Fantastic view from a local mountain pass 地元の峠からの絶景

I’ve climbed the route to the senic local pass again. This time, up to the very top. I climbed to this open space last time. This time, I’ve climbed one more kilometer from there up to the top. Ok, let’s start! Today, it’s a fine weather and the air looks clear. So, the view from the mountain top will be fantastic for sure. I’ll try to ride on my bike up as much as I can, keeping my heart rate low. The view ahead opens up. It’s just one more kilometer left to the top. I’ll take the last break here. After having passed through the last steep section, I’m rewarded with the marvelous view. Wow! I’m so lucky to be here today with this fantastic sky. Now I feel myself refreshed and recharged both in body and soul. So, let’s enjoy the downhill from here before riding back home. Last time, I got a pinch flat in the front. So I’ve set the air pressure up to 28.5psi. I’ve set the pressure to a much higher value than usual, cause I wanna avoid pinch flats by any means today. But the pressure has turned out to be too high. The front tyre gets flicked sideways when rolling over small stones. And that throws the bike out of control and slows me down. I’ve somehow expected this situation. But maybe better than flat tyres after all. Well, I’ll go down slowly for safety. The front end feels so harsh that I can hardly keep the line. A bit scared. I’ll just check the tyre pressure. No problem both on the front and the rear. I think I’ve never ridden with such low pressures like these. Maybe it’s time to go tubeless as my other bikes.

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