Environmental Science at the University of Exeter’s Penryn Campus

I mean environmental science, is really
about how we interact with the world, every module in environmental science, bar maybe one has a field component, and the reason we do that is that the students
get to practice what we teach. The field courses are great because they are so hands-on, yesterday we did habitat mapping. Spent the whole day out walking along the coast looking at different rock formations, taking soil samples, it
was all very messy in a good way. It’s really strange, you kind of don’t
really realise that you’re still in England. I guess because it’s such a
unique landscape down here, really unique geology and history and really
interesting places to do fieldwork, and that makes studying in them a really cool place to be. The focus is really broad, which means that it’s enabled me to pick green biology modules if I really wanted to. It’s showing me the solutions
rather than just the problems. There’s physical geography, there are aspects of human geography, there’s a lot of biology involved. We did a law module, you got
a really sound understanding of the principles of environmental law, and it
actually is really good to learn the context behind applying our research. It’s a bonding experience as well, so I feel like on this trip in particular, I’ve really gotten to know a lot more of my course mates. Our lecturers are all so focused on their research, and they teach us that research, that sort of
inspires me to follow their lead. I decided to do the MSci Masters course
right from the beginning. It’s like a continuation on from my degree and I
like can develop things that I’ve learnt in previous years. It’s so amazing to
have this is my working environment, you look around you and you’ve got so much
stuff just on your doorstep. It’s a really beautiful place. I just wanted to do a course where I felt like I was going to contribute, you get to know all the bases, and you’re basically covered for the job when you come out, so that’s
great. It’s so interesting and so broad, it gives you skills to do anything that
you want to do, I just don’t know why you’d want to do anything else.

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