Environmental rights are needed for everyone in Canada

My name is Linda Nash I’m a mother and a
grandmother having lived in this area Walnut Grove in North Langley for 28
years. This was an award-winning development for livability actually
before its time. Walking trails, cycling trails, people feeling safe because they
have a lot of cul-de-sacs to reduce excess traffic. So what we’re now looking
at is a four lane road with traffic including heavy trucks, semis, 24 hours a
day going past homes and schools.
To appease us they’re offering us a noise wall a noise wall will not help with air
pollution. We have written hundreds of letters.
Letters to the editors of local papers, to the government officials.
So what’s happening to Linda in Langley is that they’re increasing the exposure of
ordinary people to air pollutants from motor vehicles and that’s a toxic brew
of nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, particulate matter, all of which
scientists will tell us cause heart disease and respiratory illness.
Countries that recognize the right to a healthy environment have reduced air
pollution quicker than countries that don’t recognize that right and so that’s
why people like myself and Linda and the David Suzuki Foundation are putting our
energy into this particular issue because it is a changemaker for the
health and well-being of both Canadians and our environment.
If you think of Langley as a microcosm of Canada one has to ask themselves how many other
communities are being impacted in a similar way, in a health-related way.

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