Federal Leaders’ Debate 2019

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  • Not a fan of this debate format? The National sat down with the four main party leaders individually in their Face to Face series last week. You can watch the videos here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLvntPLkd9IMeMFvr93nunecusrsn8ZFFz ^akd

  • I would like to know what people believe canada should focus on (what are our biggest problems)

  • Jagmeet won this debate.

  • Conservatives, I have a question for you, the first question was asked what would you do as a PM in your foreign policy. Your answer went criticizing what Trudeau did wrong instead of telling what would you do as a PM.
    FYI I'm neutral, but I would never appreciate the the way yiu tackle your question by just always saying that Trudeau is bad so you are good. I also heard your advertisements on Radio channels, where I heard you guys saying what would you do for the betterment of the country (Canada, not USA) but only says that don't trust Trudeau. Even NDP leader says logical rhings to convince voters.
    So at the end I would suggest that you still have 2 weeks, please make sure you tell voters what you are offering us to vote you, our vote is very precious and we will vote accordingly.
    Thank you

  • Honestly Mr. Trudeau and Mr. Sheer are kinda funny together, I like the cheeky jabs at each other it makes this more enjoyable

  • I remember when lisa laflamme was a journalist – nice to know her neck has been snapped by the growing flow of globalism. vote PPC if you have a backbone.

  • The majority of the comments are about not liking the structure of the debate, smh.

  • Scheers response to the first question had absolutely nothing to do with the question and rather spent his first impression attacking a single candidate

  • Wow this makes Justin Trudeau look really bad 😂😂😂 btw he is a very bad at his job

  • Some of these people are going to my school on friday.

  • Yes send all the East Indians !!!!! Were their is 20 to 3 natives in Canada

  • It’s so disappointing that these are our options lol

  • Go to rebel media's coverage for a different questions asked of Justin Trudeau and his answers to them after trying to ban Rebel media from the debate with your money and lost in court so much for free speech eh Justin to bad you had to face them.

  • 11:00 this part is so funny the dude in the middle it’s him That makes it funny

  • A bunch of children bickering, this is why I hate these debates, they're so pathetic, btw giving these ppl only 45 seconds to give a speech is also pathetic

  • There are children in the mix up there.

    It's disappointing to me, both morally and as a potential voter, to see our prospective leadership choose to use their answer time to slander and criticize their opponents.
    There is a greater good here, and they're supposed to be professional and objective. Their primary concern should be to help and serve Canadians first. It is not about them, it's about us.
    As soon as someone starts to attack another candidate, it immediately turns me away. It makes me suspect that they're just there to be right, and surely won't be taking the reigns properly.

  • Wow, are these our leader & Potential leaders? Smh 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • This debate was so embarassingly amateur. C'mon CBC, step up your game. This is what our tax dollars go towards? Time to defund the CBC.

  • Vernia wins

  • All types of media should be covering this debate too.

  • This is what it’s like to have children arguing with each other

  • Only Liberals Trudeau

  • Mr./Mrs. Potential Prime Minister, you have 11 seconds to solve income inequality, we can't cut into the 84th soon to be cancelled CBC show about the difficulties of finding love on a ranch.

  • 🇺🇸Random American passing through lol…

  • Who thought it would be a good idea for them to talk over each other?

  • Lol The French guy is the only one who makes sense.

  • Canada is a JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! look at these goofs……


  • I like Justin Trudeau !

  • That Bernier guy or whatever his name is stopped learning manners when he was 5. Jeeeeez let other people finish speaking

  • Trillions sit in off shore havens that are the remnants of the British empire making the micro states that control the western world, and London not doing anything except invite and licence more large investment banks into their web of deceit. The leaders, regardless of what they say will change nothing without regulating multinational corporations and shell companies that thrive under their private laws that they say the islands are independent and they can't do anything! The opposite is true! https://youtu.be/-YgFDZNXPyg

  • I came out of this liking Mr. Blanchet more than all of these candidates because he was the least partisan person in this debate. And he is a Quebecois fanatic… hahahaha
    We Canadians are screwed…

  • I thought the American debates were ridiculous, but this was way beyond. Terrible format. Yves-François Blanchet, and Elizabeth May were the only ones that showed some class.

  • I am a 30 year old Canadian who has never missed an election. I have done my best to vote responsibility and yet every time, no matter who wins I am always disappointed by our provincial and federal government. There is no one I want to vote for anymore… I am seriously considering spoiling my ballot for the first time. Every party has at least one deal breaking terrible idea, and none of them display the quality of leadership or problem solving that I would hope to find in a successful small business let alone our federal government.

  • if you understand the issues, its easy to see that Bernier was the only candidate who answered questions honestly and truthfully… a politician being honest and telling the truth doesnt necessarily always sound better than a lying one… if you understand that taxes is really the government taking your money… and you end up paying more for your services than you would if you were to put your money in the bank, gain interest and just pay yourself… plus the hurt on the economy.. less jobs, money is worth less and your paycheck is smaller :/ not to mention all the newcomers who have never paid into the system also getting the same social benefits.. all the while the gov gets more money, gets bigger, and gets even more irresponsible and corrupt… everytime you hear a promise from the federal gov, that is really what they are promising… Bernier wants to shrink and decentralize the gov giving all of us more involvement on the federal level, which includes spending… the other candidates all want to increase spending based on our fear or emotion.. and therefore making the federal government hinder all of us even more!!!! the federal gov is holding us all down.. VOTE PPC!!!!!!

    the moral of the story here is NEVER let the federal gov pay for something that you ought to pay for yourself and even when you can make the argument that someone else should pay for it… even still it is not always warranted… we risk giving to much power into the hands of a few….. increase the welfare state… yada yada i hope u understand by now ;p;p;p

    when it comes to the small guy, Bernier is the only cadidate who will care about AVERAGE CANADIANS!!! not every other exotic minority "pet" cause.. ie gays, muslims, Bernier will help the most Canadians… that includes our first nations.. ;p;p;p


  • Sorry… Did he say that his party wants to do things to protect our hair? 1:39:37

  • That's why we call canadians friendly people

  • Everyone: the facts prove that you are wrong and I am right
    Everyone else: your facts are wrong, my facts on the other hand prove that you are wrong and I am right.
    Voters: head desk 😳

  • good entertainment


  • I’m Native from Saskatchewan and Trudeau has been hitting us hard with the carbon tax gas prices has gone up by a lot groceries has gone up the average working people in Saskatchewan has been barely scratching bye I hope and pray Conservatives get in

  • I am so sorry Canada These are our only Choices ?! Let's vote for my dog "Sir poops a lot" and we might have a better chance!

  • there is more dislikes then likes

  • The last lady moderator is great keeping everyone in line and fair time to speak.👍
    Debate formate can be better.

  • Become a politician who vlogs. Game over. gg

  • Is it just me or did NONE of these politicians answered the first question. Wow.

  • So much incompetence it’s scary.

  • Let’s try to learn basic communication skills first. Then, let’s run for a PM role.

  • Vote for the ones whose goal is to focus on climate change, not someone whose main focus is on money. We need change and this is our last time to make a difference.
    We need to take care of Canada and it’s citizenship, people born in Canada should be taken care of first. But in the end we’ll need to prove what Canada is about freedom, and taking care of each other, one day we’re going to need to survive on our own, it’ll say a lot about us when we go through theses times together. Start planting your own food, bring your family home and let’s plan how we’re going to get out of this so that we have a future.
    Also, get rid of technology, we don’t need it. Our kids are to busy to notice what we’re fighting for, they have no skills. Wifi should be out last thing to worry about

  • That Singh cannot rule our country.

  • Idk I'm 27 years old everyone in my generation and younger struggles to afford anything, most people have to live at home because they can't afford anything. Trudeau is worried about planting trees.

  • Amazing how they can talk over each other and not caring about each other🤣

  • So uncanadian

  • I’m not a big NDP fan (I can’t even vote) But mr Singh did excellent! He was just waiting for his turn to speak unlike Bernier, Trudeau, May, and Scheer. He’s very well spoken, and honestly, he says what people want to hear perfectly!

  • "Umm so we intend-" sorry times up next question.

  • to be honest I just want to vote for who ever cares more about the invironment
    is Trudeau the one! what you think!

  • This debate format literally is a form of anti democracy

  • Oof sounds like a group of kids arguing in the principals office

  • Guys didn't go through all comments but watsup with the 1st questioner?

  • Such a weakly structured debate and seems like everyone's scoring points at the expense of their opponents…

  • Mr. Delay and Mr. Deny

  • “If your facing powerful foe, like China, you don’t show biceps’s if you have tiny biceps.”

  • How is this #1 on trending? that is what I want to know

  • Elections in Canada are flawes. Parties have very little time from election announcement to the election itself to actually campaign. It is reflected in this so called "debate", the time being crunched, everything being rushed. How can platforms and ideas be debated like that, especially among 6 different parties?

  • I don't like Trudeau the French guys or that brown dude

  • The intro is too much. Too reality tv. I dont want to be entertained. I just want the debate. Ugh. Politics are a joke.

  • People’s Party of Canada 👍 Canada first

  • Feels like Im watching a show like family feud.

  • anyone know why justin didn't go blackface for the debate?

  • Scheer, Singh and Berniere are the only ones who stand a chance. Berniere has Quebec behind him but a lot wont go for him because hes french. Singh has very good points and would save lower incomes huge amounts of money however not many answers; a lot of people wont vote for him because of how he looks. Scheer has a good view, its close to Singhs with a closer safer rule on immigration, the problem is the lower class are not as big of a priority. Above all else a big problem is that theyre all worried about pipelines and not renewable energy. Theres no real way to have full wins. There's always a win and a lose. But atleast by chosing Scheer, Singh or Berniere thats atleast one win. Instead of the others which are lose lose.

  • Logan paul vs ksi press conference 3?

  • PPC stood out to me as the only fiscally responsible leader. Been burned by the conservatives, liberals, and NDP to much.

  • Kabuki theatre of Globalists and Traitors, who'd sell us out to the Church of GDP, or the church of Social Justice. PPC is the only party with a lick of sense.

  • "Standing up to Trump??" Jagoff you just killed yourself and it's only 1 minute in- rofl

  • Are we not going talk about this, cause it’s number 1 trending


  • Welcome to Canadastan.

  • Vote for Democrats people, we poor people need all these benefits

  • My ears can't handle open argument that just one yelling on-top another

  • It's funny how Bill 21 is not the first bill brought by Liberals to shut people up. Prime Minister Trudeau is the first official to removed FREE SPEECH which should be a a human right for all Canadians in order to create human growth plus encourage those that are not happy to express how they feel with the line in the sand of no violent action. What do you feel about the loss of Free Speech policed by our government?

  • bernier is a fascist clown

  • This is canada???? Not one of trumps speech?

  • I love how all mr. Sheer can talk about is Justin Trudeau

  • This man people are voting for Scheer

  • Singh, another victim of the West


  • What a waste of time… this debate only proves that these politicians are straight up clowns.

  • I have enough, we care (most of us) only about wealth. Moral values , tradition, faith doesn't count for nothing anymore.Such a thing like Canada is a fiction ,just listening the Quebec leader.
    Waste of time.

  • This was painful to watch.. Lets not end up like usa and get all fkn divided.. Just make all the runners PM's and force them to work as a team..

  • Vote for scheer

  • Trudeau likes murdering children

  • F*** you Elizabeth and jaghmeet

  • First of all: There is too many moderators…
    I never understand how it is that the Bloc Quebecois always manage to secure a seat in these debates.
    I always assumed that it was widely understood that Quebec separating from Canada is laughable at best and Quebec is highly unlikely to survive separation from Canada.
    On one hand, I want them to leave but I know they'll come running back.
    But on the other hand, there is an indigenous population that does not want to be involved in the separation as they have businesses, property and capital in Quebec that would suffer from a separation.


  • Scheer was that annoying kid in school who would beef everyone lmao😂

  • Voting PPC

  • is this for entertainment purposes or education purposes…?

  • eww vote singh

  • None of these people know how to debate. Yelling at each other/ speaking over each other is not a debate. They sound like a bunch of little kids playing tug of war with a toy.


  • Uncivilized. Moderators had little to no control on the debate.

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