Environmental Science major Maria Musillami

My name is Maria Musiallami. I’m an
environmental science major, and I’ll be graduating in 2021. I transferred from
Sacramento California. I was at Sierra College. I currently work for Sustaining
Pacific here at UOP, and I am the sustainability education coordinator. It
helps me get involved on campus. I get to get students involved faculty involved
with being more sustainable, and being green and learning about those kinds of
things. The thing I like most about my major is I get to learn about different parts
of the environment that interact with all sorts of the systems and so I’m able
to, you know, in my career sell really big environmental issues. After I graduate
with my undergrad at UOP I plan to pursue a master’s degree in
environmental management. My favorite memory was coming to the school and
being a transfer student and how easy it was to, you know, feel very involved. And you
know, coming into the school, I felt very welcomed very early on. My top three tips? Number one is contact the Career Resource Center even before you start
here.They have plenty. You guys helped out a lot and helped me, and they have
plenty of resources. Two, I would say get to know your faculty and
your professors early on. And three, get involved make as many friends as you can.
As a transfer student, you know you’re coming in different but it’s really

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