EPA Head Keeps Meeting With Fossil Fuel Executives While Ignoring The Environment

Since he became the head of the Environmental
Protection Agency, Scott Pruitt has met with leaders from industry, fossil fuel industry,
chemical industry, industries all over this country. He has met with leaders from industry nearly
every single day that he has been in office. Meanwhile, he’s doing absolutely nothing to
actually protect the environment here in the United States, which kind of shows us that
this EPA that we have now, the current incarnation of it, cares nothing about the actual environment. Their only job is to make sure that corporations
have every single thing that they want and that they’re allowed to operate without any
form of government oversight. But the fact that EPA Director, Scott Pruitt,
is meeting with these people from the fossil fuel industry who are spewing carbon into
the atmosphere at alarming rates, the fact that he’s meeting with people from the chemical
industry that are pouring toxins into our waterway, into our drinking waters, the fact
that he is meeting with them tells us that we cannot trust this Environmental Protection
Agency, nor can we trust the Trump administration to effectively regulate any of these industries. Now, according to an EPA spokesperson, the
reason Pruitt is holding these meetings is because these were the forgotten people during
the Obama administration. They didn’t have a voice, and so we’re giving
them a voice. Well, let me explain how your job works, moron,
because I don’t think you quite understand it. Your agency is called the Environmental Protection
Agency. It’s right there in the title. It’s not the Industry Protection Agency. Environmental Protection Agency. Your goal, your job, your mission, and your
purpose is to protect the environment. It doesn’t matter if it makes corporations
have to spend a little extra money to clean up the toxins that they’re putting out into
our atmosphere and our environment. It doesn’t matter if they have to pay more
because they have to deal with some regulations that are going to save American lives. That’s none of your concern. Your concern as an agency is to protect the
environment and, by extension, the American people who depend on that environment. It’s as simple as that. You’re not out there meeting with average
American citizens every day. No. You’re meeting with members of industry. You’re not out there meeting with the people
who’ve developed deadly cancers because of toxins coming from companies like Dupont and
Dow and Monsanto. You’re meeting with the executives from those
companies, finding out what you can do to make their lives a little bit easier. These are companies that have literally killed
people. Courts have found that they killed people. Their actions, their internal memos prove
that they knew they were going to kill people. Yet, you have the audacity, Scott Pruitt,
to sit there as the head in the Environmental Protection Agency and ignore the people who
are dying, ignore the future people who are going to develop cancer, and meet with those
heads of industries so that you can give them whatever they want on their dirty energy industry
wishlist. Because that’s all you care about at this
point. You don’t care about the American public. You don’t care about the environment. All you care about is paying back those industries
that helped to put you in office, that have fueled your entire political career all the
way back in Oklahoma. That’s what you care about. American people can die as long as you get
that campaign money from those industries that you are sworn to protect. Because the hell with the environment. It’s only your job to protect it, right?

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  • i think what they meant is protecting people FROM the environment.

  • Pruitt deserves the Gadhaffi treatment. He is an evil cretin.

  • Trump has put a fox in charge of the hen house. This is the first time in the history of the EPA that someone without any experience in environmental sciences was put in charge of the EPA. Pruitt is a close ally of the fossil fuel industry so his agenda is to help them gain profit while ignoring the health of U.S. citizens and the environment. The EPA has been gutted, it's funds greatly reduced and many of its staff has quit because of him. This at time when one of the responsibilities is cleaning up after a natural disaster like hurricanes.

  • Most people should know by now that the GOP will kill you without blinking an eye

  • If Pruitt was bribed to let something pass he was told would kill 10 thousand if he could get away with it and keep it quiet that sick bastard would murder the ten thousand for his greased palms

  • A burger flipper working at a taco shack… and we think there will be some good tacos coming – don't think so.

  • Well, let's dump a few truckloads of toxic waste in his front yard and see how he likes that.

  • We all knew this shit head was anti-environment when donnie and the boys picked him for the position!
    Nothing surprising here……

  • This M.F.S.O.B. has no right in Hell to be in that position! He is so crooked. Also it seems that every time trump lifts regulations we find out the head of EPA has already had several meetings with the companies that pollute water air and soil!!! They all need to be held accountable but is that going to happen?

  • GM has announced they will be going full electric and hydrogen fueled vehicles and will start offering new models next year. They expect to complete all production models using these fuels.

  • E verything but PA

  • It is as if Bannon was still in the admin. They all want to destroy the US as we know it and "rebuild" it in their image. Thus far they are succeeding in the destroying portion of the equation.

  • The EPA approved of an alcohol based fuel about 20 years ago which is 95% cleaner than gasoline. The fuel is called "higher mixed alcohol" and it is water soluble, sustainable and biodegradable. It is profitable to produce and yet creates no pollution during its manufacturing. Yet, money in politics has prevented investment in this fuel and the EPA has failed to protect the American public and is intentionally bringing about global warming and more profits for the oil industry which owns our politicians and government. Check it out yourself and do a little "due diligence".

  • What better way to destroy the environment than to run the agency that protects it, just as there's no better way to destroy a country than to be the president…

  • It's not like we didn't know Pruitt was in the pockets of the fossil fuels industry far before denier Trump picked him to head the accelerated destruction of life on planet Earth. I wouldn't be surprised if Trump's team works to make vehicles less fuel efficient and bigger polluters of the environment.

  • Crude oil , fossil fuel is a hoax.

  • He's not ignoring the environment he selling it out us out he have mining companies in Yellowstone pick a nation all park there going to kill us faster might as well go out with cash in his pockets these corrupt assholes do not care about there own because they know what this is doing to the environment to we the people

  • Well there's two ways to look at this let him go ahead and get away with killing us or we do something about it whatever they got on their mind is on my mind and it's not making profit and it's not about killing people it's about making something making wrong right where do United States of America not the divided States of America the only one who wants to go ahead and invite us it's a very rich that's why they have the Democrat Party they pay off the Republican party they pay off everybody's hand picked by a higher power which goes all the way up to the big Banks Rothschilds rockafellas and a few more those are the ones that really control what goes on in a few if you know if you look at all the banking problems excuse me there's a train going by that it stems from them them in their greed and they actually do want to kill us and it's written in every language that there is on the planet and it's about the perfect amount of people on the planet should be 500 million maybe a little more maybe a little less but that's the God's honest truth if people would get up off your fat lazy asses the only thing to do is just storm the castle grab them by their little lapel take that American flag pin not worthy of it and then stick a pink slip on that Little Chute and then just sitting around discussing about what's going to be done by that time we'll all be dead they're moving quick and if you all want to sit on your ass and wait for that and not worry about your children or grandchildren butter wake up people wake up America this is United States of America not the divided States start arresting these Bankers Rothschilds take the money out of the equation what do you got did have no tit to suck on I mean every freaking Banker starting with the Rothschilds and then work your way down Congress GOP even some of them Democrats to that's how you going to correct the problem we the people remember that they think this planet is all about them it's not we belonged to the planet they don't own it but they think they do time to Fight Fire With Fire and I'm a radical and I got balls and it doesn't hurt coming from Chicago either

  • Pruitt, that bastard, has transformed the EPA into the Extreme Pollution Agency

  • C O L L U S I O N B O Y S

  • smfh!?

  • The EPA needs to be sued.

  • Can the nation survive the loons that Trump put in our government?

  • We have the right to dump toxic waste on Scott Pruitt's front and back yards!

  • Ever think the EPA chief is working with them to try and solve the polluting problem?
    Seems to me to be better plan than to just put more regulations in place that cost us more at the pump !

  • Your right, how do we get our government back? They ALL NEED TO GO !

  • Why hasn't Pruitt been fired for not protecting the environment? Why the hell is it now the environmental pollution agency? PRUITT IS A CRIMINAL.

  • Now he is working to fire up the Bristol Bay mine ………..he met with it's CEO !!!! Pruitt is a huge P O S !!!!

  • The Repubs have no concept of save , conserve , protect all they know is mine , mine , mine  fuck everyone else its all ours is their motto

  • Damn security for this piece of shit. I hope someone out there gets his fucking ass.

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