Environmental Science students test water quality

These students are collecting data on water quality and they’ve been here now three times. So this is their third time doing it. Today, they’re collecting data on temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen and a bunch of different parameters related to water quality. After we collect more data from the other site we’re going to go back to the lab and that’s where we’re going to do our testing. The ultimate goal as we’ve been taught in environmental science is to better the community. One of the things on our crest is the tree. so we are an environmentally friendly school So we are looking to help the environment just because there are so many issues to manage. One of Bellarmine’s main things is hospitality. You can’t really have hospitality If we don’t really care about the thing that we all share, which is the Earth and nature. Thomas Merton is a person that we look up to as members of the Bellarmine community and he had a deep commitment to the environment and to nature. So I think we’re enacting exactly the values that he talked about. Well, I think that this is like, right now while we’re in the creek, we’re kind of the grassroots kind of like we’re on the ground and a lot of people who are studying at Bellarmine, if they’re not going to be on the ground, they could be in positions of power that can make things happen, and they can understand what people on the ground, so to speak, need. What they’re doing today is not necessarily something that they’ll ever do again in their lives But it’s really important for them to understand how this kind of work fits in to the choices that they make every day and that there are going to be people out there doing this work So having this understanding of how water quality works and what it means will help them to be better decision-makers as voters and as community members.

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