Evangelicals: Global Warming HELPS The Environment

pat robertson et talk to Steve gore ham
above the pro corporate Heartland Institute and they discussed science and climate
change who doesn’t love it when evangelical
Christians wanna talk about science this is going
to be precious the gets warmer it is getting on all
what does it mean I mean the Arctic is over ships King travel
around up there the explore for orgasm so what are the
dangers E about all this well it’s it’s a very
interesting and and a lot of things are proclaimed a storms are getting no worse than a lot
of other things but the periods in history show that
were periods have actually been better for civilization I’m seem to have less extreme weather we
have longer growing seasons and we have more carbon dioxide in the
atmosphere now which is actually greening the planet is grading the planning a plan that’s
good dissidents I so are we we won’t stifle all was the time in Europe 1 they were
terrible fatness was that the little eyes that was a
little ice age from 1300 1800 okay and I have 100 years for a five
hundred years the population of Iceland decrease by about 50 percent yeah and actually up there were many people
were in the middle ages that were blamed for causing move the cold
temperatures on the poor crops on a label they label which is there a random yeah
and so today we we blame it on our neighbors a SUV or or power plant it’s a little bit of a medieval thing
unfortunately this for I hope we don’t burn the officials a vet kohut if other problem is though that we have no
warming up for sixteen years and all of the climate models are wrong
people should be rude rejoicing in Bangladesh in although violence in New
York City in San Francisco did you notice that at the beginning of
the clip they start out by saying global warming is a good thing and then by the year end they pivoted to our
global warming is not happening it’s a myth wait so which is it is it happening and
it’s a good thing or is it not happening at all know but see that alone shows you they’re not
interested in the truth they’re just trying to say pay no attention to global warming
however they can possibly say it bill say it even if they are not wildly
contradicting themselves from one breast in the next a on my
favorite is when he goes you know years ago they burn people the state because they
thought but they were messing with the weather who who did that say it that say a man it will you 10 christian fundamentalists who were
doing that it was your people and then but they tryin link burning people back then to being angry
at Exxon Mobil or Chevron or people driving gas guzzlers today yet there’s only two
differences number one we’re not bring them at the
stake and number two the people that we point to today
actually do increase global warming and pollution went back then all you did was picked at
random innocent people and they ask enjoying the weather Kellenberger met
the steak it was angry Christian mobs christian
fundamentalists and I’ll let’s just get the record
straight year for second you know what global warming actually leads to glaciers melting ice caps melting sea level rising
extinction of some species food shortages prices a food going up
more hurricane stronger hurricanes increased drought increase wildfires water resources running out in certain
areas wars over land in Asia and Africa and of course trillions of dollars in damage control and that’s probably
not even have other things I went over here I mean we did a story yesterday from
just the Arctic ice met melting in a eastern
Siberia there’s going to be methane release into
the air gonna cost sixty trillion dollars go listen to these fools be afraid be very afraid of global
warming and make no mistake these are the guys
who are blocking us from doing anything about it
the Heartland Institute which she works for
any other right-wing think tanks and Exxon Mobil and Chevron BP and all these
other companies they paying the politicians when they
run for office and then the politicians get the power they don’t know anything about global
warming earlies anything really substantive to make and that why because they listen to the people
who want them and people water a financial interest to
protect my global warming is happening because if we move towards green
technology it’ll cut into their profits

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  • All of our cities are built for specific climates. Temperatures a few degrees celcius higher, mean that all the buildings we have will be all too hot, will need massive airconditioning. And all the ecosystems are adapted for specific climates too.

  • Without the northern icecap, we actually suffer a shutdown of the oceanic conveyor belt system, which could lead to a global stagnation of the ocean.

  • Im announcing my formal invitation to this guy. Sir,please come visit me for a week,in the center of the Mojave desert. Welcome to hell!

  • It IS proven fact that the gov't can,and likely is,using weather manipulation.Even is you think chemtrails aren't real,research DARPA project "2025" and HAARP.

  • Halp, all I can find is Infowars and other debunked bullshit :c

  • Lol good luck :

  • Ie The Day After Tomorrow happening in real life but not as rapidly.

  • progressive hosts always have the most awesome hair….

  • First off,who debunked anything on infowars? You mean stuff like the NSA assuming all Americans are terrorists and spying on them? The gov't putting poison (Flourosilicic Acid) in US drinking H2o? Wait,no that's real. Some congressman or senator is always trying to defend using fluoride. I promise you, if you did deep in the web,almost everything A. Jones says,is, or has come true. Anyways,that's not the point. I just saw the article about '2025' yesterday. Huffington Post maybe.Ill take a look.

  • I remember where I first heard of 2025, on Ancient Aliens on H2 of all places. It is very real though. Try searching "2025 Weaponized Weather".There are tons of quality sources,including everything from alternative media sites throughout the world.There's Wiki and even gov't PDF files you can dl. Your absolute best source for semi-classified gov't programs and ops would be from the US "Freedom of Information Act". It gives citizens the right to unclassified gov't docs.It's shady though.

  • Like I would really want this guy anywhere near me. Just hoping I could make him suffer a little.

  • Jesus fucking Christ. Enough America!! lol

  • Dude, great videos but your mic only comes through one channel. Pretty annoying with headphones on. 🙂

  • these jokers are like the people in Erik the Viking when the island is sinking: "it's not happening. we're fine."

  • alex jones says atheists worship satan… he's an insane idiot. and if you actually think that the government can control the weather, then you're just as insane. that's a fantasy i've only seen on G.I. Joe when i was a kid. seriously, you people need to stop listening to alex jones.

  • Great for plant life, NOT, animal life fuknut!

  • Wowwww they are really spreading misinformation o-e . Oh mans 🙁

  • What do you expect from these guys, they lie for a living.

  • Well it sure helps to continue greening the pockets of their corporations.

  • The GOP's policy on climate change is "Deny, Deny, Deny." Nobody can get through to these knuckleheads that it's really a fact. Greenland's largest glacier is receding into the ocean at the rate of 170 feet a day.I'm convinced that "global warming" is not an illusion,but I sure wish the Religious Right GOP would get their head out of their ass!

  • These lying hypocrites NEVER use the brain God gave them.

    As a follower of the teachings of Jesus Christ, these guys really ARE the fools Jesus warned us about. We gotta get them out of power ASAP.

  • Alex jones thinks World War Z is a real plot for Liberals to destroy the world.

    He's mentally ill.

  • well said

  • Was there a mini ice age? Has there been no warming the last 16 years?

  • Yes, the little ice age was real. There's stories of the Thames freezing solid and society hosting massive festivals on the ice. And no, there HAS been warming for the last 16 years. This past decade is the hottest since reliable records were started to be kept.

  • Amen.

  • Depends what you mean by warming. Surface temperature hasn't greatly increased but there has almost certainly been lots of warming in the deep ocean.

  • Nice to know. Thanks for the eye-opener.

  • An evangelical talking about climate change and science is like a guy flipping burgers at Burger King talking about..well global warming and science.

  • Warming is mildly beneficial, though it isn't going to warm that much, especially not from anything humans do. Anthropocentric climate is a mass delusion, though mass delusions are not unprecedented in history.

  • You've got to be shitting me.

  • Wow. Practically no words to describe this shit; fundamentalists are too often just toadies for the system.

  • These fucktards want the end of the earth so they can go to heaven. WELL HURRY UP AND GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! get the fuck off this planet.

  • Just listening to the 700 club is so hilariously ignorant, that I really find this level of stupidity to be absolutely brilliant. You have to literally wear a logical blindfold to believe anything these morons have to say about jack.

  • y ahora es cuando ya estamos viendo las consecuencias del cambio climatico, ciudades de millones de habitantes sin agua; y que vendrá despues

  • Believing in climate change is a form of abandoning the agenda and if you don't believe in climate change and you've been program to unknowingly go green it's the same as believing in it and promoting it,even though believing in it and promoting it are two different things.
    Believing in climate change and acting as if it doesn't exist just so that you can prolong the agenda and wait till the last minute,that moment when things become very obvious that humans have affected their environment,that moment before things get out of hand and there becomes irreversible damage.If we were to really go green modern societies as we know it would not exist.If the living structure can be duplicated globally without having a negative environmental impact that means that it wasn't intended for humanity as a whole to adopt this way of life and that's why we still have uncontacted tribes in the world and we always will always have uncontacted tribes that exist throughout the world.Going green only insures the existence of a system that was created to accommodate space exploration and to protect humanity from itself.Humanity must have a place to document their mistakes so that they would never make them again and that place is modern industrialized societies.

    Meanwhile those that function in modern societies to help the wheels turn in our civilization must always know that population control exist and it existed and nature centuries ago so now it exists in modern society and we're not exempt the only thing that makes us less susceptible to succumbing to the man-made population control methods is knowledge of what's going on around us.
    Some people have hippopotamus attacks,lion attacks,and black mamba bites as an option of death while others have car wrecks,gunshots,and elevator
    malfunctions as an option of death.

    If climate change didn't exist why did the governments in the industrialized nations of the world
    go out there way to deploy green technologies.Some say that the need for money was the agenda for the government pushing the climate change agenda.I believe that the government knows that money isn't nothing if you don't have an environment to enjoy it in.We have been programmed to go green without even noticing it.When you violate the environment it will become obvious that the environment is acting in an unusual way.This is not a cycle that the Earth naturally goes through.

  • Man these guys are Beyond misinformed or actually they're just full of shit

  • I wish Christians cared more about keeping the planet GOD gave them rather than finding the best way to worship Him.

  • Dude I'm going waaaay back on these videos. It's crazy how much shit you get right. Perhaps you should be a prophet lmao.

  • Anybody who watches these morons and still believe in God…these guys are the irrefutable proof that there is no way that a god could exist…

  • I'd tell these idiots to never go full idiot…if they were capable of listening. Sigh 😟

  • I'd tell these idiots to never go full idiot…if they were capable of listening. Sigh 😟

  • Such a dumb video, repeats the scaremongering which frightens the younger more gullible ones, thinks that they are facts if he reads them from a paper, no the ice caps are actually not melting, sea level rises are not accelerating alarmingly (if so, please cite where) and the planet is actually greener due to the life giving co2 being exhaled from our very own lungs.

  • Thank you for taking these frauds out. It learns us something about how idiocy can be kept alive for benefit and politics … Reminds me of the iraq war of bush 2, the so called non danger of smoking, how healthy coca cola can be, the cold war, how nice a being che guevara was or mother theresa, islam being the religion of peace, the killing of the archduke that caused the WWI and i can go on for a while…

  • Ignorant Brainless Hypocritical Religitarded MotherFuckers

  • Whatever the climate is, God wants it to be. GOD IS IN CONTROL. So shut up about that global warming bullshit.

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