Fox News FURIOUS That Americans Believe in Climate Change

We’ve heard really stupid arguments from climate
science deniers on Fox News before. That’s nothing new. We’ve heard, oh, it’s cold in winter in North
Dakota. Clearly there’s no climate change. We’ve heard, oh, plants breathe carbon dioxide. So more of it must be good. We’ve heard, oh, a senator threw a snowball
in the Senate in winter. Climate change clearly is fake, but they are
now starting to actually get angry and frustrated on Fox News that all these stupid liberals
actually believe climate change as a problem or better said, except the science on the
issue of climate change. Check out this totally unintelligible and
quite frankly, moronic rant from Pete Hegseth on Fox News. The biggest national security threat according
to Bernie Sanders is climate change. The left says it all the time. This is what they believe in is their religion. They want to fight the weather. Uh, the rest of us want to deal with real
threats that want to take away our freedoms. And in re think about four years ago, what
was that? 2015 isis was still, uh, you know, this was
during Obama’s term, isis was still a huge problem. The caliph, it was their president Trump ran
on destroying isis, which he did to their physical caliphate. Now there’s remnants that we need to be concerned
about today that’s taking on a real threat directly. Uh, w whether it’s hot or cold, the enemy
is here as far as liberals are concerned and it’s all control for them. That’s why climate change is the perfect enemy. They get to control your life, to deal with
it, no matter what’s happening. Can you imagine being so out of touch with
reality that when you see the left wanting to deal with climate change, a crisis today,
you think it’s about liberals wanting to control the lives of people? Like can you imagine a dumber and less informed
take on this issue other than maybe climate change is a hoax created by China? Again, the weather versus climate trope surfaces,
again, this couldn’t be more clear. They are frustrated that the left understands
and believes and more importantly accepts science. They are mad that the left isn’t falling for
their propaganda the way that many of their own viewers have fallen for it. They actually talk about belief in climate
change as if it’s like belief in God. You either have faith in it or you don’t,
but there’s no knowable objective reality. And unfortunately for many Fox News viewers,
maybe God is more real than climate change in terms of how they view this concept of
belief and faith in which is genuinely scary and maybe a conversation for a different day. But I actually think that the whole concept
of belief is a misnomer. You can accept or not accept the science,
but belief and faith is actually irrelevant to the reality. We shouldn’t let them use this language around
these issues because it blurs the lines between belief in God and belief in science. Science as a process. You can accept it or not. You can understand it or not, but it simply
is. It is not pseudo religious in the way that
peaks Pete Hegseth is talking about. Fox is mad that people accept empirical evidence
over Fox’s anti-science propaganda. That’s fundamentally what this is about. And listen, it’s not just Bernie saying climate
change is a national security threat. The Pentagon agrees, the military gets it. We’ve talked about their assessments. When the Pentagon says, we see this as such
a serious issue that we’re going to lay out a plan to fight climate change for national
security reasons. It’s real. They are the extremists on Fox News. When you look at acceptance of climate change
around the world, American right-wingers aren’t just out of place in the United States or
out of touch in the United States. They’re out of place around the world. Even rightwing parties in most other countries
except climate change and human effect on Climate Change, American conservatives are
truly the bizarre, crazy outliers who simply won’t and yes, Bernie’s right. Climate change is a national security threat,
but the anti science right-wingers are also a security threat and we’re fighting them
at the same time. Let me know your thoughts. I’m on Twitter at d pacman. The show is on [email protected]
slash David Pakman where you can use your Amazon prime subscription to sign up to my channel with twitch prime. It costs you nothing, but it counts as a paid
subscription for us and I hope they’ll do that.

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  • can we address a serious topic like an intelligent species for once, instead of this petty shit that fox promotes.

  • Fear mongering by telling viewers that Democrats will be controlling us by putting scientific proof into action. It's ironic that Donald Trump wants to buy Greenland, a country where climate change is in your face undeniable. Well, Trump would still call it a hoax.

  • Fox News hosts angry and frustrated? Heat will do that.

  • This is a suicide train that is running out of control… Climate change is real, of course.

    But, its not what the left says. It is natural and a result of the Sun and Earth's interactions…

    Man is polluting the Earth and destroying our future with that… man is not producing more CO2 that the planet can manage without destroying our future.

    The climate disruption will destroy the food production and monopolized mega-food production that industry has created to maximize profits for the few who can own these enterprises. Cloud seeding will make things worse, if it does anything. Eliminating CO2 is pointless. Stopping pollution would help the shrinking livable habitat, but it won't change climate change.

    The solution for climate change will destroy the economic foundation of our great world economy and collection of political systems… We need to take control of the Earth's magnetic field and shield the planet from the increasing cosmic rays. That requires real science that was discovered and suppressed since 1895.

    So, get ready. Our leaders will not band together to implement revolutionary changes like these… the climate will change no matter what we do without changing the entire political environment… and the changing climate will destroy food production and billions will starve and WW3 will either begin, or martial law will make it seem like it has… Peace, B

  • Pete Hegseth , talk about clueless idiot .. He doesn´t understand that climate change do IMPACT people all around the world .. and people in poor countries who live with farms and when there is no rain because of the climate , there will no food .. Older people DIES when the heat is to HIGH .. Well , I guess a Pete doesn´t can face reality because he can afford water and food everyday ..

  • The Deplorables believe the bible but not the scientists. That just about explains them in a nut shell. No pun.

  • You have to view fox and friends as if it's a scripted and acted out sitcom. It is much easier on your brain. These fox people are charlatan kooks.

  • No fucking wonder half of americans are literally braindead retards. They sit in the safety of their little homes, absorbing dogshit information from elites. Then they support the elites, and cry about being suppressed by the elites. Actual dogshit country. Can't wait until the earth starts destroying major cities, then they're tunes will change real fucking quick.

  • They are NOT frustrated that the Left accepts the science of Climate Change.
    The ARE frustrated that independents and many Republicans now accept the science of Climate Change. They ARE frustrated that the vast majority of those under 30 accept Climate Change.
    They are losing this argument, AND they are losing the future.

  • Fox News is owned by Rupert Murdoch who is NOT AMERICAN!!
    News outlets should be required to be domestically owned.
    News outlets should be required to say who owns them during every broadcast, so that we know what their agenda is.
    Are they owned by foreign billionaires, like Fox?
    Are they owned by a foreign government, like RT?
    Are they owned by a major corporate conglomerate, like NBC???
    We should know this.

  • David and everyone!
    I have to tell you I am getting notifications from you BUT today I clicked on your video and a HUGE add for Wikipedia about climate change came up. The rest of the screen had a survey asking how satisfied I was with the notification? I clicked NOT AT ALL. Well the climate change Wikipedia stayed on the screen. I believe they asked in reference to YOUR NOTIFICATION and probably added that to the algorithm. I feel like it was bait and switch. Not good. ?

  • I'm pretty sure that's the statisticc on driving High is invalid because marijuana stays in the body for long periods of time and just because you tested positive for marijuana doesn't mean you were high while driving.
    I've driven High more times than I can count and not once have I ever gotten pulled over or gotten into a car crash because of it.

  • Even the Pentagon, rightly, believes climate change IS a threat.

  • @davidpakman my data on climate change would make the green new deal look like a Republican plan…
    Check out my interview on Status Coup.

  • Wannabe Gestapo leaders. This guy is probably also a holocaust denier.

  • they must really love hamburgers at fox news.

  • Fight the weather??? Climate is not weather but wtf do i know I didn’t go to college ??‍♂️

  • tucker fucked a goat, his mother had a headache.

  • "the enemy is here" WTF!?! this is why people are shooting other people. good lord, this needs to stop.

  • I feel that I am getting dumber just by watching those morons.

  • The right has lost its mind.


  • you must be IMBECIL TO WATCH or Work for FOX NEWS

  • Fox News are getting paid to deny climate change…it's that simple !

  • Nothing will make me happier then when our idiot presidents Florida home starts to go underwater. I'll even come there and throw in a bucket myself.

  • If they accept climate change, it's a slippery slope to reject litteral 6 day creation.

  • Fox news= fake news

  • at this point i think those loser live in that studio

  • These fuckers are dangerous to the planet because these idiots actually believe in the flood so their argument is god said he would not try to kill all of us again and will come back anyway so why not destroy the planet while we're at it…how perfectly stupid is that?

  • The science is pretty clear on this and by the way scientists were talking about this when I was a kid growing up in the 70s so it's nothing new. Fox news knows better….

  • Tweet it out that Obama hated trees – then Trump might take some action.

  • I believe in climate change and I like climate change because it means more summer and less winter or warmer winter seasons where I'm located.

  • Why it cold stupid trump support

  • I’m so frustrated with these idiots and there so many of them!

  • You think ISIS is defeated you're stupider than stupid. No one can be this dumb but then Trump wouldn't exist without this level of stupid.

  • I don't advise smoking cannabis when driving UNLESS your a seasoned cannabis user like myself.
    AND a licensed driver with a 0 point driving record kept for decades.
    I've been a patent for years, and smoked it through my teens.
    Police have given me field test when smoke was barreling out the windows.
    The officer's have stated repeatedly that if he hadn't smelled it, or seen it he would have never known I was smoking it.
    Keep in mind, I smoke a 1/4oz of $70 top shelf every three to five days.
    Be safe!

  • There is a movement out of the UK ~ Extinction Rebellion and there videos where they detail ecosystem after ecosystem and the science of human destruction is simply soul crushing – soul crushing that there is such a lag in leadership and response. Watching the mini series Chernobyl exposes what fools we humans can be. Let’s listen to the guy who four years earlier ran a shoe factory.
    Is it hysterical to say we are dooming our children.

  • Check my Twitter feed today(if you find time). Someone was putting satellite information in my face and thought I was going to believe him.
    I researched ice cores, satellite, and even NOAA On Google tells you what David is saying.

  • I like how the girl in the fox video at the end of his rant was basically like what the fuck are you talking about…….

  • It's not liberals, it's science. Democrats want to save the planet for our future generations. I was this close to voting for Trump last election until he started saying climate change was fake. I'm voting Andrew Yang.

  • I always use the word "understand" instead of "believe" when taking about climate science, evolution, and the creation of the universe to clarify the difference in how we reach such "left wing" conclusions.

  • A short lesson; Silence is not a thing, it is the absence of sound the same way darkness is the absence of light. Cold follows the same comparison it is simply the absence of heat. Heat, also known as thermal energy is what drives weather. The more heat, the more often and more violent the weather. This is a fact and beyond dispute. (Known by any 6th grader)
    Understand first, then speak.

  • It is not only that Fox News hosts are out of touch with reality. It is also that their salaries depend on denying climate change. If any Fox News host even hints that he or she believes in climate change, they would be out of a cushy job and bought out of any contract they might have.

  • "Global warming? but it's still snowing"
    Morons. These people are a very real and serious risk to the survival of our species. Think about that

  • Idiots….i guess they want the earth to be a hotbox then

  • What’s w this weird high/drunk driving PSA at the end of this? Did I miss a segue or is this like paid ads? I would love to hear David break down the science of marijuana intoxication and driving both in terms of evidence, the existing trash means of testing thc levels to measure intoxication, and the efforts being made to come up with new tech and better standards on these subjects. One of the few areas David is most lacking in is drug policy and science and it’s fertile ground from a progressive perspective, new interesting science that flips things on its head (David should interview Carl hart and Marc Lewis), and that criminal justice and drug policy reform efforts are becoming popular and developing in interesting ways.

    I agree overall w him here though, but specifically driving high on weed isn’t near the problem as alcohol Or pharmaceuticals. MJ doesn’t cause the bad risk assessment of alcohol, it increases risk mitigation and the vast majority of people too stoned to drive don’t want to drive, and regular smokers are fine to drive high. So it is important to distinguish without encouraging, and discuss pharmaceuticals in that mix – opiates, benzodiazepines, ambien, etc

  • Jewish lies

  • Climate Change is a Hoax

  • That is what happens when attend school but don't learn ?, Fuk and Friends idiots! At least make an educated argument..??‍♂️ #scienceisreal

  • Omg "Fox and Friends" their nonsense makes everyone's IQ go down by hearing them.

  • Very well articulated.. hits nail right on head with the rights portrayal of climate science…ty.
    Its easy to see and even understand what theyre doing but articulating it really brings it home… they pretend like science is comparable to religion.. as if choosing your religion is the same as understanding scientific research

  • Out of touch with reality is the result of home schooling where the advanced science course is a Noah's Ark coloring book.

  • Interview for a job on Fox: Interviewer: Are you stupid? Interviewee: Yes. Interviewer: Start on Monday.

  • Well I really hope that the US army will start reducing its emission. The US Army is consuming more tha a lot of industrial countries. It would be good for the earth if there was something done about this. I live in NL and I have solar panels, I stop eat meat and I am trying to limit my flights but now we need US army help to stop emitting CO2.

  • … America is fucked as long as you allow brainwashing programs like Fox.


    Anyway. Yes. This is the beauty of satanism. The truth is true no matter what you think or feel. A satanist, (as I understand satanism) seeks only to understand the truth while illuminating the lies of religious like christianity and islam.

  • I love that they have gone all in on this. This is going to ruin their entire party very soon.

  • Butt bro. I’m a literal idiot.

  • “Whether it’s hot or cold.” Sigh. Yeah, that’s what we’re focusing on, and the end all be all of the subject. It’s not the effects of those temp changes that make us concerned, from rising sea levels to more volatile weather, to less nutritious food. Yeah, “whether it’s hot or cold,” we’re concerned. People can be offended at anything now. ??‍♀️

  • So while the number one crisis is climate change, the number two crisis in the US has to be the education system, that it can churn out so many people who still don’t get what everyone else on the planet knows to be the number one problem.

  • New US wind costs 2 cents per kilowatt hour. New US solar PV costs 3 cents per kilowatt hour sold to competitive utilities. Australia's 100MW wind farm battery with Tesla Powerpacks is smoothing, balancing, backing up and firming the grid there faster, better and cheaper than natural gas peak plants there. Arizona APS just bought 850MW grid batteries along with 100MW of new solar PV. 18 states are now pushing 30% wind powered. Iowa is 35% wind powered with among the lowest electricity prices in the US.
    Renewables now produce more electricity than coal. Please remember US solar PV
    employs 350,000 workers.

  • Stop being MSM puppets and don’t watch, and specially listen, to their horrific propaganda through these low grade actors.
    When people start to get the right point of view, their ratings will go down, and eventually we’ll get rid of them!
    While we criticize them as a pass time…we keep on supporting their ratings!

  • Every time I remember the 11 year time limit to stop climate change, and that so many people are too lazy to make basic changes to their lives to prevent it, it reaffirms my decision not to have kids.

  • Good on Fox News! Now expose the fake news about germs, mental illness and carcinogens!

  • Climate science has actually radically underestimated the rate of climate change. Things are worse than expected. But that's because Science is inherently conservative.
    Climate change is already costing America billions. Devastating floods, heat waves, worse hurricanes, huge forest fires, lost crops, immigration (yes, many immigrants are going to America because of devastating drout caused by climate change), huge increases in pest problems, rising oceans, even increased air turbulence making it more dangerous for air travel. This will accelerate in the coming decades. Arctic sea ice will soon be gone in the summer (surely within a decade, and possibly within a few years), and then the rate of warming will skyrocket. It's already happening. There has been massive melting in the Arctic and Antarctic this year. Not surprising when a temperature of almost 35 degrees celcius was recorded in the arctic circle. The arctic jet stream is becoming very erratic and is essentially dying, and many parts of the world are feeling the effects. There is evidence everywhere. The choice is whether we want to believe the fossil fuel deniers who wreak havoc in the political system, or take some sort of real action. One leads to a future of real, global devastation, that will affect every American. The other leads to a possible prevention of that.

  • You know what wasn't a threat to Americans? Isis. They were pretty busy trying to build a nation that was doomed from the start.

  • There is a scene in the Movie Deep Impact that is disturbing. The senator was loading his boat, for the end of days. That's why they don't care, they're taken care of….go figure.

  • Truly SAD ,3 pure morons.

  • "That's their religion!"
    Sure, and your Religion is based off a Jewish Zombie

  • The Flying Spaghetti Monster is depicted as a tangle of spaghetti with many Noodly Appendages, flanked by two delicious meatballs, and with a pair of googly eyes upon stalks. Such a depiction is merely a guess, of course, as the FSM is understandably invisible to all known forms of scientific detection. Although the exact airspeed velocity of an unladen Flying Spaghetti Monster is unknown, it is widely believed that it is more than likely to be faster than a cheetah. However, this is not the answer you are looking for. You need to think for yourselves!

    Whether or not the FSM is actually made of pasta is the subject of intense theological debate, with many claiming that the FSM is not made of pasta, but just appears to be, while others believe that to be a Flying Spaghetti Monster, the FSM must be made of pasta. The FSM is neither male nor female, but completely genderless, as the idea of a Monotheistic deity needing a gender or genitals is pretty silly when you really think about it. The genderless term Pastafarians refer to FSM as is ‘Quob’ – as in – ‘May you be Touched by Quob’s Noodly Appendage’ instead of referring to our deity’s Noodly Appendages as ‘his’ or ‘her’ Noodly Appendages
    All followers of the FSM hold that pirates are sacred and were the first Pastafarians. Climate change, earthquakes, hurricanes and other natural disasters are directly linked to the declining number of pirates worldwide. Many Pastafarians therefore choose to wear full pirate regalia as a means to help the environment and belay natural disasters. Other Pastafarians just like wearing colanders on their heads.

  • But we have proof.

  • Lol even the other two hosts were uncomfortable

  • Mattias and their own military claimed global warming as it's number one threat

  • Our earth is always changing, but humans are giving that extra boost. We need to develop other ways of living to slowdown the changing process, so that the next generation survives.

  • The right wing TRAITORs are radical CHRISTIAN terrorist!
    Time to take CHRIST out of CHRISTMAS

  • "Think about 4 years ago uhhh 2015…" It took him a while to figure that out. Moron.

  • Science, math and common sense are better than any religion… especially the religion of Trump.

  • Hi from Australia we in Australia have the same problem with murdicks fox about time every one turn off this f ken company

  • I think we should imprison everyone who believes religious texts to be factual. They are clearly delusional and a danger to civilized society.

  • My grandfather didnt believe in climate change, i assembled a 5ish minute conversation where i shouwed him the FACTS, now he completely believes in it, and even uses the bible as proof, in Revelations it talks about how our planet will be destroyed with flames, no ozone layer? We all on fire my guy

    Also, the 5 hottest years in history have happened in the last 20 years, weve been tracking weather since the 1800s, and in the last 20 has been the 5 hottest years ever, thats fucking scary, and to have a president that doesnt even believe in it? Even. Fucking. Scarier.

  • This didn't originate with Bernie, this is what the military is saying.

  • I know there are Americans with normal IQ levels,but honestly,the world mostly thinks of the trumps,the fox people and general gun mad racists and bigots when they think of the US these days..

  • Hegseth doesn't believe in washing his hands, because he doesn't think germs are real. Seriously.

  • What a joke Fox news is

  • Global warming is a Theory or scientific theory. Some of the people who are studying the theory are scientists. The scientific method has experimentation and the same results after repeated experiments. We can't do that with man-made global warming. We don't have four earths.
    One to leave alone, one to pump full of extra C02, and one we think is being pumped full of C02 and then one to live on while we observe the other three. That's science.
    We've all known this since we were kids. It doesn't mean it isn't happening or there's no validity in say epidemiological research, climatology or psychology, but we all know the causation correlation argument. Sometimes it's right and sometimes we just think it is and then it's a big ass placebo, and that only happens to other people. Not us! Then it becomes a belief because people are pissed about being wrong. Repeating it's science and "believing"its happening doesn't make it any more scientifically valid. People on both sides make valid points. Calling one names invalidates the argument completely.

  • They also thinks we never walked on the moon. What are the (not) loonies going to say when it the planet is no more.

  • All the sharks eating people and being so close to beaches is not a wake up call ??‍♀️ Good thing I don’t swim.

  • I'm a fan of the show and agree with most things you say but I feel all your energy is wasted when we can't make one of these people to see the truth. It just seems like trying to stop the tide with a broom and is a futile endeavour. Ignorance does not know itself or recognize truth, only propaganda…so sad to see your country fall when I used to love it regardless who ran it. Now it's crossed a line for most of the world that will be hard to repair

  • These people are so retarded. I don’t want to exist anymore.


  • I feel sorry for my decendants

  • Lol, Russia and Iran destroyed ISIS u dumb cunt

  • Do those hosts really believe what they say, or are they just lying their asses of for their paychecks?

  • Wait a second trump destroyed isis? Bruh i think pete is so full of shit.

  • Ya, with all the evidence slapping them right in the face everyday, they still refuse to see the truth!
    Talk about tribal politics! The Catholic Church (and other religions), has refused to believe science over the years, because it refutes their version of the bible. It's the number one reason why people are leaving the church in droves, because the church refuses to come into the 21st Century!!! FAUX and FOES are just another example of how ridiculous these opinion hosts are – stupid, just stupid!!!

  • Trump might have got rid of isis, maybe, but he created a new monster in our backyard right wing extremists.

  • Murdoch is trying to keep people ignorant of science for a reason.

  • Omg unbelievable how stupid the american right is.

  • 0:56 “real threads” dude climate change is the most important and real threat

  • These republican cult members live in their own angry, racial bubble………They want to believe what they are told by fox and their dear leader. Facts and evidence will never sway them.

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