Environmental Engineering / Lexi Randall L’Estrange – RMIT University

I’m Lexi Randall L’Estrange and I’m passionate about the environment and making a real difference in the world. That’s why I chose to study environmental engineering at RMIT. At RMIT you gain the technical skills and are encouraged to see the big picture, to think globally and to apply what you learn locally. The course is highly practical and RMIT’s links with industry have given me lots of opportunities to tackle projects that can make a difference. I was lucky enough to be awarded an engineers without borders RMIT development scholarship. This allowed me to work with Habitat for Humanity in Long An Vietnam. My project ws working on climate change adaptatioin and water supply security. My time living and working in Vietnam was an amazing experience. There I really saw the difference engineering can make to everyday life. RMIT has given me lots of opportunities to see the different paths an engineering degree can lead to. I’m excited about where my career will take me.

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