Environmental Science – Life as a UEA Undergraduate Student – Sylvie

Hi my name is Sylvie and I’m a first
year Environmental Science student at UEA. I really enjoyed Geography and
Natural Sciences back home and I really wanted to do something within both the
field, but in Malaysia you know you can’t really go into geography because
geography is not as well known. So when I looked up Environmental Sciences and I
saw that incorporates both and I knew that’s what I want really wanted to do. Definitely the biggest challenge is
leadership, taking on you know, leadership and with the Malaysian Student Council
of the United Kingdom that I’ve joined, together with the Slapton field trip
that we had we had to you know create our own investigation. We had to be our
own leader and delegate tasks to others and that was really challenging because
it helped me gain confidence and it also helped me you know take charge. I will definitely encourage the
international students to really go to the University fairs back home and in their
countries like for myself I had like a few universities in mind and they were
just the Russell Group universities but by going to these university first you
discover that there are so many different universities out there that
are not in the Russell Group and are as good as those in the Russell Group. So
yeah definitely go to the University fairs back home. I live in the Ziggurats so when I wake
up I get welcomed with a beautiful scenery right in front of my window and
I just did revisions because exams are next week and took a walk
around the lake and just had dinner at home, yeah!

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