Fossil Fuels: The Greenest Energy

What if I told you that someone had developed
an energy source that could help us solve our biggest environmental challenges, purify
our water and air, make our cities and homes more sanitary, and keep us safe from potential
catastrophic climate change? What if I also told you that this energy source was cheap,
plentiful, and reliable? Well, there is such a source. You probably
know it as fossil fuel. Oil. Natural gas. Coal. But wait? Don’t fossil fuels pollute our
environment and make our climate unlivable? That, of course, is what we’re told…and
what our children are taught. But let’s look at the data. Here’s a graph you’ve
probably never seen: the correlation between use of fossil fuels and access to clean water.
More fossil fuel. More clean water. Am I saying the more we that we have used fossil fuel,
the cleaner our water has become? Yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying. In the developed world, we take clean water
for granted. We turn on a tap and it’s there. But getting it there takes a massive amount
of energy. Think of the man-made reservoirs, the purification plants, the network of pipes.
In the undeveloped world, it’s a much different story. They lack the energy, so they lack
clean water. More fossil fuel. More clean water. The same is true of sanitation. By the use
of cheap, plentiful, and reliable energy from fossil fuels, we have made our environment
cleaner. Take a look at this graph. More fossil fuel. Better sanitation. Okay, what about air quality? Here’s a graph
of the air pollution trends in the United States over the last half century based on
data from the Environmental Protection Agency. Note the dramatic downward trend in emissions,
even though we use more fossil fuel than ever. How was this achieved? Above all, by using
anti-pollution technology powered by… fossil fuel: oil, natural gas and coal. But even without modern pollution control
technology, fossil fuel makes our air cleaner. Indoor pollution—caused by burning a fire
inside your house, cabin, hut or tent to cook and keep warm—was a deadly global problem
until the late 19th century when cheap kerosene, a fossil fuel byproduct, became available
in America and Europe. Indoor pollution is still a major issue in the developing world
today. The best solution? Fossil fuel. And now we come to the biggest fossil fuel
concern of all—global warming. On this very sensitive topic we need to get our terms straight:
There is a big difference between mild global warming and catastrophic global warming. We
can all agree on that, right? The issue isn’t: does burning fossil fuel have some warming
impact? It does. The issue is: is the climate warming dangerously fast? In 1986 NASA climate scientist James Hansen—one
of the world’s most prominent critics of the use of fossil fuels—predicted that “if
current trends are unchanged,” temperatures would rise 2 to 4 degrees in the first decade
of the 2000s. But as you can see from this graph, since 2000 the trend line is essentially
flat—little or no warming in the last 15 years. That’s probably why we hear much
less talk about “global warming” and much more talk about “climate change.” Has this “climate change” made our world
more dangerous? The key statistic here, one that is, unfortunately, almost never mentioned,
is “climate-related deaths,” that is, how many people die each year from a climate-related
cause, including droughts, floods, storms, and extreme temperatures. In the last eighty
years, as CO2 emissions have rapidly escalated, the annual rate of climate-related deaths
worldwide has rapidly declined — by 98%. The reason is that the energy from fossil
fuel has allowed the developed world to build a durable civilization, one highly resilient
to extreme heat, extreme cold, floods, storms, and so on. The developing world—where natural
disasters can still wreak terrible havoc— would like the chance to do the same. But to do
that they will need a lot more energy. The cheapest, fastest and easiest way to get that
energy is from fossil fuels. In sum, fossil fuels don’t take a naturally
safe environment and make it dangerous; they empower us to take a naturally dangerous environment
and make it cleaner and safer. I’m Alex Epstein of the Center for Industrial
Progress for Prager University.

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  • Was this A joke?

  • scam. This video is BAD

  • Coal doesn't make water clean energy does so yes you can do the exact same things with renewable

  • More fossil fuel doesn't equal more clean water; more ENERGY equals more clean water.

  • Yes acid rain is very nice

  • Ever heard of water purifier?

  • This shouldn't be about just fossil fuel, but fuel in general. Internal combustion engines can work in harder conditions that electric motors can, at least right now an in the coming 30 years.

    However, we can use other things as fuel, there have been projects with hydrogen in combustion engines that have worked. And if we get that hydrogen from clean sources it's co2 neutral as well.

  • piss off

  • PragerU is paid to say stuff like this by Dan and Farris Wilkes who own a hydraulic fracking company!

  • Just out of curiosity, who funds your videos? Is there any chance they may be skewing your opinion on this just a wee bit?


  • wow. what a load of bollocks.

  • A note about charge controllers>>> I was told by a solar engineer that to leave a controller always connected to a panel without also being connected to battery at the same will eventually burn out the controller. Be aware of this. You gave a very nice presentation; Very basic & easy to understand. Nice work.

  • correlation is not causality!

  • Greenest as in like Money wise right?

  • Polio rates in the US have gone down, while amount of Mcdonalds opened in the us have gone up, showing that with more McDonalds stores, there is less polio in the US. This is the same logic that this video uses.

  • I wonder what they're trying to sell us…. 🤔

  • Holy crap guys my balls pooped

  • Climate change may be a hoax, But pollution isn’t.

  • Hurray for short term solutions! Let’s all stick our heads in the sand and enjoy some of that “safe” fossil fuel energy. Here are some charts I’ve cherry picked to prove my point. Go back to eating your slough, cows! 🙂


    Like = agree

    Dislike = dislike global warming / climate change.

    Comment = you suport this video

  • Listen to this guy explain why old people need to be able to make money off of fossil fuels and destroy the planet, since they will be dead before the problems set in. Real great, keep the propaganda coming.

  • yes because there is obviusly a correlation between fossil fuel and clean water.


  • This is literally wrong in every way

  • This shit should tell you all you need to know about PragerU…obviously some propaganda that serves large corporations

  • Please tell me this is satire … please

  • Nobody needs this fake news. Honestly, You are LOSING subscribers because of this video. Plus how can you ignore the data that proves that co2 causes global warming

  • Peoples! We are going to use fossil fuels till they ran out anyways! Use them wisely and appreciate what they have given us! It is STUPID to dismiss them on basis of CO2 without a propper alternative (nuclear). This video makes scence. The demonizing of fossil fuels will bring us nowhere.

  • In fact "global warming" doesn't even exist, the trend from *US Historical Climatology Network Stations* shows rather cooling than warming. However temperature of air is increasing.
    How that's happen? While the night temperature rise, day temperature keep DECREASING!
    Why? Because there is more and more plants…yes. Earth overall become greener since little ice age.

    P.S. Greenhouse effect does NOT exist! The temperature of the planet depend on the air density and albedo, not the composition. Albedo depend on the space weather like cosmic rays&solar activity, there is more of them lately causing clounds.

  • Prager U is funded by the people who brought you flammable water. Frackers who I guess are great. More oil = clean water. Thx Prager U!

  • Soooo
    Are we just going to ignore acid rain?

  • Nuclear energy is the best so f u prageru

  • This channel is funded by oil rich millionares that pay corrupt politicians…

  • Fake so called University.

  • I see the budget for this video went towards the editing instead of conducting research.

  • Excellent video


  • I have never watched such an asinine video before.

    "All these things that are unrelated to CO2 emissions improved over time, whilst CO2 emissions increased! This clearly means CO2 emissions = super good awesome fumes that help install water wells in Africa and have NEVER had an impact on the environment!"

    Prager U: Trust us when we talk about fossil fuels! As a company funded by billionaires who profit off fossil fuels, we're clearly the bestest source regarding the impacts of fossil fuels.

  • So what's the plan when you run out of fossil fuels

  • >be Alex Epsrein
    >graduate from philosophy, Say Ayn Rand is your greatest influence
    >have no education in energy use
    >go on the most conservative platform on youtube
    >Say fossil fuels good even though they emit dangerous pollution

  • Friendly reminder two of the main funders of PragerU are Dan and Farris Wilks, fracking billionaires! 🙂

  • I tend to be really conservative on many things but this is just pure bs

  • How stupid is he, does he realize that when theres more people theres more fossil fuels and that also means they shit and need more water so they'll HAVE to be more water and sewage.

  • Ask the farmers if the climate isn't changing
    The rivers are drying
    The hydro power lakes are drying
    In Africa, our winters are nor different from our summers
    And you are there saying
    it's not a problem that needs fixing
    You might be trying your best not to be on the side of the majority
    But your stance is extreme stupidity

  • Hey guys. Umm did you know that.. Umm the more our population increased.. The cleaner water got?
    Literally replace fossil fuel with anything that has grown the past 200 years. Holy guacamole.

  • What if I told you that uranium is the best cure for thyroid cancer?

  • PragerU was funded primarily by fracking, for those who aren't in the know or are coming along to this late.

  • I am going to use this video to show my students how they can not believe everything the watch on the internet

  • Koch brothers are P L E A S E D .

  • Why is nobody talking about the fact that in his graph about air quality, no greenhouse gases are listed. He lists ammonia, particulate matter, sulfur dioxide, nitric oxide, volatile organic compounds, and carbon monoxide. Those may have some relation to fossil fuel combustion, however no greenhouse gas is talked about and tropospheric ozone is completely ignored. I hate that propaganda and misinformation can spread like this, and potentially even miseducate people in today’s society.

  • How much are the Wilks brothers paying you for this shit?

  • more energy = more clean water. Why does it have to be fossil fuels?

  • yes all true and remember
    fossil fuel's help keep our oceans clean

    helps keep our air clean

    save us from climate change…0.0..0.114.408.2j2……0….1..gws-wiz-img…….0i67j0i30j0i8i30j0i24.opu2RO7Un5g&ved=0ahUKEwiWjbejz-LjAhVLu54KHQRHBvMQ4dUDCAY&uact=5#imgrc=zj3BqOlerdhKEM:

    and so much more

  • Look at this dude's eyebrows. LMAO

  • What a shocker of a video.
    Suck on a tailpipe and get back to me on clean air.

  • And smoking cigarettes is good for you!

  • So we use fossil fuels to get energy to purify water, but the FF is polluting the water, so fossil energy is purifying water that was polluted to get energy. That is wasted energy. We wouldn't need to purify the water as much if we didn't use fossil fuels! -_-

  • This is why you shouldn't trust PragerU, biased and knows NOTHING about science and Global Warming.

  • 0:01
    "What if I told you….."
    I would say you are lying haha

  • 3 years later- Arctic nearly completely melts, CO2 atmosheric concentration up 10%

  • Objective question: How do you handle fossil fuels not being an infinite?

  • They don’t recognize that we are running out of fossil fuels.

  • The pseudo-intellectuals of our day think they can look at any trend, spout the phrase "correlation does not equal causation" and think they've won. The expanded form of that phrase should be "correlation does not immediately indicate causation". Everyone who blabbed that phrase ignored his explanation of how these correlations actually do amount to causation. He explained how fossil fuels have given us the energy to improve sanitation, the cleanliness of our water, emission reductions, and air quality.

    Also, the point of PragerU is too invite a multitude of viewpoints from any point on the right. Usually, people who speak on a certain subject regularly. I'm not sure I agree entirely with his argument: I still need to do more research on this subject, but my point was to defend him from the dumb comments regarding correlation vs causation.

  • I'm debunk this BS.
    Slavery helped boost pretty much every aspect of a country. It's free labour. Countries developed and thrived because of it. So. Is Slavery good? No. It's not.

  • There are people who believe this shit?

  • In the past 100 years, the global population of pandas has declined. Also, the amount of schools in rural areas has increased. This means the decline in population of panda bears has directly led to an increase in education in rural areas.

    The numbers don't lie, folks.

  • Most of u people that comment are looking at it all wrong with this correlation does not mean causation objection. You must ask yourself, would we have the ability to produce clean water without the use of fossil fuels in the past, present, & future? I think not.

  • Fun fact: PragerU receives much of its funding from fossil fuel/fracking companies.

  • * john cena enters chat *
    Are you sure about that

  • Love how he brings up things that have no correlation to fossil fuel use. "Did you know that the more we use fossil fuels the more dogs are born?"

  • I think it's funny that the advertisement I get before I watch this video is anti straw video. How many tons of straws are used in the world per year? Yeah environmentalist don't know because it's insignificant.

  • Prager is funded by fracking 😳😳😳

  • Careful, with videos like these, you might let slip that you're sponsored by the Wilks brothers.

  • i guess it's ironic

  • I didn't know negative iq was possible

  • Correlation is not causation, the reason for increase in fossil fuel use may be increased energy consumption, and the reason for water purity may be improvement in fossil fuel filters… or sewage plants.
    We can get energy via nuclear and renewable power as well.
    The drop of climate related deaths may have been caused by architectural improvements, food stockpiling, more reliable agriculture, et cetera.
    Besides, fossil fuel plants are rather expensive to keep working in comparison to nuclear or renewable power. Third world countries may be able to skip the fossil fuel stage we had due to lack of reliable, renewable power plants we didn't have due to technological development. Now we got the technology.

  • This is what’s wrong with humanity

  • Lmao look at the pollution in India

  • Theyve gone full mask-off on who they get their money from

  • Ah yes completely reliable PragerU graphs

  • Check mate environmental scientists


  • Most of these graphs only show the data between 1990-2010. That's only 20 years of data. And even when they show a graph over a much larger period of time it's between the 1930-2000, you know when climate change wasn't that much of a problem.

  • this is retarded

  • Shut up boomer

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  • This is so mind numbingly stupid

  • Thank you for this informative video, I’ve never laughed at a moronic company like this in ages

  • This is the video ecquivalent of having someone in your class not knowing what they’re talking about to shut up and sit down

  • Seriously, The Fossil Fuel Companies have their hands so far up your ass. You look like a damn Muppet

  • Omfg how idiot can you be?

  • Bruh

  • Imagine being so stupid you see a flat line and say it’s going up, then see an increasing line and say it’s staying flat. And then to tie it up your argument is an attempted assertion without the will

  • All the benefits of fossil fuels that he describes, such as giving people access to clean water, could be achieved with any electricity. Including electricity that doesn't pollute the water.

  • I'm confused. Is this channel satire?

  • I usually enjoy the content on prageru but god damn this is a shitshow

  • Prager U got some big brain energy lmaoooo

  • .you are so dumb man.

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