Faces of EPA: Steve Paulsen

[Music]>>Steve Paulsen: We each,
on average, use about a hundred gallons of fresh
water a day, yet that’s just a small fraction
of what we use. [Music] I had the rare privilege
one summer in college of backpacking in the Central
Rocky Mountains in Colorado, and that really was the
first time I remember feeling connected
to the environment. [Music] There was just something
calming about being by a stream or being by a
mountain lake at sunset that really developed that
passion and connection for water in the environment. [Music] I am Steve Paulsen; I’m a
fresh water ecologist with EPA’s Office of Research and
Development in Corvallis, Oregon. [Music] I joined EPA 22 years ago to
get involved in a program designed to measure our
progress protecting and restoring the quality
of the nation’s waters. [Music] The National Aquatic
Resource Surveys, or NARS, is what it is we’re doing. We want to provide
information that people can connect to in terms of their
daily lives to know that it takes 37 gallons of water
to produce a cup of coffee, that the pair of blue jeans
your kids wear took 2,900 gallons. [Music] [Rain falling] This country has been built
on its natural resources, and water is probably the
most precious natural resource that we have
had as a country. It’s the one resource that
we can’t do without, and so my hope and passion is we
can make a connection to people about the
value of the water. And so the thing that keeps
me going is knowing that we can make a difference. [Music]

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