Environmental Science – Life as an Undergraduate Student at UEA – Veronica

Hi I’m Veronica and I’m a second-year
Environmental Science student here at the University of East Anglia. So I think what really made me choose UEA for Environmental Science was the really
great reputation this university has in this field. That’s really visible in the
amount of professors and lecturers that actually helped with the
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. So last semester I had Rachel
Warren who was one of the authors for the IPCC and she was my professor for my
climate change module and I think that’s really something that stands out about
this university. We’ve got such good connections with environmental science
in the real world, not just in academics. so I chose UEA mostly because of its
great location here in Norwich. Again when I was looking around at different
universities Norwich really stood out to me as a great university town! It might
seem quite small but there’s so much to do here and also the campus here is
really really gorgeous. I think what really surprised me
studying environmental science here was just the breadth of the subject. So when
I came at the beginning last year I really thought I was going to be
focusing on climate change and that aspect of environmental science – but my
first year of modules really opened up the subject to me and now I’m really
enjoying learning more about oceanography. I think that’s kind of
where I want to go in the future and that’s something I never really would
have considered before I got here. So I think it’s really great especially
in first year to have that really wide range of options, so you get to know the
subject and I think that’s really helpful for a lot of students who
possibly don’t know exactly where they want to go when they first get here. I think the thing that’s made me most
proud recently is getting accepted to do a Year in Industry placement with GSK.
They’re a global pharmaceutical company based in London and as the skills that
I’ve learned through my course and also as being Environment Officer with the
Students Union that have really opened that opportunity up for me and hopefully
it’s going to be a great year and I get to live in London and work for a global
company on their sustainability team – so it should be really exciting!

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