EPA Water Infrastructure Financing for Miami-Dade County Florida

These loans fulfill several of the
president’s top priorities in one fell swoop: upgrading infrastructure, creating
jobs, and protecting public health and the environment. I want to thank the Trump
administration for continuing to invest in a priority of the president – a
priority of mine – and that’s our nation’s infrastructure. Thank you, Mr. Wheeler, for
signing this historic agreement with our county. This EPA loan will provide $99.7
million dollars — almost a hundred million dollars in critical funding for our county’s water and sewer departments to construct
14 new injection wells. Local governments like ours in Miami-Dade
have struggled to deal with these infrastructure issues on
our own and we need partnerships with our state and federal government. This is a significant step towards establishing
a much-needed partnership now and for the future. And it will ensure that we
have safe and effective management of our wastewater and it will help us meet
the mandate — the important mandate from the state — to eliminate the discharges of
our treated wastewater into the ocean.

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