Environmental Engineering Research on the Quad

Celines Aquino says “It is basically sucking
in the air and then running it through each sensor. So it goes through the carbon dioxide sensor,
then the oxygen sensor and then the methane one.” “It uses this chamber that encloses an area
of soil and it also switches between ambient air, so air that is just surrounding and within
the samples of those two, we have the average and it tells us what levels are released.” “We choose the quad because of the fact
it is a common thing. It is used daily, people sit on the ground,
they hang around. A lot of human contact. So we choose that to see how human contact
could affect the methane levels too.” “We are mainly interested in the soil but
we don’t want to go under the soil so that’s why we have this enclosed area so we get to
measure the air that is being released from the soil.”

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