Gina McCarthy: changing the conversation on climate change

If you look at the history of the
environmental movement, it has been bipartisan. You look at Richard Nixon, who actually started the US EPA. The time has come for man to make his peace with nature. You look at George H. W. Bush, who moved forward the Clean Air Act. We all know that human activities are changing the atmosphere in unexpected and in unprecedented ways. So it’s always been a bipartisan effort. I don’t know how it got where it is, but I do know it has to change. We can address the challenge of
climate change as best we can. For decades, Gina McCarthy has worked with both Republicans and Democrats to address
environmental challenges like air pollution and climate change. In recent years, however, the environment has become
increasingly polarized. To move the discussion forward, Professor McCarthy says policymakers and scientists need to rethink how they frame their messages. I think we have to stop rhetoric, where either side is claiming that the other doesn’t care about kids or their future, because we all care about it. If you’re going to put clean buses out there, electric buses, put them in the vulnerable communities that need it most. Because if you don’t think
that we’re all about justice and addressing inequities, you’re wrong. I’m trying not to get partisan, but to take politics out of science. Science is independently done and well done. People should be able to rely on that to make decisions. But scientists need to do their part to make the science accessible and relatable, McCarthy says. She says the language of climate science needs to shed its jargon, and stop focusing on polar bears in distant lands. I’ve been in the environmental world
for 40 years, and I have never convinced anybody
to take action, unless I made it real to them, and not just about tomorrow, but about their kids and their kid’s future today. Research shows that emphasizing the current, local impacts of climate change is often more effective in changing people’s
behavior than emphasizing future, global impacts. Highlighting efforts that could have
a tangible effect on people’s lives, McCarthy says, can help people see themselves as part of a viable solution. We can actually focus a lens on public health to improve people’s lives today, and that lens will steer us in exactly the direction that we need to go to address the challenge of climate change. That’s a sale we can all get behind. Right outside Washington, D.C., is a world of really great things happening. Cities, states are acting. Businesses are stepping up. Let’s work with them. Let’s see how far we can go.

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  • The problem is not the conversation.. it is not about truth or empathy… it is simply about corrupt politicians that favor money over morals… in many aspects where support is above 80%.. (such as sensible gun control to protect children, getting money out of politics, increasing politician's accountability) there is absolutely NO movement..but satisfying the NRA, donor class, and politicians self- interest.

    Even if 80% of people support preserving our planet, there will be lagging super slow superficial movement..Corporations, like politicians are too co pendent and selfish. The answer is political revolution where we make more difficult on corporations and politicians to keep going than to change to save our planet.

  • Human-caused Climate Change
    A totally unproven theory that is propped up by junk and fraudulent science. Young people are indoctrinated by the education establishment. Any questioning is stifled if at all possible.

    Environmental Movement Hypocrites
    Solar and wind create huge amounts of hazardous environmental junk and don't even produce power worth the cost that goes into them – must rely on major government subsidy.

  • For over 180 years scientists have been demonstrating that increased atmospheric CO2 causes global temperature increase. Among them, Joseph Fourier in 1824 and 1827; Eunice Foote in 1856; John Tyndall in 1859; Svante Arrhenius in 1896; C.J. Fox in 1909; John Henry Poynting in 1909; A. Angstron in 1918; Chamberlain and Fowle in 1916; Alexander Graham Bell in 1917; E.O. Hulburt in 1931; S.G. Callendar in 1937; Professor Gilbert Plass in 1956; Carl Sagan in 1972; Stephen Hawking in 1960; Isaac Asimov in 1968; Wally Broecker in 1975; Richard Feynman and "The Jasons" in 1980; and over 660 science organization in 35 countries with one dissent. Science won; brainwashed Free Market Justice Warriors lost.

  • Climate change so called science is so corrupted by political bias that no real science can be done (which would ultimately prove that carbon is NOT what you need to worry about). Carbon & carbon taxes make people a lot of money and give them a lot of control and power. Realize that and you can see what is going on. The fact that the dems (who love government control and regulation) are more pro-climate change is very telling here. Look for the money and you will see what it is about…

  • 1.  God kills Planet 1 of 2 with volcanism (The Miracle of Life thing)    2.  God shows a bonobo how to walk and talk  3.  Pope Francis goes Climate "crazy"  4.  Pascal's Wager is flipped Upside Down

  • LOL knock yourself out mamma.

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