Environmental Engineering 2013

One of the easiest ways to describe
what environmental engineers do is we ensure there’s clean air to breathe, clean water to drink, clean soil in which we can grow our crops, and that we have clean energy to support
our society. Environmental engineering is not only protecting the environment through engineering processes but also protecting public health. I chose Carleton because they’re one of
the few schools in Ontario that has the environmental engineering program. and I also heard from word-of-mouth. A lot of times we try to promote the generation of landfill gas so we can produce energy. We don’t know how much of that gas is escaping into the atmosphere. Part of my research will look at using laser technology to measure those fugitive
emmissions. We just built a new green roof at Carleton. I was given the opportunity
to instrument it and to do some research with it. I really enjoyed my lab in second year chemistry mostly because, at this point, it’s our second year in the
same chem lab and they offered us a lot of independence. All of my students are either in the lab
here at Carleton or they are out in the field where they’re really taking the information from the fundamentals at Carleton, that we’ve learned here, and applying it on a large scale basis. Carleton has given me the chance to look at environmental engineering and
figure out which of the different pieces am I most
interested in, and then has given me the tools to keep moving in that direction. It was really interesting to be able to feel
like you’re doing what you would do if you were graduated and in a
career doing that type of experiment. I have both lab research and field research. I have a site where we’re looking at a landfill gas-to-energy project. Some of the work that I’m doing right now looks
at alternative disinfection options for wastewater. I do collaborate with several municipalities’ treatment plants to optimize their
treatment processes. All the profs are really welcoming so you can go
talk to them at anytime. If you have problems, you can go say “I have a problem” and they’ll sit down and try
to figure it out with you. You can really tell they’re passionate about what they’re teaching. Which I find makes a really large difference in your passion levels. They do a really good job of combining technical engineering with some of the social sides of what we’re learning and how our jobs
are going to be applied in the real world. I thought I’d go into university and just be a number. I received my student number and thought, “oh, here we go”. But third and fourth year, I got to know my
faculty and they are stellar here at Carleton. They make you feel like you’re a worthwhile student and their doors are
always open and that’s what kept me coming back here for a master’s degree. All kinds of industries want to hire environmental engineers because
all of these industries have to satisfy environmental regulations, and have to make sure they adhere to best practices. A lot of our graduates work in the government and a lot of them also do consulting work in various companies around Canada. It’s a real asset to be located here in Ottawa, where Environment Canada is located, Natural Resources Canada. The students in my research lab actually end up going and doing a considerable amount of work
at the actual mines. I’ve been working in a mining company for the last few
summers. I want to get into monitoring the groundwater tables in the mines. I am involved with the civil and
environmental engineering club. We always have many congresses, we have design competitions. Our students have done well in going out and securing jobs
and it’s always great to hear back from those employers saying how well trained our students are in the
background that they have in environmental engineering. I wanted to solve real-world problems. I knew I wanted to go to Carleton. Choosing environmental engineering was one of the best choices I made. I came in as an average student and I
left as an NSERC scholar. Carleton has certainly been an excellent
program for me. I’m so happy that I chose this program. I’m so happy that I came to Carleton. I wouldn’t change it for anything.

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