GET READY WITH ME – Natural Makeup + Environment Chat (2019)

Get ready with me using cruelty-free products and chit chatting about the environment Hi everybody! Welcome back to Zevaulia with me Zeva Today I would like to make a “Get ready with me” video. I want to show you how I usually do my makeup On a day-to-day basis What is special and unique about this “Get Ready With Me” video is not only will you see my day-to-day no makeup makeup natural look but I will also be sharing with you various environmental issues, facts, as of March 2019 I love makeup especially since my early 20s as you can see with these looks that I’ve made in the past, but… As I increased in age I don’t use makeup as much. I still have makeup and I experiment with it, but, usually when there are special events So on a day-to-day basis I like to keep things very simple as long as it makes my face looks fresh That is the most important thing for me The first thing that I do I usually use a priming water. It really freshens up my skin. It is always a good start to the day. I am using Studio Tropik’s flawless priming water So what I usually do is I spray this on my face and then I do a massage ritual that really makes my skin more relaxed in the morning As I spray this flawless priming water by Studio Tropik According to a 2018 report by the World Meteorological Organization The global mean sea level from January to July 2018 was around 2 mm – 3 mm higher than January to July 2017 This might seem small but actually it has evolved 3x faster compared to the 20th century and if we are not careful, this will rise even more So I usually dont use eye contours or eye creams on a daily basis in the morning but when I do, it’s usually because in that morning I feel really bogged down and tired and I just dont feel fresh but if I do want to use a boost, I usually use this to energise my eyes As I sweep this Flash Youth Eye Contour Concentrate by IOMA under my tired ageing eyes It shouldn’t tire you out to know that human-kind, should quicken their pace to care about the environment As quick as the number of animals being added to the endangered species list The reasons could be because of poaching, economic development, climate change, pollution, and the decline of their habitats This is one of my favourite face serums, I have other face serums as well, but this is the one I usually go back to frequently I usually use this in the evening but I also use this in the morning. And if I use this in the morning I only use a really thin layer because it is quite thick But it is very effective to get that dewy glow So as I drop a small drop of Natural Pacific’s Fresh Herbs Origin Serum, we need to know that as told by UN Water Water scarcity already effects every continent As humans pop babies out of the female womb, especially since the last century water use has been growing globally at more than twice the rate of population increase and this is apparent, not only in arid regions but also in urban areas out there This is my homemade alternative to petroleum jelly. If you want to know how to make this there’s a link down below on the description box, it’s super easy to make I do have moisturisers, I do have emulsions, but I also want to share with you guys about this recipe so a little goes a long way, you don’t really need a lot of this because it is very hydrating As I slather this all-natural balm that I made to moisturise my face As I speak, man-made pollution are affecting our environment Air, water, soil, noise, radioactive, lights and thermal they are interlinked We need to work together to tackle them all Before I put on any makeup I usually put on primer to make the makeup stay more longer on my skin throughout the day and today I will be using this luminous primer by Beauty Story because I want that dewy natural glow This really helps and it also contains powders that absorbs sebum, which is perfect for my combination skin As I make the base of my face glow with Beauty Story’s primer, that also contains sunscreen, to protect my face from the heat and UV rays of the sun Fires both climate-triggered and man-made are still occurring in various parts of the world forest fires, peatland fires, wild fires, you name it One of the most important steps that I do to prep my face is to hydrate my lips before I put any makeup on it, it is super important to use some lip balm and today I am going to be using Himalaya Herbals lip balm To nourish my lips I am using Himalaya Herbals lip balm. It contains wheat germ oil and also carrot seed oil There are many benefits we can get from agriculture. But did you know that on average 7 million hectares of tropical forests disappear every year Mostly from agriculture by large businesses and also smallholders The equivalent of 26 football fields every minute Nearly 40% of the world’s land surface is dedicated to agriculture We need to prevent further deforestation and push for deforestation-free agriculture Sustainable land use, for the win The skincare is done, now lets get to makeup So I’m going to be doing my eyebrows first. I’m using BrowGal’s double-ended spoolie and angled brush by Tonya Crooks And also the cult favourite Anastasia Beverly Hills dipbrow pomade in ebony As I shape and fill my eyebrows with ABH’s dipbrow pomade in ebony and using BrowGal’s brush, various stakeholders are designing innovations to tackle the climate crisis One of these ways is through renewable energy. Not only big companies are able to do this, but individuals can create renewable energy too. An example, the Solar Mama Initiative by the Barefoot College. That also empowers women It’s pilot started in India and now replicated in various parts of the world If you educate one woman, you will educate not only a family but also a community Now I’m going to be using concealer on my face and to apply the concealer I’m going to be using this little nugget. It’s super cute, it’s just like a little tiny fairy egg, little dragon egg. This is by Masami Shouko Sometimes I just want to conceal some parts of my skin. And when I do, I use a concealer, such as this one by Face Recipe. I can conceal some blemishes and spots on my face, but I can’t conceal the fact that The global society is drowning in plastic. An estimated of 18 billion pounds of plastic waste enters the world’s oceans from coastal regions A double-edged sword of what we call “modernisation” On a daily basis in exchange of foundation I usually use compact powder. This is what I prefer. This is one of the compact powders that I use. It’s from Sephora. It is in bronze matt tan No.35. As I tap this compact powder by Sephora on my skin We also need to tap into the potentials of the younger generation Both Millenials and also Gen-Z’s No matter their age we need to take them seriously And not think that they have nothing to offer on the table The older you get it does not mean that the wiser you will become and the more relevant experience you will accumulate Being wise and experienced knows no age Now lets go back to the eyes, I’m going to be using Urban Decay’s Naked 2 palette I always go back to this palette time and time again whenever I want neutral tones and also its primer potion for the brushes I’m going to be using brushes from Ecotools For a day-to-day look I usually use tease and a little bit hint of glitter from suspect I hope that through this YouTube channel of mine, I will gradually open peoples eyes too You don’t need to make any radical changes right away if you can’t. But, you can always start step-by-step as you absorb the reality we are in right now I’m putting tease all over my eyelid Btw I don’t always use eyeshadow every single day But if I want to look more put together I will definitely use eyeshadow So, FYI Blend it out a bit with the blending brush so it’s not too harsh After this I’m going to get the second colour suspect I’m going to put this at the middle I have so many mirrors in front of me at the moment One more! To complement tease and also suspect I’m going to be using bootycall in the inner corners of my eyes to make them pop So just here in the corners a little bit So to make my eye-look more complete I’m going to be using 3 things the first is Benefit’s Roller Lash and then Lakme’s Absolute Reinvent liquid eyeliner and also Shu Uemura’s eyelash curler So as how my Lakme liquid eyeliner and Benefit’s Roller Lash work together to form a nice frame around my eyes We need more partnerships between the public and also private sector because cross-sector solutions will always be 10 steps ahead compared to working in silos I like to start in the middle and I like to pull my skin taught, back, like that It just makes it easier I’m going to go to the other eye I’m making a little chunky wing so it’s not very thin and now I’m going to be using the eyelash curler So what I like to do is I like to curl my lashes and then straight away do the mascara before I go to the other eye So, one eye at a time because I want this curl to stay So you can see there is already a difference between my right and my left eye Now I’m going to do the other eye. So, I’m going to curl it I’m using a zig-zag motion I like to go and get into the bottom parts Make sure I get everything Now I’m going to be using some bronzer. I’m going to be using Benefit’s Hoola, cult favourite I love this cult favourite! So with every sweep of this Hoola Bronzer, to make my natural complexion more on fleek We need to limit global warming too to 1.5 degrees celcius as announced by the IPCC This would, however, require unprecedented, rapid, and far reaching changes In all layers of society Lets let our bronzer do the bronzing and not the heat of the sun I’m doing this super lightly because I dont want something that’s too harsh and apparent I just want a smooth touch Now on to highlighter. I’m going to be using a local Indonesian brand it’s called Goban I love this shade. It’s kind of like a champagne-ey shade. It’s called bronze nebula As you can see it has this really pretty champagne colour and I’m going to be using this highlighter brush from Ecotools So like my eyeshadow I don’t always use a highlighter on a daily basis but I do frequently use it on a daily basis and if I do I only use it lightly in various spots that catches the sun Environmental innovations by young professionals just to name a few you should check out the finalists of the UN Environment Young Champions of the Earth and the growing numbers of young professionals getting involved in climate entrepreneurship or ecopreneurship, sociopreneurship and many more across the globe and these initiatives should not only be supported by governments but also by investors in the private sector After using a highlighter I usually use a cheek tint or a blush and then I will blend them both together to make a more natural glow as I tap Face Recipe’s Marble Glow lip and cheek tint on my cheeks this gives a natural blush to my face, as natural as how the ecosystem should be when not being overly meddled by the hands of human kind as you can see, I’m blending in the cheek tint into the highlighter I’m going to take my highlighter brush and sweep it one more time Last but not least I’m going to be colouring in my lips I’m going to be using NYX’s Butter Lipstick in licorice As you can see the colour is a bit dark but I’m going to be using Real Technique’s lip brush and I’m going to be building up the colour. So by using this lip brush I will be blending it in, building it up layer by layer to make a more natural look As I swipe this finishing touch, I hope that each and every one of you who have been watching this video until the very end and who have been watching all my videos on my channel to really reflect about the choices you make every single day So here it is, my go-to glowy natural no makeup makeup look using cruelty free products Thank you for staying tuned to the very end of this first Get Ready With Me video If you like to see more of these videos, comment down below and dont forget to give your thumbs up and subscribe to my channel for future goodies Now I’m off to my next destination and see you in the next video! Bye!

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