Essential Mountain Bike Skills You Can Do Anywhere!

– Right, today, we’re gonna look at some really simple exercises
you can do on your bike for your skills, that you
can do absolutely anywhere. – Yes, literally anywhere. These basic skills are
gonna help you out there, improve your riding. – Guaranteed! – Yes. (bright music) – Okay so the great thing about this is you can do it on any
bike, so no excuses. And the first thing to
do is try to set yourself a little obstacle course. So, I’ve got a bit of a ditch, some rocks, try and make a little circuit, go off and round these rocks. I really am just practising
my slow speed skills, bit of trial stuff. A lot of balance, control, brake control. It’s something I used to do
an awful lot of after school, grab my bike, mess around
and learn loads of skills. – Right, that’s exactly right, Neil. But to progress on your balance skills, find obstacles just like
these poles right here. Just go through them,
get your tracks down, get your balance all correct. Move around, but you
don’t necessarily need logs just like those ones, those poles. You can put rocks down,
just like I’ve done here. You can do this anywhere. And the better you get,
the faster you’ll go. That is gonna give you a lot more balance out there on the trail. Be more confident. (driving rock music) Right, just behind me, may
seem and empty car park, which it is, but to me
I see a skills park, a manualing park, a place where you can practise your manuals. All you need is two sticks
and I can see two already, they’re strategically placed. These two sticks are definitely
gonna help you progress you manualing skills out there. What you wanna do is put them
out with a bit of a distance but make it massive, make it unrealistic and you’re
not gonna completely do it because one day, you are gonna make it. So I’m gonna go massive. Ah, no! Practise, practise makes perfect! Uh-oh, uh-oh. Yes, let’s make it bigger. I’m gonna put it down there. One. Oh, smoked it! (upbeat music) – And the same goes for wheelieing. Just find yourself somewhere flat and it teaches you a lot
about the balance point of the bike and also using that rear brake to bring the front wheel back down. Once you get it down,
start taking your hand off. (upbeat music) – Right, the best thing about
practising all of these skills that is messing about, just
having a little mash up. Jibbing everywhere, challenging yourself and having fun. – Come on then, let’s set some
challenges for each other. – Oof, yes. – What have you got for me? – 180 endo, backward on the other side of this gully thing. – Alright, let’s do it. – Like this. – [Neil] Nice! – Pretty good! – Let’s go. – Here we go, full cross country bike. Oh, nice! – Alright, I’ve got one for you over here. – Alright. – Okay, so limited run off,
you’ll go round the tree, sprint, and try and bunny
hop over that ditch. – Cool. Wow! Oh! Goal for you, though, Neil. Concentrating on this little gully, huh? ‘Cause you can do so much. – Yep. – You’re gonna come into it, nose press, or nose manual, like nose tap, and then drop in 90 into
the hole and pedal out or either direction. – Lets do it. (laughing) – That looked sketchy. Oh! Yes! – That was a heavy landing. (funky music) – Right, practise a little
hill climbing skills. Find a little bank, shortest run possible, and see if you can get up it. Ooh, oh, wow! Oh, yes! Neil, I reckon you can get closer. – Uh, no way. (grunting) (laughing) – Snapped the chain. I find a bank with a rock on top, just galloping off the rock
and way off the other side. – Oh, that is super trials. You even brought the front
wheel up into ah-ah-ah. – That’s good fun. – Oh, I can try that. – [Neil] Nice! – Whoa, there’s a bigger one
over there, if you wanna do it. – Ah, no, I’m alright. (driving beat music) – Right, this one, you can
literally do it on a flat piece of surface that’s basically
getting your balance. This is the best thing you can do. Moving your bike when you’re stationary, front wheel up, back wheel around. Just get used to your bike
moving underneath you. It’s gonna be a great skill. Just hopping about, practise your endos. Moving the front, especially when you get to a technical section
out there on the trail. This is gonna help you a lot. A hell of a lot. – Oh, hello. – Hi, Neil. – If you love our videos at GMBN, don’t forget to click on
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