GeoHECRAS Review: GRUPPE WASSER – ZT Gesellschaft für Wasserwirtschaft GmbH

My name is Marcus Prantl. I work at GRUPPE WASSER,
a medium-sized civil engineering firm in Vienna, Austria. I take care of the IT and engineering projects but of course, I also put all my efforts to help the employees
involved in the projects at GRUPPE WASSER. I have studied Civil Engineering and Water Resource Management
at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences and have been working with
GRUPPE WASSER since 1996. Before using GeoHECRAS, we were using another software, and
there were four problems that mainly concerned time. Namely, creation of the terrain using laser data, creation of river reaches
and a combination of both. Also, bridge modeling was
very time consuming. Besides, when everything was ready, the computing and visualization
was a big problem. All these problems were solved
using the GeoHECRAS software. Before GeoHECRAS, we had to wait for 6 to 8 hours
to get the results. This time has reduced drastically,
and now it takes maximum 20 minutes. What I like the most about GeoHECRAS is
that generating terrain is very easy and also, it is visually traceable. In a few minutes the terrain is created and
combined with the river. My experience with CivilGEO technical support
has been amazing. I remember that when I had questions regarding
my project in GeoHECRAS, I received a call from
the US team in less than a minute and they solved the problem then and there. I recommend GeoHECRAS to all the companies that do
flood studies and river modeling as it saves a lot of time. I would like to thank CivilGEO for their great support, and I can say that with GeoHECRAS
we have saved a lot of time and money.

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