Finding Articles Using Environmental Science and Pollution Management

Finding Articles Using Environmental Science
and Pollution Management In this video you will learn how to search for
journal articles using Environmental Science and
Pollution Management, and how to get the journal article you need. If you have the topic Effects of Gobal Warming
on Sea Level First, identify your concepts
Global Warming And
Sea Level Think of synonyms for your concept.
Global warming might be also known as climate
change. Sea level may also be found in the plural form
sea levels. Let’s start from the Library’s homepage: Click on “Resources for Research” on the top
left. Then, click on Research Databases (Journal
Articles). Click on “E” for the title, Environmental Science
and Pollution Management. Once we’re in, let’s type in our search
“global warming” or “climate change” Note we are typing this in quotation marks so
we can get phrase searching. We’ll also type in, in quotation marks
“sea level*” Note the default in field searching is “All fields +
text”. There are other options, but we will keep to our
default “All fields + text. Let’s look at other Search Options. We might wish to limit our results to just Peer
reviewed journals. We might also want current articles so under
“Date Range” we’ll go “after this date” 2005. We would want articles after 2005. Note other search options. You can limit by Document type and or by
Language. Let’s click on “Search” And, we retrieve over 1,000 items. That is quite
a lot of articles for a research term paper. Browse and have a look at how relevant the
articles are. Also note the Suggested Subjects. There is one called “Climate change AND Sea
level” which is quite relevant. Let search on that You have now retrieved 397 results, which is
more manageable for a term paper. Let’s have a look at the 1st reference, Between
the devil and the deep blue sea. Note the author, the name of the journal, and the
volume number and page numbers Let’s click on Citation/Abstract to get a
summary of what the article is about. As we scroll down there will also be more
detailed information about the article. There will be subject headings that you might
wish to look at. And also give more details on the volume, page
numbers and publication year. If you want this article Click on Get It @
Waterloo to check if we have access to it. We do have access. And, we are going to look
at the Springer version. We’re going to look at the PDF version, and this
would give us the full text of the article. Good luck on your research.

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