Environmental Issues, Spoken Word Poetry

Hi Hello, so, I know I was Expected to come up here and do a speech a discussion about my topic The thing is I think the speeches are a tedious way to deliver a message. Overdone and overused. I , however, Deliberately chose a way to tell you my topic differently. I chose to do spoken. (Whispers) Here we go. Nature Nature is the most beautiful thing we have one of the most wonderful things we have and the most fascinating thing we won’t have The environment is what supplements us with all the necessary needs for the human body for every organism on earth These trees and plants. They give us the air we breathe right at this very moment. They clean it Their fruit is our food and the roots we take and use as medicine and yet we take it for granted This world is the only world we’re able to survive on To thrive on and we are wasting it The rain forests and jungles are being cut down at alarming rates Scientists and studies from Yale state, that in around 300 years all the trees in the world will be gone This is called deforestation and it is due to the expansion of Agriculture and growth of our population Sorry about the long pauses.😅 Consequences of deforestation are things like Endangerment and extinction. The habitats of animals dwindle and are one of the greatest and threats of animal species around the globe Creatures dying and the ice caps are frying because of the pollution in the atmosphere. I Shed tears thinking about having to live in Beijing Where they where pollution masks every day to prevent illness and disease Not only pollution in the air but on the ground, it’s severe. The plastics we throw away don’t decompose, but degrade and linger in the environment for a long period of time. The waste we toss ends up in landfills and can take up and can take up to 600 acres of land Land that was once a forest or homes to animals the city of Esqueleto, Brazil, people have to live in a landfill the citizens of Esqueleto Have learned to rummage through and salvage what’s in the landfills that invade their homes? Garbage can pollute waters like the Yellow River in China or the Pasig River in the Philippines Trash is not the only factor that can pollute water. The resources we take and use from the earth like oils can spill into the oceans and ocean life can be harmed. The fins of fish Whales and turtles can erode and their health can be impaired due to these oils and birds can be poisoned, too. N We are literally destroying the oceans The air, land, and the water We are filling it with pollution, with poisons. Sooner or later the consequences will haunt us. Our progression means the environments destruction. Not only nature but us too. We will bring about our own destruction, the destruction of our future O Think about our future generations and how they won’t have the ability to change the environment around them because it’s already gone. Whereby, they don’t know what a rainforest is but only a desert. What if we had to go into the future to say sorry? That we’re sorry for this life we caused That we’re sorry for the things we decide not to change. The things they won’t be able to change is what we are able to change. Imagine if we had to say sorry Because we were too lazy to get up off our asses To do something about the things we currently face. Most people don’t even try to change the course our world is headed Ask yourself Would you be able to do that? Would you rather give up nature for the progression of the human race? Would you rather live in a Dustbowl and have to fight for others for resources that we already have access to? It is so easy to think that we’ll find another planet that will have other resources to depend on. But change happens so fast, right before our eyes, and the world we once knew will be gone We can do things to bring about change To redirect this fate we brought about ourselves We must start the change because we are the generation living in it, through it. We are on the foundation of this world, the world we call our own, the world we belong to. It is our only home, the one we roam and we will not have another for a long time. T♥😂 This world, this environment; nature is who we are. We are its current successors and it is our duty to see it through. Yay, I’m finally done with this piece of crap. Oops. Well… I hope you enjoyed. :p

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