EPA Ozone Standards Protect Public Health

Here’s some good news for our country and
for future generations: EPA is strengthening the air quality health standard for ground-level
ozone, or smog. Less smog means: fewer lives lost too soon
-fewer asthma attacks -fewer emergency room visits -fewer sick days for working families
and schoolchildren. We reviewed thousands of scientific studies,
and set the standard based on what the science tells us is necessary to protect the health
of Americans. That means kids, older adults and people with
asthma or other lung diseases can breathe easier.
Most U.S. counties that monitor their air will meet the new standard by 2025 as cars
and factories cut pollution. Clean air and a healthy environment help to
strengthen our economy. Since 1970, our country has worked to cut air pollution by 70%, and
at the same time our economy tripled in size. The bottom line: Stronger ozone standards
mean less smog, cleaner air and a healthier future for generations to come.

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