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[MUSIC PLAYING] YARON ZIV: Our world is changing
in front of our very eyes. Species become extinct. Habitats are getting lost. And ecosystems are being degraded. These have far-reaching
negative consequences. We, the human beings on this
planet, are playing a major role in causing these changes– decrease in plant productivity
and in food production, disappearance of plant
and animal populations, increase in environmentally
related diseases. These are already
affecting our daily lives. And the future outcomes
are not optimistic. Can we do something about it? Can we minimize the current
rate of environmental change? We think we can. In this multidisciplinary
basic-level course, we’ll discuss major challenges of
environmental protection by bringing together various aspects
from three themes– biological, physical, and human. The biological theme focuses on the
importance of biodiversity and actions we can take to conserve
basic ecosystem functions– for example, reintroducing locally
[? extinct ?] species and protecting agroecosystems. Clean air and water resources, as
elements of the physical theme, are crucial to maintain biodiversity
and our basic life support systems. We will explore how to minimize
air and water pollution and their negative impact. The human theme describes
how human development can be sustainable under
the current pressures at local, regional, and global scale. Examples include water we use, green
building, and environmentally friendly technology. The course is designed and
presented by six scientist. Each specializes in different
environmental aspects. Join us for a diverse and
unique course and become a protector of the environment.

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