops of corn, wheat or soy (which are currently all genetically modified unless organic) where there would normally be grass destroys animals’ natural feeding grounds.
    Modern industrial agriculture conglomerates destroy the delicate ecosystems surrounding them including topsoil, streams and rivers that are home to worms, frogs, turtles, crustaceans, aquatic vertebrae, beavers, and the birds and animals who feed on them They devastate the earth instead of feeding it.

  • So wouldn't cows and pigs still eat, fart methane and reproduce if we didn't eat them though? I obviously see why animal agriculture has a worse effect on the environment, but say if the whole planet went vegan, what would happen to domesticated farm animals?

  • you quote "Conspiracy" and books, as your sources lol. no primary research papers? this is the worst TED talk I've ever seen. misinformation at its finest!

  • Just 9k views! Please share!

  • If everyone Went vegetarian or vegan and stopped killing would´nt the animal get forced to go to villages and cities because they would get so many?

  • Good work straight to the point!

  • He basically just quoted cowspiracy. I find this quite unoriginal to be honest

  • Please try again if you know what you're talking about….

  • Great speech young G!

  • That ending lmao


  • didnt understand? ur saying that animals consume our plants? does that mean we should kill them?

  • i am a beautiful cucumber

  • Agriculture is responsible for roughly 15% not 51% like he claims.

  • The only difference is NOT only eating habits. Veganism is animal rights. Eating habits just happen to be affected by that. Vegans don't wear leather, wool, silk, they don't go to zoos, and so on.
    Go vegan.

  • Eating "less" murder and exploitation is not the answer. Going vegan is the only answer, period.

  • I think he did a good point here, let me explain: my main reason for going vegan was because I didn't want to be a part of the torture, fear and suffering of the animals, and when I say that to meat eaters, they usually laugh. But this man didn't mention that at all. He is calling the egoist side of meat eaters (who clearly don't care at all for animal's suffering), by letting they know it's bad for them to eat meat because of the environment, although I don't know if they're going to worry about it). I hope this gets some people to go vegan, maybe it's not for the rightest reasons, but the reason is real good too.

  • I’m vegan and I think this was the worst speech about veganism I have ever come across! He is not even vegan!! Last part was the worst 🙄

  • So we need to go vegan and kill our life stock.

  • The dude isn't even vegetarian

  • I'm so confused by this talk. I get he's a kid and all, but this is basically a book report on Cowspiracy from a kid who doesn't live a vegan lifestyle? Am I supposed to know this kid? Is he an activist, or just really wanted to have a Tedx talk under his belt for college submissions? And the ending was just atrocious. ATROCIOUS. But also… if you watch SNL, he is every character Kyle Mooney plays when attempting to act like an out of touch "cool dude" and if I wasn't wincing from the awkwardness of this, I'd be laughing. Just seems like a farce, but I think this is real?

  • Silly comment straight out of the gates. Vegans are just like you and me, what like vegans are like vegans??? They are definitely not like non vegans.

  • Yes it is about the enivorment, but the animals matter just as much!

  • I think that this video is very important but I want to say thank being vegan doesn’t only mean that you do not consume animal products as food.

  • This guy is not funny, speaks poorly, and his research can be achieved in 5 minutes on Google. This is not up to Tedx Talk standards. As a vegan, I'm especially disappointed in this presentation.

  • You'll give a presentation on how to help our environment with veganism, and you're not a vegan??? TALK ABOUT THE COGNITIVE DISSONANCE YOU'VE GOT GOING ON🤦🙅👎👎👎👎

  • I am doing a video on why I do not care about the environment and why it matters in terms of the environment. Should be out in the next few days.

  • Ethics > Environment > Health

    My priority 🙂
    Powered by plants 🌱 Go vegan ✌🏻

  • Animals have always grazed grass and they have always pooped. How can this be bad for the planet? This is just silly.
    Earth is a system that has evolved over millions of years to be highly stable under a variety of conditions with many self correcting feedback loops.

    Whereas, the runaway terrible catastrophe of climate change we're all worried about today is simply end times prophecy …..doom and gloom….. on a scale similar to Revelations in The Bible.

    It's just the modern, secular religion as opposed to the ancient Christian religion.

  • It's a false and widely cited statistic that beef requires 2500 gallons of water per pound of beef.

    The beef industry estimates that a pound of beef requires 435 gallons of water.

    Pasture raised beef requires 30 gallons of water per pound of beef. This is what you use in a shower.

    By contrast, it takes 500 gallons of water to grow the wheat for one pound of bread.

    Animals are part of nature they always have been and there is nothing wrong with them.

  • The end is horrible. Otherwise, good info.

  • why did he keep looking down? not really a good public speaker?

  • As a longtime vegan I am pleased some of our youth 'get it', get veganism and its many personal and planetary benefits. Thanks for a great, succinct talk.

  • The animals are next to the starving children! M'KAY!!!

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