EPA’s P3 Student Teams: Innovating Our Sustainable Future

Josh: Everyone is affected by the environment.
[Music] Kory: Investing in young scientists and early
stage science is key. The P3 Program is providing seed funding for university students to really
get those ideas off the ground. Ideas that might seem a little crazy at the time.
[Music] Monroe: The difference between the EPA P3
and other competitions is that it’s much more free form and it allows students to bring
creative ideas in. Josh: Being around all of these other students
with such great ideas has been a driving force to continue our work.
Hannah: The connections that I’ve made here are amazing.
Yung: Meeting different people with different backgrounds and different experiences.
Kaitlin: Teams can come together and collaborate. Sarah: It’s been great getting to know each
other’s disciplines. That could help our technology. Jennifer: Things you otherwise wouldn’t have even thought of.
Kaitlin: We can use their technology, our technology, integrate it, and create something
even bigger than what one team can do alone. Yung: These technologies need all the support
that they can get…technologies that will be used to solve the world’s most pressing
problems in the future. Marisa: That’s what drives us. We want to
make a difference in this world and improve our technology in order to serve our planet.
Hannah: I want change to happen and this is an opportunity for me to actually do that.
Marisa: We want to be the heroes. Sebastien: We are the future.
Sarah: We are here to save the planet.

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