Environmental Science | Jessica Frasca | RMIT University

Environmental Science is the study of everything I enjoy wrapped up into one big degree. The most enjoyable part of my degree is being able to share all my experiences with people that have the similar passions as I do. I absolutely love the outdoors and I have a great passion for chemistry and all aspects of science. My degree offers a lot of field trips which is a lot better than your average lecture. Chemistry is a major application to Environmental Science. Lab work is quite essential; we tend to do about three hours a week. I want to set myself up for a career that enables me to grow as a person and appreciate the world I live in. I’m going to finish my final years of my degree and then I hope to do some travelling, preferably to a third world country and do some volunteer work. I want my job to be one that makes a difference, that betters society and betters myself. My advice to future students is to never be afraid to challenge yourself – you never know what’s around the corner.

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