Environmental Studies & Policy Experience | Champlain College

My name is Grace vonRabenstein. I was an environmental policy major
at Champlain College and I graduated 2014. I am the sustainability
coordinator at Crius Energy located in Stamford, Connecticut.
We operate in 18 different U.S. markets and Australia, offering electricity,
natural gas, and solar. I take on a lot of different roles. It’s kind of a combination of corporate
social responsibility, doing initiatives with our employees to get them involved
in volunteering and giving back. It’s about making a difference in local
and global communities and about really changing the energy industry to move away
from brown energy and green the grid. It was absolutely a once in a lifetime
opportunity to get to go to the Amazon. As part of my job, I never thought I
would get to do anything like that. My job was to help us find a way to
fulfill our commitment of planting 5,000 trees in the Amazon. Camino Verde, the organization
we were with, their mission is what brought us there.
They’re an organization that is extremely dedicated to protecting land in
the Amazon, for teaching indigenous communities to protect
their land and to harvest it sustainably. What really stood out to me about
the environmental policy program is that its real world issues,
environmental, economic, social issues and you just get to learn about them
every day and that’s something that I really value about my time
at Champlain, where I was constantly learning about things that are happening
in the world that I didn’t know were happening, or just getting a new
perspective on things that I didn’t even know existed but are happening.
It made me so much more passionate because I’m hearing about
all these things and I’m like… How can I address them?
How can I help? It makes my job a lot more rewarding
to be able to be part of something bigger than just the day to day marketing
or communications of a business, but to know that we’re really making
a difference for people all over the world is so fulfilling and it makes me
never want to leave my job.

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