EPA Research at your Fingertips

[Music] Narrator: Having high quality scientific information
is vital to protecting human health and the environment. As a world leader in scientific research,
EPA makes its products available to states, tribes, communities, scientists and the American public who rely on that data to make informed decisions. You can use EPA’s Research Page to access
all of the agency’s products and tools, which are listed by environmental topic areas,
like air, water, and land and waste management. Each topic area includes additional research,
tools and scientific publications. You can also find a list of the latest agency
events, research funding and job opportunities. If you want research highlights from your
state, it’s readily available at your fingertips. You can also discover thousands of scientific
and technical products from EPA researchers and their partners in the Science Inventory. The content in the searchable database is
divided into three main categories – reports, journals and presentations. You can also find EPA publications that have been in leading peer-reviewed scientific and technical journals. Just enter a topic into the search field. You can narrow your search by choosing a specific
product type – or timeframe. You can further refine your search results
with additional key words. If you have any trouble, the main Science
Inventory page has a “help” feature that provides instructions on how to use the tool. Through these online resources, you can find
the research you need and see the critical role science plays in EPA’s work. This research provides the foundation for the actions EPA takes to protect your health and the environment. Learn more at epa.gov/research [Music]

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