EPA Says That Environmental Racism Is Completely OK

The town of Uniontown, Alabama, is a predominantly
African-American community, and more than a decade ago, the state ruled that a coal
company could open a toxic coal ash waste site in Uniontown, and for those of you who
aren’t familiar with it, coal ash is highly volatile, contains cancer-causing chemicals
and it can very easily leach into waterways and underground aquifers and poison entire
communities with these cancer-causing agents, but, nonetheless, the state of Alabama said,
“You know what? Go ahead and just put your coal ash dump here
right here in this black town away from all of the white people.” We call that environmental racism, and the
people in Uniontown understood exactly what that was and they had filed a lawsuit not
long ago on the grounds that the placement of this toxic coal ash waste site actually
violated the Civil Rights Act of the United States and, this week, the U.S. Environmental
Protection Agency said, “We don’t care.” They have refused to move the coal ash waste
site and they’ve said that the people of Uniontown have not provided enough evidence to show
that in any way this is a case of environmental racism. That’s exactly what it is. That toxic coal ash dumping site could have
gone anywhere in the state. Hell, it could have gone to another state. They do that all the time. Instead, they found one of the blackest communities
possible and said, “You know what? That’s a good spot to put our toxic waste
because those people don’t really matter.” That is the mentality of corporations operating
in the United States today, and Uniontown is not alone. It’s not an isolated incident. Environmental racism is prevalent all throughout
the United States. In fact, it is so prevalent that African-Americans
and Hispanics are far more likely to be poisoned by toxic corporate waste than white people. They have an astronomically larger percentage
chance of being the victims of corporate dumping. That’s what we’re looking at in America today,
and that’s not to say that white people don’t get affected by this. They do. Everybody does. It’s just much more likely to happen if you
live in a poor African-American community or a Hispanic community because those are
the ones that corporations say, “You know what? We could without those people. Why not kill two birds with one stone? We get to get rid of our toxic waste. We get to poison these people that we don’t
like. Everybody wins, right?” and the EPA under
Scott Pruitt said, “You know what? I like the way you think. We’re not going to do a damn thing about this. We’re going to continue to let these black
people in Alabama be poisoned by toxic coal ash because we don’t care,” and, to us, to
the United States Environmental Protection Agency, environmental racism is A-okay in
their book.

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  • Same thing with Native Americans and the pipelines… "as long as it stays away from white people, who cares about environmental risks? Indigenous people and Blacks don't matter!" – Racism comes in many forms and this is one of the worst.

  • I am no longer surprised by the hatefulness and bias of the US government.

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  • Environmental Racism? I didn't even know that existed.

  • If there's one person that should be tried for treason and burned at the stake it's Scott Pruitt.

  • They're trying to ethnically cleanse the US this way.

  • We really shouldn't be surprised, because our government is run by incompetent immoral husks.

  • This has been happening for Decades.

  • This is beyond eff'd up.

  • To the people of Union Town: dig up a pile of that waste and drop it on the lawn of Scott Pruitt. I am not black but I am sick of injustice in our beautiful country. Go for i!!!

  • Don't forget, what goes around comes around.
    You reap what you sow.

  • This country will never learn it's fucking lesson they hate blacks so damn much and can't even tell you why

  • The midterms are coming this November Union Town, vote, vote vote.

  • To the people down voting this video please give me a good reason why I shouldn't say "fuck you" to you

  • Republicans are stealing every resource in the US.
    The water, the land, the air.
    They opiate crisis is nothing compared to the addiction to money from the GOP.


  • The sequel – Erin Hoodovich.

  • Poor black people don't count, Farron!!! You should know by now that poor people and minorities are expendable.
    There are times I dream of an American Robespierre.

  • Why don't the US states dump their waste where nobody lives? There are numerous areas with an extremely low population.

  • superfund site, sounds like they just won the lottery

  • What is it with racism with these people??!!!!!!!! Are they that fucked up to use racism on in this case the environment!!!!!!!!!! Wow!!!!!!! That's extremely fucked up especially from the Trump administration!!!!!!!!!!!👎💯✔

  • Where is Erin Brockovich when they need her? Seriously!!!!

  • Ok, so here's the enemy black list.
    5)Trump Jr.
    7)Every White supremacist member
    10)Its a personal matter

  • Good point! Mail as many boxes of that shit to Pruitt so that when he trashes it,,, it ends up in THEIR dump!
    This is sure to piss off HIS constituents and also keep this issue in the public spotlight!!…

  • The fact is,!that is the way of the world. Not the way of the US a!one.

    It is ultimately about the bottom line for the corporation's

    It is about sustaining the support of what is now the ? majority of "USEFUL AMERICANS" by politicians and other government officialdom

    That is how it IS.

  • Nature will spread it around..

  • If you think environmental racism only exists in corporate America, you’re forgotten that Flint, Michigan was done by a government agency and still remains unresolved.

  • "What the Hell is 'enviornmental racism'?"
    "-the state ruled that a coal company could open a toxic coal ash waste site in Uniontown-"
    "Ah, so it's exactly what it sounds like."

  • Everything they do to others willingly will come back to haunt them. And that's a fact! It's already happening……letting unqualified and crooks in the ugly house. Every other day someone is jumping ship. That money wasn't worth it after all!

  • Farron again is telling the truth. I have been thru that town and know someone who lives there. Coincidentally, this town is not far away from predominantly black Tuskegee, Alabama, which if you know history, was the place of the infamous syphilis experiment which killed many unsuspecting black citizens. Man, judgment day ain't go be pretty for some folks!!

  • Well, it is Alabama. Although this does happen nationwide. Here in the south, racism is still a huge problem.

  • Scott Pruitt is a soulless corporate whore.

  • The GOP God is filthy money$

  • In my opinion you guys need to step up the seriousness a little bit. Clearly things are not what they seem. The US government is no longer representing or protecting the majority of the population of the country. The economic and political policies are very much Warfare against the masses pushing increasing numbers of people down in the lower middle class and lower class rungs of the economy where they can't afford Healthcare and other things necessary for survival. This means that in fact these things will kill people. At the same time the war hungry policies of the country are increasingly sending lower class males and females into combat where they are killed by bullets for reasons that they do not understand nor does the remainder of the country because the reasons given are lies. So how do you move forward from this position? do you just do what you're told and pay your taxes. What is the American thing to do to be a pussy and take it on your knees pretending that it's a good deal with an American flag wrapped around you. Well at least you still have your smartphone and your TV, right? although you probably don't really own them and as soon as your debts come due someone will would take them from you in fact what can you really own as a private citizen. Can you own land can you own your house. What the f*** is really going on????

  • Hiring only the best…

  • Ethnic cleansing, This is Fascism in a whole new level.

  • No surprise that's the South for you. When have white southern given a damn about black people dead or alive.

  • Same thing Hitler and Stalin did when putting fluoride in the water.

  • There is insufficient scientific evidence to establish that Scott Pruitt has truly evolved from a knuckle dragging troglodyte, complete with a sign around his neck that says "For The Highest Bidder".

  • 😈 I say we skip the trial and go straight for the death penalty for Republicans and their donors😈 and just make it ironic I vote for death by firing squad😈

  • Well farron rapeunlikkkcunts are evil,racist greedy bastards they don't care about minorities and not even about poor white people.

  • Do not fear, Trump will come to the rescue. For he is the champion of all people, except minorities errr never mind.

  • They poison other people while at the same time they poison even more their already bankrupt consciousness! What a shame and pseudo-white poverty!

  • And still people think America is a great country 🤔🤔🤔🤔what’s happening people???why so much hate??

  • You degenerates, all of you !!!

  • Republicans poisons everything.

  • Uniontown AL, population 2,400 lazy people who live on welfare and are being forced to stop having children to get a pay raise and actually get one of the jobs being created. Too bad you can't sit around and watch reality TV all day in Uniontown anymore!

  • Republicans poisons everything.

  • There is seemingly no end to the sheer evil in this government. I had thought things bad before, but ever since Tronald Dump infested the White House, everything has gotten far worse than I would have ever thought possible. Including the garbage that's being dumped and the sheer number of those afflicted.

  • This is a total disgrace to treat these people (killing them) in Alabama , this shows how negative the U. S. Is regarding the enviroment care,would the rich people like this to be dumped? Goes to show how the U.S. treats their people.
    Alabama should fight this, I would stand up for you but I live in Canada where we take the enviroment and Global warming seriously.🇨🇦

  • Simone miller, right with you

  • Alabama. 'Nuff said.


  • Is this a revenge of blacks vote roy moore out? It s time for us to vote GOP out as a revenge then!

  • MAGA
    Moron's Are Governing America.

  • Bring back guillotines.

  • Why is African-American appropriate when most black people in America aren't from Africa, or even citizens of any country other than America? Isn't that like calling a white guy French-American or Czech-American or EuropeanMongrel-American?

  • Meanwhile, in Canada, Even the worst treated group in Canada doesn't get This bullshit

  • Just blow the fuckin plant up. I'll look the other way.

  • Pruitt needs a beating.

  • Wow wtf is that it's ok to violate people's human right let alone civil rights Pruitt is again using gross abuse of power and needs to be fired and maybe jailed

  • I first experienced racism in Alabama. I refuse to consider Alabama a decent place in the US.

  • VOTE THEM OUT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • This shows how much of a joke the Government is. And not in a funny way.

  • These people have a special seat in hell with gasoline pumped into the evil bones of their body’s


  • The NIMBY’s seem to be in charge of decision making, these people have no shame and always have a prepared answer for critics. I’m beyond disgusted with them and their ilk. For those that don’t know, NOT IN MY BACK YARD is what it stands for, but put it anywhere else, that’s fine. Assholes 😡😡😡

  • But didn't Trump say they were going to clean the coal? That should make it safe right?

  • 😀 should we be surprised ??
    😀 with a racist Commander in chief and a racist general attorney
    and all the other departments have racist demons in charge 😀
    😀 what good could we expect from such filthy swamp ?? 😀

  • Are we surprised??? Where are the so-called Black Republicans????

  • Looks like the United States have become a true NAZI-country. US Government and companies behave like Nazi-German government and companies 80 years ago. I wonder when the US starts to build concentration camps to kill their non white population in higher numbers.

    Sad to see how the United States have turned to evil in the name of big money and racism. Very sad, i once liked to visit the US, but a country run by Nazis is no longer worth to visit.

  • Republican Party is the new Nazi Party. Heil Trump! The wannabe dictator

  • Very true. Pruitt and his kind are very happy to create more industrial waste blighted US shitholes centred around poor and helpless communities, which typically tend to be more black/hispanic than white communities.
    It's also an insane way of dealing with industrial garbage to just dump it, particularly as fertile soil in the US is rapidly vanishing. Quite obviously it would be a crime if you did it to your neighbor.

  • Completely the sign of Genocide

  • These niggas (trump administration) are NOT going to last 8 years. They'll be gone 2020 thankfully. Everybody make sure you can vote. Check your stupid anti voting laws of your state.

  • And then there's the oil pipelines through Native American reservations and the dumping of nuclear waste on the reservation in Utah. It's not just black people and Hispanics. It's anyone who isn't lily white and/or republican.

  • Let's back the poor people of this town. If we do not we are just as bad as those racist a-holes dumping and backing this hateful act. I am white but I am ashamed to say that. We cannot keep up this shameful treatment of our black brothers and sisters. Look up some of the pictures of the lynching of blacks in the south. Look at the faces of those doing it, they are full of hate.

  • What the hell is "environmental racism"? It's news to me.

  • dont forget about the native americans.

  • How the actual fuck does anybody of color support the right?

  • They have white skin but have very black heart. Darker than the coal itself.

  • Sick just like trump please quit this horrible shit be fir were all killed by trump russia.

  • There's always racist assholes on every video. in this case there's nine of them…

  • There's always racist assholes on every video. in this case there's nine of them…

  • There's always racist assholes on every video. in this case there's nine of them…

  • Disgusting

  • They use native reservations to dump nuclear waste on and no one says a word about it. Why is it that only blacks get any attention for minority abuse.

  • Farron, it's not just that black people don't matter, this is corporate and government racial extermination by stealth. Pruitt is a disgusting asshole. Lets not forget that fly-ash is radio active, it is directly linked to respiratory failure related deaths.

  • They have been killing black people are Hispanics for years,police , hospitals, Doctors, . Wake up people look around.

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