Florida Bans The Phrases ‘Climate Change’ And ‘Global Warming’

In Florida climate change would seem to be
a significant issue cause in fact Miami is considering one of the city’s most endangered
by climate change in the entire country so we go Mediate here for a report last year
the national climate assessment named Miami as one of the cities in the United States
vulnerable to rising sea levels a southeast Florida regional climate compact paper has
also warned that water in the area could rise by as much as 2 feet by the year 2060 now
you would think that that’s a very very important issue for the governor of Florida Rick Scott
I mean if your state is surrounded by water and your largest city is under the greatest
threat well that could be kind of an issue so when Rick Scott was asked about this last
year as Mediate explains a reporter asked Scott whether man-made climate change is significantly
affecting the weather the climate Scott tried to change the subject and replied well I’m
not a scientist well I’m not a scientist either but I’m also not an idiot and I can read the
reports of the scientists I can read that 97% of climate scientists say that’s absolutely
true and that Miami in Florida are in danger you don’t have to be a scientist to be able
to read OK in 2010 his answer was even clearer they said do you believe in climate change
he said no the good people of Florida in their infinite wisdom decided to make this guy their
governor again well played Florida OK now it gets worse now facts are inconvenient for
the Republicans of Florida so they’d like to ignore them as this is where it gets comical
officials responsible for making sure Florida is prepared to respond to the Earth’s changing
climate are barred from using the terms global warming and climate change in official communications
emails and reports according to new findings from the Florida center for investigative
reporting such a right wing gut reaction oh alright how do we get other people to stop
talking about facts knowledge and truth oh I got a great idea let’s just shut them up
let’s just censor them actually the right wingers in the Muslim world would totally
agree I don’t like your cartoon I’m just going to shut you up I’m not going to have a debate
with you I’m not going to exchanged ideas with you I’m not going to look at your facts
I don’t care about your facts I’m right you’re wrong and I’m going to shut your mouth now
they do it with a certain kind of force but the governor also has force he has the ability
to tell the employees in Florida that they’ll be fired if they talk about these things and
apparently that has been made very clear so this all started in 2011 after Rick Scott
won his first term and they pick it up from here by explaining that deputy general counsel
Larry Morgan as giving us a briefing one of the people who work for the state of Florida
said on what to expect with the new secretary Byrd recalled that’s the guy we’re talking
about here saying he gave them a warning to beware of the words global warming climate
change and sea-level rise and advised us not to use those words in particular alright let’s
get more specific Florida department of environmental protection former employee said quote we were
dealing with the effects and economic impact of climate change and yet can’t reference
it see no evil hear no evil speak no evil so if you’re wrong and you got no facts to
back you up and you can’t even make a counter claim well what do you do you just make your
opponents stop talking you use the force of law and threats being fired to say you are
not allowed to mention those things because we’re wrong and we don’t want you to talk
about it it’s an incredibly admission of defeat on the facts but Republicans in particularly
Rick Scott in this case have had a long long history of not caring about the facts at all

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  • So long Florida!
    It was nice knowing you as long as it lasted. Never got to see any of your swamp people though.

    Only the touristy stuff. 

  • Republicans banning phrases is additional proof that conservatism is a mental disorder.

  • Miami just wants to become Atlantis.
    Miami for lost city, 2060

  • Yes it is climate change and republicon fascist are responsible for it, so that so called governor of Fla can kiss my ass, greetings from Ohio!

  • Yeah but Miami and Florida aren't in any PRESENT danger Cenk. I may agree Climate change is an issue, but the far off prediction may not necessarily require immediate drastic action.

    "Watch out, in 60 years the sea level will rise 2 feet."

    "k so what you're saying is there's nothing to worry about? Like.. I could just build my houses further inland. We're barely running out of space down here anyway. If you were to ask me if Climate Change was an important issue, and I said yes, what would be your follow up question or what would be the general hope of people on this bandwagon? That I start making minor changes to fight this? Already done. Major changes? Fine as long as it doesn't screw over our present economy. Drastic changes? Fuck off. We've recovered from all the other hurricanes. I'm liberal as fuck but if we lose a rare species of some random aquatic animal I REALLY COULD CARE LESS THAN NOT GIVING A SINGLE FLYING FUCK! Nature is so fucking resilient, when there's a massive well connected climate change threat to something that truthfully threatens me in my lifetime I'll care. Until then, LOL."

    but yeah don't ban the words that's just dumb.

  • Republicans are vicious hypocrites.They will publicly forbid the topic of climate change….and behind the scenes they will probably be noticing every detail about climate change ,so as to mak tons of money on the fluctuations of real estate speculation and the fears and hopes of homeowners….

  • The earth has warming and cooling events naturally. And man has proven that we are influencing the climates behavior. Look at that tire in the creek for instance etc. etc.. This is the definition of ignorance exceeding……

  • Well?  Where are the Stormfront Trolls?  Either the Scientists are all Jews and not to be believed.  Or, Jews own all of Florida's waterfront property, and we'll laugh when their properties get flooded.  Or, multiculturalism is causing Florida to sink into the ocean.  Which is it?

  • I'll be laughing when Florida is finally claimed by the ocean

  • Yes, burying your head in the sand always works best, what an idiot.

  • Next on the banned list:
    "Economic Inequality"
    "Voter Suppression"
    "Police Misconduct"
    Just trim the English tongue down to the bone, and your problems go away.

  • If 100% of the world's scientific agencies, associations, national academy of sciences etc. 100%, not a single exception, SUPPORT the science of human-caused climate change and recognize that it will have devastating consequences for generations to come, ANYONE who would simply ignore, much less outright reject that, knowing the consequences to their children, grandchildren etc., must be mentally ill or even worse, psychopathic.
    Would we not say the same of parents who willfully ignored the medical advice of teams of doctors concerning the treatment of their child?
    And why is it that this illness only seems to afflict self-confessed CONSERVATIVES, no matter where on earth they happen to be. UKIP in the UK, the tories in Australia and of course REPUBLICANS in the U.S. I realize that not all conservatives reject AGW, but seriously ALL CLIMATE CHANGE DENIERS ARE CONSERVATIVES.
    As a website that promotes the word progress in its name I strongly recommend that this becomes a "talking point" for all progressives. When the proverbial ***t hits the fan, the general public MUST associate it with CONSERVATIVES worldwide.

  • This is where I live and can't believe that the state's governor has done!! Asshat ……

  • The Problem we worry about "Climate change" oh it's going to flood everything and destroy our environment. What happens if a meteor, food crisis, or even a AI uprising destroys humanity, oh wait we should have worried about that not "Climate Change"

  • Hey Cink …. You are getting fat.  LET'S HOPE YOUR HEART ATTACK COMES SOON.

  • Scott and the GOP are so dwelling back to Medieval times.

  • Isn't this unconstitutional? Never mind the intentional ignorance, this is a violation of human rights.

  • Im not a scientists but I am a linguist! 

  • can we just get rid of Florida?

  • I think avoiding such words is more a case of trying to avoid devaluing Florida property values. Local officials in Florida are already having to deal with non-storm flooding and intrusion of salt water into fresh water aquifers. Many high value properties (which are also most at risk from rising sea levels) are having to consider the real possibility of a disastrous future.

  • Banning speech is only uncool when people ban shit that TYT agrees with. How about some consistency TYT. When people or groups you are in lock step with try to ban speech maybe you guys could go after them too.

  • that'll stop it.

  • Let's ban the words and it won't be true.. How damn stupid can people get? Pretend it's not real and it'll go away.. #FuckinDumb  

  • You well deserve it Florida!!!

  • Scott's "well, i'm not a scientist" should go right up there with "i, don't have facts to back this up" in meme culture

  • 97%…it's about the same number of scientists of their relevant discipline would agree the world is NOT flat.

  • A taste of what you would get under a totalitarian government

  • I bet they wouldn't ban "Global Flood of Biblical Proportions!"…right?

  • Dr Joseph Goebbels would be proud.

  • I think it's time we just agree George Orwell was some kind of prophet and was foretelling the future with 1984 because it seems to get more accurate every year.

  • 97% of whom agree that climate changes? Of course climate changes. The figure should be 100%. Climate always changes in an unpredictable way no matter what climate models project. Where the figure of 97% comes from is questionable. Was there a poll taken? By whom and when? There has been no such poll. The appropriate question should be: is human burning of fossil fuels causing significant climate change which threaten human civilization? The idea that in 40 years sea levels in Florida will be 2 feet higher than they are now assumes outcomes which cannot be known at this time. How much have sea levels increased in the last 50 years? Do we have accurate measurements to make this assessment? Do the figures vary from place to place? The figure of a two foot increase 40 or 50 years from now is totally conjecture.

  • Isn't this a violation of our 1st amendment freedom of speech? It doesn't violate anyone or anything, it is stating a point. Why has no one sued this man yet? This truly sounds like the essence of what the constitution was written for, to stop a tyrant such as this guy.

  • Isn't this unconstitutional? Free speech trumps this "law". This is not hate speech or inflammatory speech. WTF?

  • Don't they know they should be banning words like, "bossy"?

  • When I read the title of this video, I was dumb-struck, then it dawned on me why these politicians are denying climate change. This has nothing to do with ignorance, or even religious beliefs. It is simply greed. They know that if they publicly acknowledge this indisputable fact, it will prompt coastal residents to move away, and deter other people from moving to these areas. Businesses, house/land prices and tourist attractions will also be impacted upon. All of which will have negative consequences on the state's economy, and more importantly, as they see it, their own bank balances.

  • what does climate change have to do with Christianity?

  • ah from the folks who brought us bush in 2000 when America stopped being America at least the way it was advertized.

  • Remember when America stood for freedom of speech?  I guess that's just another one of the freedoms tossed by the way side.  Who were the enemies of freedom again?

  • is "drowning Florida" permitted? 

  • man I've heard countless stories of Florida stupidity since  the whole voting thing back when bush jr was first elected. Back then I  how outrageous the things bush said about florida voters…. but well today i'm utterly convinced that Bush Jr. was right about one thing…  The people fo Florida are too stupid to know how to vote.

  • By current trend America wont exist in 2060.

  • Will they ban the words = "I've got wet feet!" and insist on replacing it with "Slightly Damp" when the people are drowning?

  • I know a guy that owns a few high rises in Destin Florida. He lost first floor on both in two hurricanes. He won't rebuild those floors for use anymore.

  • I didn't vote for this fuck! I live in Miami and it I find it funny that they are now resulting to banning words. What's next, books? I have my issues with democrats, but the republicans are Fascists bordering the line of Nazi's. Period. Actually, the NeoCons with these far right fundamentalists are the new Nazi Party.

  • Doesn't the Governor's actions violate the First Amendment rights of American citizens?

  • Facts are inconvient for most republicans it seems.

  • I am no scientist either, and I can read toO… global warming…. I mean climate change, I get so confused with the evolving newspeak; HOW ON EARTH CAN OTHER PLANETS AND MOONS ALSO BE EXPERIENCING CLIMATE CHANGE if humans are the cause???

  • yay for geo-thermal increases

  • China has come out an admitted that climate change exists . . . so does the liberal conspiracy reach all the way to China?

  • the sea level will NOT rise by 2 feet by 2060. Why is Cenk lying?

  • Show us the document. Where is it?

  • At this point… No sympathy for Florida when it is time to be fucked.

  • I can't believe this is real…

  • Can't wait til Rick Scott sees this:

  • 97% of 77 scientists polled in a non-scientific study, don't forget to add that, Cent. Quit whoring yourself out to the man.

  • My god Rick Scott is a dumb piece of shit

  • Vote these demons out of office.

  • Bobby Jindal was bang on when he referred to the GOP as "The Stupid Party".

  • My god…have these people NEVER read the first Amendment? Well, see who is right and who is underwater.

  • TYT great scource for information, waaaay better than cnn, fox blah blah political propganda bullshit

  • That remain me of the politicians in Atlas Shrugged, if there was facts that they hated they would try and blank out anything related to that fact.

  • The climate has changed, is changeing and will always change. The earth cools and warms, all the fucking time, these are the things IT DOES! When disscusing the topic of whether or not man is contributing in a mesurable sense-which we are then it becomes a topic about  POLLUTION, which should be the real moniker and term used when descriding what humans are contributing to the worlds natural cycles. And when you look at it that way, what do the brightest minds on planet suggest we do? Pay carbon taxes? Yup, lets not right now cut our dependence on oil and cutting down trees for paper and bog roll, putt sactions on companies spewing out toxic waste and poisonous fumes. Nope we need to tax people more and make the rich people ritcher. We are not causeing global warming or climate change, the fucking planet does that all by itself, we are the ones causeing our own problems not the worlds, with POLLUTION.

  • Eh, they could just say "change in climate" and "warming of the earth". Would make a good workaround for them. Also they should probably move the fuck out of Florida.

  • i wonder if real estate is worth a shit over there.  how could you buy something you knew was going to be under water?  i guess you would have to be an idiot like the government officials of florida to do such a thing.  

  • I had once thought that my faith in humanity was depleted.  It seems that this was entirely incorrect in that there was a small, tiny sliver left in the cheese wheel.  That sliver is not eaten by the ignorance of the american people.

    CHEESE FOR EVERYONE!  Scratch that, cheese for no one.  You don't deserve it.

  • Wow everyone is so senstive and banning words or truth is not going to change anything. Left and right do this.

  • Reality has taken a back-seat to ignorant creationist bible-thumpers such as Scott, Cruz, et al, who represent a clear and present danger to America.

  • Good to know that Florida has completely solved the problem.

  • Is there a violation of the 1st Amendment regarding Free Speech? Please provide the Florida State legislative number so I can release such? (I'm busy researching other things regarding "Integrity & Ethics" in the media and don't want to find such for myself. I can but is you reply to me with the proof, it will be public and others can do the same)

  • Florida: The "La-la-la, I can't HEAR you!", state.

  • Christianity does this all through history.. They get in control and they bring the dark ages. Look at hygiene in Rome before Christianity and then compare it to the dark ages just before the plague. Now compare that to vaccine denial churches in usa. Look at everything like a paranoid nsa agent trying to prevent ww3.. One word = religion.. Sickness and climate are a HOAX! LMAO its SICK..

  • Anybody fired for that cause will win a big lawsuit on the issue.

  • Well, this is pretty sick and I wonder how it can even be legal…
    But unfortunatelly it is not only an issue of the right wing, the left does it very similar, at least in Germany. They also try to shut you up by banning words and phrases and making it almost impossible to talk about certain topics, e.g. problems with immigration.

  • Right Wing catchphrase: "Fuck reality, evidence and science"

  • Great logic. 90% of people believe in a God, therefore there must be one. And, WTF are you doing dragging Muslims into a debate about climate change in Florida? This channel gets more puerile, biased and irrelevant by the day.

  • well enjoy more massive hurricanes you stupid Floridians.

  • Can't they take this to the supreme court? This is a clear violation of the First Amendment.

  • You talk like this is the first time words have been banned to shut the debate when those in power had not facts. Have you heard of political correctness?

  • Y'know, anti-intellectualism is generally not something to be proud of, not a scientist indeed.

  • Well i wonder how bad global warming will affect Florida. "Hears footsteps", oh shit they're here!

  • Whatever happened to Free Speech in the United States of America? Wasn't there something about that in the Constitution you're so proud of?

  • the water not rising Florida is sinking and i guess it's not just California and New York people in Florida are loosing their rights too

  • I live in Florida and most people hate his guts . He is so CREEPY and such a SLIME BALL . The elections in Florida are
    RIGGED , BIG TIME !!!!

  • If someone from another country watch this video I will like to know what you think, please don't text sometime offensive

  • its kinda like when you cover your eyes, you become invisible.

  • Interesting article on man-made global warming http://www.evolutionnews.org/2014/08/when_ideology_t088701.html

  • Rick Scott is a certifiable idiot!!! He should've never been elected. Grrrr ….

  • One thing that the extreme right and the extreme left have in common is that they both want to censor their opposition.

  • About 30 years ago climate scientists said Jacksonville my home town would be under water by 2015

  • This is why I love gov Scott

  • Republicans willing to burn the first amendment but fighting to keep the second.

  • this reminds me of that south park episode on global warming

  • I'm starting to hate this issue because no one ever responds with the largest contributor for climate change which is ANIMAL AGRICULTURE!! Watch Cowspiracy!! Animal agriculture causes more greenhouse gas emissions and water pollution than all the planes, cars, trains, and ships on the planet! Somebody tell Cenk that while he's eating his gyros in front of vegans and chiding Republicans for not caring about the climate.

  • The voting machines in Florida are owned by a private business of which Rick Scott is associated. Rick Scott spent $75 million to get elected to the Governor's job which pays $130K a year. Now you figure out how this piece of shit got elected.

  • No Cenk, you ARE an Idiot.

  • 90% oh yea……..but i can say there is 90% that says the opposite…and yea your not a scientist so if you did read what these scientist's said how would you know that they are right in the first place

    finding out the information if one thing understanding it is another

  • I'm not a scientist so what

  • September 2017. Irma's about to swallow the entire southern part of the state. Poems have been written worse than this.

  • Florida elected scott ..a guy who has done everything he can to hinder the will of the people on legal cannabis..why is would you vote him in?

  • Hopefully, Florida’s Right Whingers can neither swim nor tread water. Here today shark shit tomorrow.

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