Global Environmental Education Partnership (GEEP): A Global Learning Network

(Speaking in Chinese) (Speaking in Danish) The education, the pedagogy the issues are the same no matter where you are as a global network. We want to share, we want to learn and support each other. 1994 Taiwan EPA and USEPA signed an agreement in the field of environmental cooperation. So we have 20 years you know cooperation history. With EPA we see environmental literacy is really the core of all of our work. I would like to see GEEP really be a global voice of environmental education. A source of environmental education programming, best practices research, innovative thinking. I think of this is like a global movement. The Global Environmental Education Partnership offers a level of strategic initiative which you don’t often see at a national level. We have isolated associations, societies, or environmental education, but I think we are moving to the right direction. through GEEP to come together. What excites me about the GEEP is the idea of collaboration. It is a place where all the environment educators from all over the world can come together and actually share best practices. Share great experiences, and feel energized by it all. Sometimes you need to know what other people are doing and you need to let them know what you’re doing. We certainly don’t want to duplicate therefore. We certainly want to learn things that have worked well thing that haven’t worked so well. You want to see how different people approach a problem differently and that helps you think out of the box. How would you describe the GEEP in just one or two words? Wow! I’ll give the backdrop of the sustainable development goals. All sustainability issues are being brought together. They have been integrated. And so GEEP is also looking at integration of you know environmental problems in different countries, and I believe it’s integration, integration, integration. Potential. Timely. Interconnected. The EE Gateway.

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