Faculty of Environment 2013 Holiday Message

Here at the University of Waterloo’s
Faculty of Environment we are globally known TimesNewRomanPSMT;}
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deftab720 pardpardeftab720ri720sa200 f0fs20 cf0 Here at the University of Waterloo’92s
Faculty of Environment we are globally known for solving today’s environmental challenges
and shaping our sustainable future. In the heart of the LEED Platinum Environment 3 building we’ve kept a world-leading, transdisciplinary research centre a secret
until now. The Kris Kringle Research Institute for Sustainable Holidays; a cross faculty effort dedicated to studying environmentally sound yuletide
solutions. Our Centre for Knowledge Integration specializes in solving complex problems and crafting solutions to help us adapt to a changing and complex
world. John McLevey, an expert in cultural sociology, is looking at the most complex questions of the festive season. The School of Environment, Enterprise and Development isn’t your traditional biz
school. Professor Jennifer Lynes takes her research
on corporate greening and purchasing decisions to identify which holiday gifts are environmentally naughty and which are nice. Simron Singh from the International Development program is also pitching in to ensure that whether gifts are made by elves at Santa’s
workshop, or a women’s co-operative in Uganda, they are crafted ethically. Once the greenest gifts are identified, our Environment and Resource Studies team steps in to make sure they are delivered responsibly. With Arctic oil and gas exploration threatening the stability of Reindeer herds, Brady Fedy,
an expert on the fitness of animal populations is looking at locally sourced alternatives
to Rudolph and company. Santa may have his list, but Peter Johnson
in the Department of Geography and Environmental Management has the power of Geographic Information Systems to map optimal gift giving patterns around the world. Climate Change expert Sarah Burch is working to fight the loss of ice in at the North Pole
and help Santa’s Village, and villages around the world adapt for a shifting climate. Our aviation students work day and night putting in the flight time and learning the logistics of transportation to make sure the skies are safe for a hectic holiday gift-giving schedule.
Professors Carrie Mitchell and Jennifer Dean are determined to find safe, healthy, and
climate-friendly ways to celebrate with friends and family in every city.
Getting anywhere efficiently during Christmastime can be a challenge. But our School of Planning has faculty cross-appointed to the The Kris Kringle Institute. Even school director Clarence Woudsma lends a hand. From Dean André Roy and all of us at The Kris Kringle Research Institute for Sustainable Holidays in the Faculty of Environment, we would like to wish you a safe, happy and sustainable holiday!

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  • With all of the success the Faculty of Environment has enjoyed this year, we figured it was time for one last piece of good news.

    Check out Environment's 2013 Holiday Video showcasing the exceptional work being done by our faculty to make your holidays happier, healthier and more sustainable.

  • Outstanding, so glad to be part of this faculty – we're all about giving! #jollyAndre #happyplanet #giantsanta #geesesleigh ย 

  • Happy Holiday @uWaterloo! Love the VeloCity sticker at 2:11 ๐Ÿ™‚ย 

  • This is fantastic.
    It's too bad Dr. Ledrew wasn't available for the composite picture at the end. He always has a good variety of Christmas sweaters

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